Good things about petrol heads….

I have a series on my blog called “annoying things about…” in which I rant and moan about what ever is annoying me! *i will be sorting out my menus soon to make them easier to find!* I wrote a post Annoying things about petrol heads which I still fully stand by, but on this occasion I thought, it was only fair to write about the good things too, as it’s not all doom and gloom. My other half is the ultimate petrol head so I feel I have betrayed him slightly and am going to level out the playing field. 

Car knowledge

This is quite baffling to me, a petrol heads car knowledge is astounding. Not just on their own car, but with cars in general. How everything in the car works, what could be broken and why… and if there’s something they’re unsure of you can bet your life they’ll know where to find the answer. 

Being able to fix cars

This one is soooooooo handy I have to say, and rather selfish of me, the vast majority of issues I have had with my cars my other half can fix. In the 10 years we’ve been together I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had to use a garage due to his crazy skills. This leads onto the next point…. 

Cheap parts

They know exactly where to go to get the best quality/priced parts they have connections everywhere and can always get a good deal. They know when you can get away with cheaper bits and when you need genuine. My other half has managed to wangle trade cards at a few car part shops which has saved us money ! It’s all about who you know.

Making friends and being happy

As much as I can not stand car shows I’m so pleased that my other half has them in his life, not that I will ever admit that to him!! In his day to day life he’s quite an introvert and isn’t overly social, he has told me before that he worries that people find him boring as not many people share his interest so passionately. Whereas at car shows he is with like minded people who understand the love and can hold a conversation with him because they get what he is talking about. He works so hard all week I think it’s nice he gets to go off and do his own thing from time to time. He comes back happy, which is all I want him to be. Even if it’s with his stupid car…

Do you have your own petrol head?!

What do you love about petrol heads I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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Annoying things about cooking dinners (rant)

I am sick to fucking death of trying to figure out what everyone wants for dinner!!!! Here are the things that drive me crazy, we’ve gone bullet point style today as there are so many!

  • I’m sick of food shopping and handing over my well earned cash week after week.
  • I’m sick of remembering to bring my shopping bags when I go shopping. 
  • I’m sick of putting the food shopping away.
  • I’m sick of forgetting one essential ingredient to every meal I have planned that week.
  • I’m sick of asking what people want for dinner, buying what they ask, then they don’t want it. 
  • I’m sick of being told “I don’t mind what we’re having for dinner cook what ever you want” then once dinner  is cooked they moaned that don’t want to eat it or don’t feel like that meal tonight. TOUGH SHIT YOUR EATING IT!
  • I’m sick hearing “this takes weird I’m not eating it” when it’s the same thing I’ve bought and cooked for years.
  • I’m sick of cooking everyone different dinners.
  • I’m sick of adapting a meal four different fucking ways so everyone will eat it. 
  • I have one child that won’t eat sauce or any other meat than chicken.
  • I have one child that won’t eat veg or meat full stop. 
  • My other half won’t eat maybe 80% of the worlds food choices. 
  • I’m sick of slaving away for hours on a meal when it takes less than 10 minutes to eat it. 
  • I’m sick of peeling and chopping veg. 
  • I’m sick of multi tasking while cooking e.g. Boiling, frying, oven cooking, making sauces, chopping meat and veg all the same time, its bloody draining!!

Ahhhhhhhhh tell me what you hate about dinners in the comments below!! 

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The great transformers hunt was on (the things we do for our kids)

As previously mentioned, to encourage my children to get rid of some old toys I told them I would sell the old stuff at a car boot and that they could keep the money. My son, who is four, is obsessed with transformers. Recently he got two little transformers that click together to make a big transformer. Cool huh? He already had bumble bee and slide swipe (think that’s the name) but he really wanted Optimus prime and …what ever the other one that comes with it is called. 

My son was out having a boys day with his dad, so I text and asked if our little man would like me to get his toy after the carboot so he could play with it when he got home. The answer was clearly a yes. I thought ‘brilliant after the carboot I’ll pop into town and pick one up.’ I seriously underestimated how hard this toy would be to find. 

So after the car boot, my daughter and I started mission impossible to find Optimus prime, even though we had been at the carboot since 6.30 in the morning. Time was against us as we didn’t get home till 1.30 in fact, everything was against us as this toy was sold out everywhere!! 

My first step was Argos online for click and collect, nope sold out! Next I tried toy r us, also sold out. There was a glimmer of hope when I found 3 in stock in Smyths toy superstore. They refused to save me one over the phone (bastards) and it wouldnt let me save one online. The problem was this particular store was 40 mins away, what if they were gone by the time we got there?! Being the super mum I am, we jumped in the car and bombed it down like a bat out of hell. 

When I found the transformer section my heart sank, I couldn’t find a single click together Optimus prime. I had every toy off the shelf and the hooks, I was like a woman possessed. I sent my daughter to find a staff member, as soon as she walked around the corner I shoved my phone in her face with their website up, announcing ‘you have 3 in stock in this store, I need you to help me find one of then’ after 20 minutes and two members of staff helping. It was hopeless. They had gone and my little boy was going to be gutted. 

I decided to check Argos one more time, and by total chance, one had become available !!!! But it was in a town 55mins away. By this point im shattered and want nothing more than to crawl into bed to watch a movie and eat crisps.

So you know what I did? I let out a big sigh, bought the transformer online (to go collect), and run back to the car to give it one more try. While my daughter dozed in the front seat I’m in my own little formula one race to get there before it closes. I also realise I have no idea where Argos is in this town or where to park, so I wing it and by the graces of the transformer gods I find the right one. After directions and a lot of running, we make it, and after a nervous 20 minute wait….we have succeeded, Optimus Prime was in my possession!!! 

And to top it off we find a Claire’s accessories and smiggle round the corner so my daughter got to spend her dosh in her two favourite shops!! 

What lengths have you gone to, to find that one special toy you stupidly promised without researching first?! 

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Annoying things about selling at carboot sales (rant)

I recently wrote a post on Annoying things about getting ready for a car boot sale and as promised I am writing the annoying things about actually selling at a carboot sale, I have quite a few points to cover including a cheeky little positive twist at the end so let’s get started.

Paying to get in 

The last time I sold stuff at a car boot sale was when my eldest was a baby, so 8/9 years ago. I paid a fiver for my pitch, that’s fine, I nearly died when the guy on the gate today told me it would be £15!!!! I am amazed I even made a profit, I also moaned all day to anyone that would listen how stupidly expensive that is.


The second I jumped out of the car I was physically lept on by dealers asking for watches jewellery and electronics. Even while I was setting up they hovered round like vutures!

Notes and change 

Why in gods name does everyone buying at car boots have £20 notes?! 

Me: yes that tshirt is 20p

Buyer: lovely I’ll buy it

*hands over £20 note*


I love a bit of haggling, I tend to mark everything up by 50p or so because I really enjoy the back and forth of bartering and making people feel like they got a real bargain. But what I can not stand is when they’re putting the item in their bag overnight me a fifth of what I’m asking for and acting like I’m being unreasonable for wanting £1 for a brand new children’s book that’s never been opened. 

Setting up and packing up

This took waaaay longer than anticipated, two clothes wracks of clothes to hang up, a long table full of stuff as well as two boxes and 6 blankets on the floor piled high with toys. Thank god I actually sold most of it but took a good half hour getting the crap left back in the car. Which is another point all on its own, taking stuff home is horrible! I couldn’t even give it away!! (We did make £80 which is not bad)

My one big positive

My beautiful daughter came with me to help, I could not of been more proud of her today. She was polite, beyond helpful, didn’t moan (even when she was bored) and really got into the spirit of it. Towards the end of the day a little girl with glasses and an eyepatch picked up a girls necklace we were selling, she asked her mum for the 10p to buy it to which her mum said ‘no sorry we’ve run out of money’ before pulling her away. My daughter picked up the necklace and told me she really wanted the little girl to have it, so she ran after her and gave it to her. What a sweet act of kindness I could of burst with pride. So after all of the stress of today, I would do it all over again to have that time with her. 

Don’t take any thing for granted, these special moments are what memories are made of. 

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This is rather random but I’m kinda creeped out… I went to have a shower, I got undressed in front of the mirror, I had no marks on my body. During my shower I look down and between my boobs but slightly further down on my tummy… there is this slightly raised ring?! I took a photo straight away and called my other half up stairs!! I’ve not leant on anything or had anything against my body. 

Have I been marked by a ghost or something?! What the hell is it?! 

*20 min edited update it’s starting to disappear already but still rather odd don’t you think lol*

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Annoying things about being fat – part two 

I wrote a blog on Annoying things about being fat which I really enjoyed writing, it was honest but comical, which is my favourite attitude to have so here is part two! In part one I gave a bit of a disclaimer (I don’t fancy typing it all again so go read the first one) but this post is just ranty fun and games to entertain so please don’t take it too seriously.

  •  Underware sizes and prices 

I wrote briefly about this the other day in Just because I’m big I don’t want to wear granny knickers I’m sick to death of going to a shop that allegedly stocks my size, and come to find out they only have beige knickers that come up to my armpit in my size. No cute little knickers. Or if I find a site online that has loads in my size they’re insanely expensive, I can’t afford £12 for one pair of knickers! Trying to find my bra size is difficult all round, if my boobs were gigantic I’d have no problem but as I’m a 40 D it’s quite a hard size to come by.

  • I worry when my hairs up my head looks tiny?!

This might sound quite funny but it’s a weekly concern, when I’ve had time to wash my hair and get it looking all nice I have no issue with my head size, I feel my hair balances it out. But if it’s a greasy hair day or really hot outside and I have to put my hair up I’m paranoid all day that my head looks tiny next to my body. I’ve tried doing little bunchie buns on either size of my head to give the illusion my head is still normal size but I don’t think it works! When I was of average size I could have my hair up and still feel pretty but now I’m bigger I can’t stand it. I look like a water melon with a blueberry for a head. 

  • Sex positions 

Some positions can be rather challenging, I have too much booty and thigh for what we can attempt which can really get in the way, my belly is also a bit of a cock block at times. Don’t get me wrong, me and my other half make it work it doesn’t stop us trying anything but it doesn’t make me feel overly fantastic when my bellies been pushed up so high it’s chocking me. Embracing my body really helped me find this topic less embarrassing, I used to cry and die inside when something wouldn’t work that we wanted to try, but now we adapt it to us and move on! It’s just a bit annoying sometimes.

  • Lying on my side gravity turns me into a skinny person lying in a puddle of fat 

This one is a bit bizarre I’ll admit that now, I also have a love/hate relationship with this. I have noticed when I’m lying on my side in bed, when I feel the side of my body facing up it feels like I used too. My hips feel skinny, I can feel where my waist should be, in general it makes me feel fantastic and slinky. Until I feel the side of me that’s on the bed, gravity has pulled all my fat down so it puddles around me. (Don’t feel sorry for me I’m actually chucking as I’m typing this) I’ve never taken a photo of this before but I imagine it looks a normal sized person dunked in skin coloured play dough.

I’d love to hear what you find annoying about being fat and if you can relate to any of my weird and wonderful topics I have covered today!

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Annoying things about getting ready for a carboot sale (story rant)

What the hell have I gotten myself into?!

It was my great idea to bribe the children to get rid of their old toys in the over flowing playroom, by offering to take the old toys to a car boot sale and letting the kids keep the money. To buy new toys. I realise the irony no need to point it out. 

After a whole day of “keep or get rid” I was amazed at how much the promise of money motivated my kiddies! We had bags and bags of stuff to sell. As the old bagged up toys are taking up half our living room I decided to take the bull by the horns and do the car boot sale at the weekend, giving myself less than a week to go through stuff and get it all ready…around work and the kids. I am productive under pressure, so I thought it would work out better rather than dragging it out by a few weeks.

I then decided that I would actually like to make some money too, so spent a whole afternoon clearing out a huge cupboard in our hallway upstairs. Filled floor to ceiling with my old clothes in every size imaginable and shoes, lots and lots of shoes. I even found a buggy hiding in there! I add to the selling pile another another 7 huge bags (and the buggy) I also spend a whole evening with my other half sorting out some stuff that’s in our over crowded loft to sell.

By this point I’m sick to death of sorting through stuff, I didn’t not realise how irritating and time consuming it would be.

So now the pile in living room has doubled in size and is stacked up, it’s like a wall of old musty junk. I did not realise how much room all the stuff would take up.

It is then the reality of the situation hits me… what do I charge for everything? I have no idea what I am doing nor do I know what people would pay. I also have no idea how to display everything or how to lay it out?! All I have is giant shopping bags filled with mixed up crap. Why in gods name did I agree to this?! Correction, I didn’t agree to this, I suggested this!! It was my bright idea! 

Luckily I had a secret weapon, my dearest friend came to the rescue. She came floating in (well hobbleing in as she has a bad back) like a fucking car boot angel. She took charge and knew everything!!! How much to charge, what would and wouldn’t sell, how to organise everything….she spent 3 hours with me cleaning all the toys and getting the mountains of clothes folded and everything priced up. I’m also an idiot and didn’t realise we would need sticky labels to price everything up, so we used chopped up bits of paper and sellotape. Tedious but necessary. 

After all the chaos and help, I’m nearly ready to go!! All I need to do now is find 200 coat hangers, pick up a clothes rail from my mum, find blankets and sheets to put stuff on, load the car up… ok I’m going to stop there or I’ll hyperventilate. What do you hate about getting ready for a carboot?! I hate everything!!! 

I will be writing a post on the actual carboot itself (after Sunday) so if you would like to be notified when thats published hit that follow button! 

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