I will NEVER complain about a viral infection again

I have been incredibly lucky with my two children when it comes to illness. Neither of my kids are sickly. My son, who is 5, has had slightly more illness than my daughter but compared to most children he has still done fantastically.

My 10 daughter however is a miracle child. I can count on one hand the amount of times she’s been poorlie. The last time she was ill was nearly 3 years ago, she threw up, once, and was fine straight away after. Before that when she had chicken pox, she had a handful of spots and was perfectly fine in herself. Before she had hand foot and mouth (common child illness here in the uk) all the spots were in her mouth, which I have to admit was terrible, but that was over very quickly too!

She could be in a room filled with disease ridden, throwing up children and wouldn’t even catch a cold.

So you can imagine my surprise when Unicorn (that what I’ll call my daughter in this post) complained about feeling poorlie. She can be quite an anxious child and right now has a lot on her little plate, so I initially but her tummy ache down to her feeling nervous. However, by day two she wasn’t eating, Unicorn loves her food so this was really unusual for her. Then the temperature came. This is how she stayed for 4 days! Not eating and feeling sick, as soon as the calpol stopped working her temperature came back. She had a good couple of days and really perked up, her appetite wasn’t back but she was definitely on the mend.

Day 7 her temperature was back with a vengeance. I decided to take her to the doctors to check she did have a urine infection or something else going on. I honestly thought they were going to say it was a viral temp bug (as everything now a days is viral!!) but what I was met with was a very concerned doctor. She was worried that Unicorn wasn’t a sickly child, that her temperature hadn’t been right for a week and that she still wasn’t eating.

The doctor ran a few tests to no avail, she was worried she couldn’t find out where the temperature was coming from and that there could be an underlying issue.

She was that concerned she ran the local paediatric hospital for advice who told her to send Unicorn straight to their children’s unit. My heart was pounding out of my chest and all I could think of was meningitis, sepsis, leukaemia…. what there something seriously wrong with my baby girl? The doctor gave me some paper work to take with us and as we left she grabbed my arm and said ‘please make sure you take Unicorn right away’ I replied ‘yes of course we’re going now’ to which she responded ‘this is how serious illness can start.’ And off she went.

I can still feel the lump in my throat I was chocking back, Unicorn was scared and upset so I did what I do best. I put my happy face on and told her everything was ok, that the hospital had a special doctor that specialised in children and they wanted to double check she was ok. It took everything in me not to burst into tears.

When we arrived at hospital they gave Unicorn a bed and started running tests. Surround by seriously poorlie children I thought I was going to pass out. My mind couldn’t stop racing, I started praying. Praying that it was a temperature bug and that nothing else was going on. Praying that Unicorn would be ok…but most of all promising myself I would NEVER moan about a viral infection again.

My prayers were answered, it was just a temperature bug and we were free to leave. The weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and I felt truelly blessed.

What lingered on my mind for days afterwards was the really poorlie children, I felt terrible for the poor parents and their babies, I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy it was heart breaking.

❤️Ending this post with sending love and prayers to anyone who needs it❤️

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  1. Oh you poor thing & for your daughter too! So glad to hear it was nothing more serious and really hope she’s feeling better if not now, very very soon! Thinking of you all xx

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      • Hello Hunni! Yes not bad, it’s been one of those days where I’ve not had a second to think! Back to back nail/brow appointments, I trained in a new nail product so all my customers are going nuts trying it lol which is great but very tiering! How’s are you today 🤗 xxx


      • Aw thats good, and is unicorn feeling better now? sometimes keeping busy is good!! Ooh sounds intriguing. so wish i lived nearer and you could test it out on me, what is it!!? yeh im ok. unfortuantely done some damage to my knee so my new found ‘love’ for fitness classes has now been put on a back burner for the week 😦 sods law!! xx

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      • Yeah bless her!! Her appetite has come back finally, she’s constantly hungry atm lol. It’s called sns nails! It’s not acrylic or gel, it’s a dip system than can go on your natural nails or over extensions and is pretty much indestructible!! It also contains vitamins so it’s better for your nails. What really cool is, similar to acrylic, you can encapsulate glitters and stuff inside!! As nail art is my big thing I’m in heaven lol. I wish you were closer too it would be so much fun to have a real catch up 🤗 are you in the uk?! I’m pretty sure I’ve asked you before but I can’t remember. Oh nooo how did you hurt your knee?? It is bloody typical when you get into exercise something would happen! Xxx


  2. There you are!! I have been thinking about you, since I haven’t seen you in a bit. So sorry “Unicorn” wasn’t feeling well but so happy it was just a bug. Thanking God that He answered your prayers. It’s never a good feeling when our little ones are not feeling up to par. Big hugs, it’s so good to see you :):):)

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  3. When my son had pneumonia at the age of 5, I freaked out. I understand the feeling! It took him 3 weeks to get better. The first 2 doctors said of its just a cold and oh it’s just the flu. Bit were they wrong! If I hadn’t finally taken him to the ER, I may not have a kid right now.

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  4. I’m so glad your daughter is okay and that it was nothing worse, but I can imagine the anxiety & worry. Every time I’ve been in hospital and to A&E and I’ve seen children who are sick my heart goes out to them, and to their concerned parents and family who can’t do anything to simply fix their loved ones. x

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    • Thank you. I felt sad for days afterwards! The ward next to us brought tears to my eyes, tiny children hooked up to hundreds of machines, they looked so tiny and every single one was asleep. They were all so pale it was awful! Wish there was something I could do to help xxx


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