I looked up my bmi….an interesting rambling read

I’m not a huge fan of the whole bmi thing, I don’t think it takes everything into account and can be very misleading. When I was younger and a hell of a lot slimmer, I remember a nurse actually saying to me she was concerned as I looked underweight, but after weighing me and going my bmi I was technically over weight!! So I really don’t take bmi all that seriously, however, being as heavily over weight as I am now I do think it’s a fairly good indicator health wise.

I look my healthiest at about 165 pounds (just under 12 stone) any smaller than that my face looks gaunt, I loose my curves, my rips poke out and the whole world tells me I look ill. Before gaining all this weight I was a gym bunny and ran at least 5 times a week, I was carrying a lot of muscle and have always been heavier than I have looked.

Yesterday I heard that if you have a bmi of 50 or over it’ll take 10 years off your life. This scared the living crap out of me so I decided to investigate. I’m going to be brave and give you my real numbers here, this is something in real life I would NEVER do, but as your my secret, I feel pretty safe to share. Phew here it goes.

I am 5 foot 4 inches and currently (my weigh in tomorrow so hopefully I’ll be less!!) weigh 294 pounds (21 stone).

So according to The NHS website my bmi is 50.4.

Ahhhhhh damn it!!!!

The website went on to tell me I need to loose 167 pounds (11 stone 13 pounds) to be in the middle of my healthy weight range. It’s really daunting thinking of numbers that big, it’s like loosing a whole persons worth of weight! That would take me down to 127 pounds (9 stone) but I read the ‘top end’ of my healthy weight would be 146 pounds (10 stone 6 pounds) which once upon a time I did weigh (and a lot less) and I found it very hard to maintain without over exercising and starving myself. My body was really happy between 154 pounds and 168 pounds (11-12 stone) so that would be my dream goal!

I had to include this image as it really made me chuckle!! Technically I’m bigger then the red gentleman on the right, but I can tell you now that is in no way shape or form a good representation of what I look like. I would say I’m between the grey and the orange, but with boobs and a waist! I’ve just remembered you have all seen my body in my OOTD posts, I really need to start doing them again they were so much fun.

I realise I’m falling into the land of google images here and that this is a CARTOON but how is the girl in the middle over weight?!?!

Anyway back to the subject at hand, my bmi! I found a study done at The University of Oxford on weight loss and life expectancy, (the study was done 9 years ago) I read the article and I have to say my heart dropped when I read this line…..

Severe obesity (BMI 40 to 50, which is still uncommon) reduced life expectancy by about 10 years; this is similar to the effect of lifelong smoking.

As well as being over weight I also smoke, so it looks like, if I don’t sort my life out I’m dying pretty young. I’m no where near ready to die, does this mean as I’m huge and smoke that I’ll loose 20 years?! Could I die at 60??? My mum is nearly 60 and I see her as being so young, to think I could be dying at her age is scary. Being 30 years old now, am I halfway through my life?

Although I’m freaking out, which let’s be honest I am, I think this was a good thing for me to find out. The past few years my health seems to motivate me for more than the reasons I had when I was younger. Am I prepared to die young to live this food obsessed life style?

No I am fucking not.

My friend and I complain about our weight a lot together, we always say ‘nothing is enough’ and what we mean by that, is not matter what reasons we have to try and loose weight it’s never enough to make us do it. We loose a bit gain a bit etc the cycle goes on. I really feel this could be a defining moment for me. Finding this out has genuinely scared me and I want, more than anything, to be there for my kids and future grand children. To watch them grow up and live long happy lives, I want to be old when I die, I wantto live a long and happy life.

I hope this post was interesting, it was pretty much my verbal diarrhoea on the subject, if your struggling with weight too… I hope this post can help you along the way. Like normal your comments are more than welcome.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. I’m right there with you sweetie….only 62 years old so I guess I really should consider doing something really serious this year. The Hubby and I committed to loosing this year. Here’s hoping you and all of us are successful at finding willpower and whatever ways work for us. Happy New Year.

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  2. I’m on the same boat as you as I had that same realization a few months ago where I said Holy shit I need to do something about my weight. In my mid 30s and over 320lbs and while I didn’t look morbidly obese, I certainly felt it. I’m not a big believer in the BMI thing either as I’ve always been considered overweight but as long as you reach a point where you’re comfortable and feeling good and healthy that’s all that matters. BMI be damned.

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  3. I tried to follow Luis and it keeps saying there’s a problem. I’d like as much support in the weight loss as I can get and I hope everyone else feels the same!
    I don’t think the BMI thing is true. There are many factors that make up your weight and health. BMI is just one part. I’m here for you though if you are wanting to lose any weight!

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  4. Wow. Such absolutes. A BMI of over 50 takes ten years off your life. They say that like absolute fact, and it’s not. That’s what they THINK is the reason. That’s a general estimate. It does not mean everyone with a BMI of 50 or higher will lose 10 years of their lives. In fact, how can they even measure that? Are they psychic that they know exactly how long you’d live if you didn’t smoke or didn’t carry extra weight? Have they taken into account the massive amounts of radiation we’ve let loose on the planet, the plastics in our water, the chemicals in our foods? No. They look at their small, chosen thing and do NOT consider the larger picture. Don’t buy into this narrow viewpoint. I have never once met a physician who views any person as an individual. No one is this perfect median. And doctors are not gods; they cannot predict exactly what’s going on with your body.

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  5. My exes grandpa smoked a pack a day for 70 years, and died in his late 80’s. I think a lot of things have to do with genetics. My Dad didn’t smoke and lead a very healthy lifestyle and died at 50 of colon cancer. There’s a Veteran here in the US that is 110 years old. His secret? He said to smoke one cigar a day and drink a glass of whiskey.

    I’m 5’9″ and a half and 300 pounds. It shows in my face and my stomach. I’d be happy if I didn’t gain weight in my face, but it is what it is. I’ve lost 70 pounds only to turn around and put it right back on and then some. My doctor is always like “You didn’t get this way over night, and losing it won’t happen overnight, either” … well no shit, lady. But you know what is true? Gaining it takes less than half the time of losing it.

    I also ready a study just released that states exercising really doesn’t help with weight loss all that much. It’s all about eating right and whatever.

    I love cheese. On everything. I’m screwed. I just want to wake up skinny and get a redo. *sighs*

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    • Oh wow your ex’s grandpa had a long life and I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. Doctors drive me nuts with weight loss they have no idea how to talk to people!! I also love cheese 😍😍 wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up skinny, I think that every night before I go to sleep 😂😘 xxxx


  6. Thanks to this post, I just checked my bmi, for the first time in over a decade. 39.9 doesn’t strike me as too bad, but over ten years ago it was 31.0, so there’s definitely room for improvement. My diet is pretty healthy, but my exercise is almost non-existent. I have to get up and go to watch the weight get off and stay gone, with any luck. I plan on exercising more this year, but not to the point of killing myself to get uber-fit or become a skinny wench. It took me years of begging God for big boobs… and now I have them, I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose them through rigorous exercise. 🙂

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  7. I started out weighing not much less than you do now (286 lbs) last February. It is daunting looking at those big numbers, so try to focus on smaller goals. 5 lbs, 5% of your current weight, etc. And just keep making small goals for yourself. You can do this! I have lost almost 90 lbs now, and if I can do it, you can!

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  8. I don’t even wanna know mine because it’s mostly B.S. doesn’t take muscle mass into account. I’m still very overweight, but I weight lift and a good amount of my weight is muscle. And even when I was my thinnest (190 pounds at 5 foot 11), technically I should have weighed 155-160. Which would have meant I would have been a twig.

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  9. I had my wake up call last year when I was told I was pre-diabetic. I have lost over a stone since last summer. Slow and steady is the way to go staring with a target of 5% weight lost, then another 5%. I have had a lot of help by going to a group run by our local NHS group and the local council. It only costs £2 a session, it’s a great laugh and we are all losing.

    Good luck

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  10. Hey!! I havent been around in a while, and was thinking about you and wanted to see what you were up to. I just read this entry and wanted to share with you, i am part of a website called “fatsecret.com” and I love it. It helps me track my calories, and what I eat. I also started a diet this month called “Keto” and you might look into it. I have lost weight, noticeably, in just a couple of weeks. Check out my latest blog, you can see a side by side photo. If you join the site, search for me, I am Klynn82. It is so supportive, and helpful. I love it!!

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  11. I am 43.2 Dam it. When living in England [lived there 12 yrs] I tried Weight watcher, slimming world and tbh nothing really worked. Not because I wasn’t consistent but for some reason, it just didn’t do anything to me. As soon as I move my house [in the middle of moving] I will try and start again but not a diet just a small change here and there with healthy eating and all that bs 😀 Will see if that helps but for now I am big and proud ;D I hope one day to be able to take some pictures of me and my looks and inspire other big girls so no one feels left out. Great read btw xx

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