You will not BELIEVE how old Paul Rudd is…

I have shared this information with ANYONE that would listen, and I do mean anyone, how on earth could I have forgotten to share it with you beautiful people?! 

I hope your sitting down for this one, that beautiful man in the photo above is Paul Rudd a famous American actor. He is…. drum role please….48 years old. 

48 years old???!!!!!!

How?!?! How the fuck is he nearly 50?! LOOK AT HIM!!! He looks exactly the same as in his 20’s. There has to be a conspiracy theory going on here it’s just not possible!! 

I really have nothing else to say in this apart from life is unfair, why does he get to age sooooo slowly?! 

Are you as shocked as me?! I would LOVE to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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This is rather random but I’m kinda creeped out… I went to have a shower, I got undressed in front of the mirror, I had no marks on my body. During my shower I look down and between my boobs but slightly further down on my tummy… there is this slightly raised ring?! I took a photo straight away and called my other half up stairs!! I’ve not leant on anything or had anything against my body. 

Have I been marked by a ghost or something?! What the hell is it?! 

*20 min edited update it’s starting to disappear already but still rather odd don’t you think lol*

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old