Austin Jones uses YouTube platform to take advantage of under age girls 

I don’t tend to write about stories going on in the news but this sickened me to the core. Austin Jones is a 24 year old Canadian you tube star, known for singing covers of popular songs he has half a million followers. 

It has recently come to light that he has been using his online presence to convince young girls to send him explicit photos and videos. Disgusting. 

He was manipulating these poor girls with phrases like “I thought you were my biggest fan” and telling the girls they needed to prove themselves to him by sending what ever he asked. Even asking them to talk about their age during the videos. 

Even typing this is making me super uncomfortable. 

It finally came to light what had been going on after he asked a young girl to send a video of her twirking in front of the camera, when she said she didn’t know how he actually SEND HER A VIDEO of himself twirking showing her how to do it. At the end of the video he smiles and says “your turn.” This was sick to watch knowing his intent behind it. 

She then went on to expose messages between them as she wasn’t comfortable with what he was asking her to do. The clever clever girl had taken screen shots. I think she’s amazing bringing this to light and not letting scum like him think he’s in control.

From what I have read he will be getting a maximum of 15 years in prison. Personally I think he deserves more. 

He took advantage of his social media fame, instead of using his exposure for good…. he used it to groom young girls.

More girls that were targeting are coming forward exposing him and sharing screen shots. I won’t be posting any on here as they make my stomach turn and are pretty graphic but there are hundreds of YouTube videos you can watch that include more evidence. 

One look at this guy you know he’s not going to do well in prison, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

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Inspirational people on YouTube – Nikki Glamour 

As a YouTube fanatic there are tonnes of people I am subscribed to, one of these people being Nikki Glamour. She has a story time channel and has recently started a Q&A series. She also does the occasional makeup tutorial and challenge video. 

I do enjoy story time channels but I wouldn’t say there’s any creators I would look up to or concider a good role model to younger viewers. They can be highly entertaining but not necessarily people I would want my daughter idolising if you get my drift.

Nikki on the other hand I think is amazing. That girl has a moral compass she could patent and sell. Even when she was a younger teenager she stuck to the ‘girl code’, knew what was wrong and right and knew how to conduct herself. 

She’s had crazy ‘out of charactor’ times like everyone else and some of her stories are pretty out there so don’t expect a saint but she promotes self respect and love and demands respect from the opposite sex. This is something I really admire, I think Nikki got her shit together from a young age which is rare! I wish I could say the same. 

She comes across as passionate, funny, loyal, honest, feisty and someone who knows their own mind. She knows what she thinks and feels and doesn’t doubt herself for a second. That kind of confidence is admirable and a quality young viewers will hopefully learn from and take away from her stories. 

If you haven’t checked out her channel I would highly recommend it. She is also hilarious so if you want a giggle, she’s your girl.

Who do you love on YouTube I’d love to hear below!

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Is Kendall Rae the most hated girl on YouTube right now? (rant)

I have an obsession with YouTube, i enjoy a variety of channels, including the gossip ones!! YouTube gossip is far more appealing to me than celeb gossip, I really enjoying hearing about what everyone’s been up to and the latest scandal in the YouTube world.

Very recently YouTube has lost a lot of its advertisers, they’re calling it the ad boycott. As there are not enough ads to go around creators profits are plummeting. They have also made huge changes in what videos can and can not be monitised. One channel that is suffering is Kendall Raes, her latest video ‘phase’ is conspiracy theorises. These types of videos can no longer make money. 

A lot of you tubers have stared a patreon, this is a website where people can donate money and in return you can offer extra videos, letters, phone calls, songs… basically extra content or perks that no one else would get. I don’t really have a problem with patreon as a lot of you tubers have them, but with most you tubers you get something in return, creators have made it their little own community and are bringing something to the table. 

Whereas Kendall Rea offers next to nothing for donating your hard earned cash. A twitter follow and extra giveaway entry’s sounds a dull as dishwater to me. But this isn’t the main issue people are having with her, she released a video basically threatening to take her channel down if people won’t donate, she said it with tears but it came across as a threat, blackmail if you will. 

It also doesn’t look good that she has been on three holidays in the space of a few months (I have been told allegedly) and is currently building her own house. I would kill to own a house let alone build one, so to me the patreon looks like we’re funding her lavish life style. For her to say there’s no way she could make videos and do a full time job is damn right insulting. There are thousands of you tubers that have ‘real’ jobs as well as you tube! Don’t get me wrong it would suck to be paid incredibly well for making videos, but things change, you tube was not made to be a career. It’s amazing that it has turned into that but she’s acting like it’s her god given right to be paid! 

I’m sure her videos do take time to make and reasearch but to be honest she could probably watch a documentary on the topic and just reword it as I’ve never learnt anything new from her content. 

Over all she’s pissed a lot of people off, but I’d love to hear in the comments below what you think about the you tube ad boycot? As well as Kendall Raes actions!

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