Annoying things about other kids parties 

One of the bains of my existence is kids parties. Having two children myself I have been to my fair share, in fact I’m at one right now so I thought what would be better fitting that to rant about them?! 


The amount of money I spend on other kids birthday presents would cover the cost of Christmas, it’s ridiculous!! I never remember until last minute so it’s always big rush to find the right present, I refuse to spend a lot of money now so I’ll go for toys on offer or lots of bits from pound land. As the kids are getting older it’s getting harder to find things they would like for under a tenner as I will not spend a penny more.

Stupid times

Another thing that’s quite annoying is the times of these parties, they’re always smack bang in the middle of the day which means you can’t do anything else that day. 


This is by far the worst part of kids parties, the parents. I learnt first time round when my daughter started school not to get involved with other mums at school. It causes nothing but drama and fall outs and I can’t stand it. I have my few friends which I’m quite happy with and I don’t need any more. Now my daughter is at the age (9) that I don’t have to stay at the parties I can just drop her off it’s not so bad. But my son started full time school this year so the big fancy little kiddies parties have begun all over again. 

The mums in my sons class have started bickering and falling out and the school year isn’t even over yet, I’m staying well out of it. Every time one of these nutters tries talking to me they end up slagging off the mum sitting 2 foot away from me. Inside I’m dying I don’t want to be guilty through association so I try and get away as quick as possible. 

They’re all in their clicks and I happily sit on the outside as far away as I possibly can. But it’s not fun, it’s boring and lonely but I’d far prefer to feel like this than having fake awkward conversation with people I can’t stand. Don’t get me wrong I’m polite I just don’t wanna be involved! 


I’ve never gotten sucked into this but some parents see these parties as a huge competition of who can have the biggest best and most expensive party. After years of doing my own kids parties I know who charges what and can tell which parties cost stupid money. Which playhouse party is the most expensive and who they hired a bouncy castle from can really bump up the cost of a party. And don’t they love to tell you how much it all cost!! Which is not classy in the slightest. It also doesn’t help that after going to one of these over the top parties your kid then wants the same, “sorry little Jonny mummy can’t spend £500 on a party for 10 children, maybe next year?!”
I would LOVE to hear in the comments below what you hate about other kids parties?!

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  1. This is so me! Mine are grown now but get ready, it continues into sports or anything needing an audience that your kids do. I started out taking books, but when my kids noticed I went to audio books. Then eventually, thank God for smart phones where (fortunately for this setting) it’s completely acceptable to numb your mind with a game. Lately, I do banking, even notes for my job on my smart phone. I would have been hella productive at those games. It is lonely and awkward but I totes agree that it’s far better than fake!

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  2. I’m seriously laughing my arse off. I’m reading your blog from across the pond in the US and am imaging you ranting in your head in an English accent. I can only imagine what those parties are like that I see on TV. However, not having any kids of my own I haven’t been privy to have to attend s such spectacles. I kind of imagine that movie Bad Moms (if you haven’t seen it, I highly reccomend as it probably portrays your story exactly as well as dealing with PTA moms as well). Thank you for bringing me laughter today.


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  3. I’m seriously laughing my arse off. I’m reading your blog from across the bond in the US and am imaging your ranting in your head in what would be an English accent, to me (LOL)

    ” Every time one of these nutters tries talking to me they end up slagging off the mum…”

    I can only imagine what those parties are like you describe and have seen on TV. However, not having any rugrats of my own, I haven’t been privy to have attended such a spectacle. The movie Bad Moms comes to mind. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I highly recommend as it probably portrays your feelings exactly. Thank you for bringing me laughter today.



  4. haaaate them. I went to a party with my son, his first birthday party. he was 5. I didn’t know it was “against the rules” to drop the kid and leave. I got the stink eye when I returned two hours later. I DIDN’T KNOW. all the parents there were at the next party. and the next. and then they attended my son’s party. all these kids and they’re parents, going to the same kids’ parties … three years later, and we all know each other well .. because of the parties. are they my friends? no, just fellow partiers. 🙂

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  5. In the town I live in the group is called the New Braunfels moms club. I stay as far away from that bs as I can. They are Stepford moms. They have ridiculous standards. I’m chubby, have tattoos, my kids were t-shirts with skulls on them, I just wouldn’t fit in with them. I feel blessed for this every time I see them. This is a great post.

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  6. This post is very true.
    Birthday parties are often hosted to show the status quo. It’s not good at any level. It seems to differentiate children on the basis of economic grounds. Parents do get all the tensed looks, and why nots for sure.
    Parties should be about teas/coffees/soft-drinks, some snacks and a lot of talking/dancing.

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