Knowing everyone’s secrets

For those of you that have read my blog for a while you’ll know I revealed that i work from home as a beauty therapist (thrilling I know!) There are a million things I love about my job, but there is one thing that most people wouldn’t even think of….I know everything about everyone.

I try to create a safe homely environment where my customers can feel relaxed and trust that I will not repeat anything that is said. I’m also very chatty and consider myself a good listener. Even before starting beauty everyone came to me with their issues and secrets but that has massively amplified since started my chosen career.

I’m really good at keeping my mouth shut and not repeating what is said in the sanctuary of the nail room! At first I found it so hard to keep track of what I was/was not supposed to know. So many of my customers know each other, weather it be socially, through work or education, basically everyone is connected.

So when Mrs A slept with Mrs B’s husband and the only one who knew was Mrs C who is cousins with Mrs D who’s husband is best friends with Mrs A’s husband and might know of the affair….. you see where I’m going with this!!! I have found after years of experience, when someone says ‘oooo did I tell you about Mrs B’s husband?’ I ALWAYS say ‘I don’t think so, remind me again?’ This way, I 100% know I’m not letting the cat out the bag. If I were to say ‘oh yes I think you did, didn’t he sleep with Mrs A’s husband?’ And the customer was to say, ‘wait a minute, I couldn’t of told you I only found out after my last appointment?’

Boom I’m fucked

So the best thing I can do is to keep my mouth shut!

It can be highly interesting and entertaining hearing all the gossip, every day it’s like having multiple girl catch ups hearing about everyone’s trials and tribulations.

‘Oooo you know I told you I fell out with Mrs X? Well I bumped into her in Tesco and you won’t believe what happened….’

‘Oooo you know I said I was going to meet that really tall guy from tinder for a drink! Well turns out he was actually a foot shorter than me and you won’t believe what he wanted me to do…’

‘Oooo you know I said I was going to have any more one night stands? Well you won’t believe what I did…’

‘Oooo you know I said I was going to leave my husband for my boyfriend? Well you won’t believe what he caught me doing…’

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and no matter how juicy the chatter has been, I lock it deep down inside me and really look forward to their next appointment to hear an update on what Evers going on with them.

Most of my customers I’ve had for years and have grown close to, knowing every little detail of their lives. Although they are customers I consider a few really good friends and when they’re going through a hard time my heart breaks for them and I really look forward to our next appointment hoping things have turned a corner.

Do you know everyone’s secrets?! I would love to hear in the comments below!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. I’ve always been the person a lot of people tell their ‘secrets’ to. Even more so when I worked in a pub! I’m easy to talk to apparently which is why so many people trust me with their stories etc but my god it can definitely get tricky to remember who said what etc!

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  2. My hair dresser knows my ex-fiances cousin who slept with my ex-fiance when he and I were together. 1st cousins. Possibly half brother and sister – we aren’t totally sure. But I really enjoyed telling her that whole thing when I found out she knew the tramp. Especially about the tattoo of my exes name on her crotch 😀

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  3. Oh gosh, I don’t know how you do it! I’m a really private person, so when someone tells me something, I keep it to myself. However, I do sometimes reach that point where I’m like, ‘why are you telling me this?’. Particularly when you have your own thing going on and someone is spilling their business and indirectly exhausting you haha.

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  4. Oooooooo honey!!!
    That is insane! Haha Haha. I am no longer in a position to hear juicy gossip (although I miss it) now people mostly tell me ONLY the heart wrenching stuff that isn’t fun to hear but necessary for the person venting to me.

    I’ve become a vessel for the terribly sad and dreadful, not the fun escapade type. Consider me jealous. Lol.

    Although I will never regret my position because it helps the people I am close to, and if they need to pour out their hearts, I’m always happy to be there to help them find a way through.

    But your current situation is so perfect for you! Hahaha. I believe that I’ve come to know your disposition and this crazy and wild every day ongoings seem so you!

    You always kind of remind me of that fun and crazy co worker in a romantic comedy, who has her life together enough that she is able to smile and be happy, that the main screwed up character wish she was better friends with in hopes that her optimism would rub off. Haha Haha.

    You’re amazing.

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    • OMG I loved this comment!!!! You know me so well!!! I love the crazy on going’s!!! Awww ‘a vessel for the terribly sad and dreadful’ this made me want to reach through the screen and give u a hug! For years I was the screwed up main character and I absolutely ADORE that I’m now seen as the one with her life together, you have made my day beautiful lady 😘😘 xxxx

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  5. Gosh, I work in HR, so it’s my job to know everyone’s secrets! Obviously I never repeat them, but sometimes it is torture. I remember one really awkward situation when I knew both the manager and a person they were disciplining quite well – neither knew that I knew the other personally and both were coming to me for advice! I actually didn’t think the action was right or fair which made it worse because I couldn’t let on to the other that I knew both sides of the story and had to be impartial! I do sometimes get to hear some really strange and funny stories though which brightens up a tough day somewhat!

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  6. I loved reading. Thank you so much. 😇😇😇

    On Mar 17, 2018 21:43, “thesecretblogofa30yearold” wrote:

    > thesecretblogofa30yearold posted: ” For those of you that have read my > blog for a while you’ll know I revealed that i work from home as a beauty > therapist (thrilling I know!) There are a million things I love about my > job, but there is one thing that most people wouldn’t even think of….” >

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  7. I’ve never been in a true position for knowing secrets, but I’ve always been a good listener, and I think people recognize that. So, I do know some secrets, both in person and through channels like Facebook Messenger. In a way, it’s kinda cool because I feel great that these people (mostly women) trust me enough to tell tough stuff to me.

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    • That’s so sweet thank you 💖 work has been insane I’ve made so many new customers I’ve not even got time to think!!! And my little boy has just got chicken pox 😭 hoping to write something over the weekend I’m really missing blogging, life has massively gotten in the way! Xxxx


  8. You are likely to find about a million notifications on your blog… that I have liked all your posts. Which I have… having read them all, over a 3 day secret-blog-fest, and forgot to like most of them… so I’ve done it now… and may have to do some more when WordPress finally allows me to like posts again… who knew there was a limit.? 🙂

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  9. When i was younger i was such a chameleon that people would tell me whatever and i enjoyed all of it. Now im mainly the focus of thebsad stories. I try to keep my blog secret to no avail. Now i just have the same 3 or 4 followers who like but never comment. I thoroughly enjoyed this though.

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