Baby at the window-I have never been so scared in my entire life (not click bait)

Yesterday started like any normal day, school runs, work, doing the food shop… 

In the afternoon I got in my car and was about to leave my house when I heard one of my neighbors pull into the street, toot her horn and squeal to a stop. She jumped out of the car and started hammering on my next door neighbours from door like there was no tomorrow. 

My next door neighbour, we shall call her sally, is the same age as me and has two young children. She’s the sweetest woman who wouldn’t say boo to a fly, I couldn’t ask for a better neighbour she’s lovely. The neighbour that was knocking on her door, let’s call her Judy, is fierce to say the least, she’s can be very nice but you wouldn’t want to get in an argument with her if you can’t hold your own. We had a moment once and although I was shaking inside I stood my ground to prove I don’t take any shit. Sounds like kids in a playground I know but sometimes it has to be done! 

Any way, as Judy was banging on Sally’s door I thought what on earth has kicked off between them for her to be banging like that? I sat in the car thinking if it was going to be an argument I’d hang around to defend lovely sally if need be as I know she finds Judy very intimidating. 

After two more minutes of banging sally still hasn’t opened the door, being the nosy cow I am I let the car roll down our drive to get a better view of the drama, that is when I saw what was going on…

Lucy’s second story upstairs window was wide open and her one Year Old baby was standing on the window ledge hanging out the window. 

Here is a crudely drawn picture I did on my phone to give u a visual.

I started screaming “fuck omg shit fuck SALLY SALLY SALLY THE BABY!!!!” I leave the car running in the middle of the road, I open the door to get out and literally fall out the car trying to move as fast as I can, everything was in slow motion my whole body was shaking from head to toe it was petrifying. 

Judy was still banging on the door, I’m standing underneath the second story window where the baby was standing incase I had to catch her. I’m scrambling with my phone to ring sally the whole time SCREAMING at the top of my lungs “SALLY SALLY SALLLLYYYY THE BABIES ABOUT TO FALL OUT THE WINDOW SALLY” 

Me and Judy were frantic and still shaking more than I thought humanly possible I honestly have never been more scared in my entire life it was horrendous. 

After what felt like an eternity sally ran into the babies bedroom and grabbed the baby from the window. I start shouting up “omg sally are you ok come down so I can see your ok, sally?” I can hear her crying and guessed she was frozen with shock as even I was so shaken up my legs buckled beneath me and I thought I was going to be sick. Judy looked like she was going to faint too, I’ve never seen anyone shake as much as we were. Even writing about it now has started it up again. 

What if she would of slipped and I wouldn’t of caught her? Thank god judy noticed and raised the alarm, if I would of left I might not of noticed at all, the whole thing was a mess. 

I didn’t get to see sally until that evening, my poor friend was still crying, she was so upset and mortified about the whole thing she felt terrible. What had happened was the baby (who never had before) managed to climb out of her cot, climb over the changing mat onto the window sill!! 

Needless to say the babies room is being moved around and the window locked shut!

The outcome could of been devastating, it’s so hard not dwelling on that.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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