Story time-who did she bring into my house part two… (scary)

Here is part two of my recent soooky events, this won’t make much sense unless you’ve read part one which is Here so go read that first then come back! 

I’ll say now, I’m sure there will be a few of you think these things are a bit daft, but after feeling that in my home (read part one!!!) I was a lot more aware of these strange things occurring and I can’t explain them. It might not of been paranormal but to me it felt it. It didn’t feel scary, it felt playful, but still made me uneasy. I didn’t talk about this for a while to anyone as I didn’t want it getting any worse. It did eventually die down so I feel ok to talk about it now. Here are 3 things that happened and I have no idea how. 

Number one: The day after ‘the experience’ I was sitting at the kitchen table in the same place I was when it happened. From where I was sitting I could see the down stairs bathroom, to turn the light on we have a cord that hangs down from the ceiling, there is a porcelain toggle at the end which pings against the tiles making a noice after it’s been pulled. (I hope that makes sense) . All of a sudden the chord started to ping against the tiles, I look up from my phone the second I heard it, the cord was violently swinging back and forth. There wasn’t a single window open in the house and I was home alone.

Number two:  My other half has a really high up shelf in our bedroom, filled with his childhood toys and Lego, he is meticulous on where everything lives and is positioned. The only way I can reach it is if I stand on the bed, neither of the kids can reach it as you have to lean over quite far. We were about to go to bed when my other half asked me if I moved his Lego skeleton man, I laughed and said “no why?” He pointed up to the shelf and I kid you not the skeleton man had been moved to the roof of a Lego car, really close to the edge, like it could fall off any second. He joked it might of been a ghost, I just smiled but though “omg was it?! How else did it get there?! 

Number three: I was getting the kids out of the car, my keys were in my pocket and I was getting bags out of the back of the car. I started thinking “I wonder if anything weird is going to happen today or if my ghosty has gone”. As I thought that all the electric windows in my car went down! This was so strange as the windows won’t open or close unless the key is in the ignition with the car turned on. To close them again I had to put the key back in and start the car. The kids thought it was weird too but I was hardly going to tell them I think a spirit is following me around. 

I’d love to hear what you think about all this and if you have any ideas as to what could of happened?! I might have a part three so push that follow button to get notifications when I post! 

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Story time- who did she bring into my house part one….(scary) 

I said in a previous post that I feel safe in the house I live in now, but that doesn’t mean theres not something here. This experience I couldn’t talk about for a while as I was so creeped out and I’ve never felt anything like it before. It happened about a year ago and from time to time odd things have been happening, this is part one of the story.

For the sake of this story we’re going to call the woman in question Sarah. Sarah has been a client of mine for a good few years, she is incredibly spiritual and we always have loads to talk about she a really interesting sweet person. 

She started training to become a medium as she has a strong connection to the other side, she was telling me about her recent experiences. She told me during her last session with her teacher and the one other student she managed to communicate with a young boy, he was telling her to make the most of life and live it to the fullest. He told her how he hung himself due to issues at home, which she found incredibly upsetting. During her conversation with the boy her teacher asked if her neck was ok, which she found strange, but said it’s fine and she kept communicating. Afterwards she said goodbye, her teacher told her to look in the mirror and her neck had a bright red ring around it, similar to hanging marks. I didnt’t blink the whole time she was telling me as I was fascinated. 

She also told me that her Nan follows her around and she can feel her and speak to her. I start saying how I feel so safe in the house we’re in compared to the flat (story click Here) as I’m saying this we both gasp and shriek out loud at the same time, I felt the biggest tingles up my left arm and face as a blast of cold air hit me, she felt the same thing at the same time. I froze in fear, again we both gasp as the air/tingly feeling happens again to us both at the same time. (Why am I talking about this I feel sick even thinking about it!!) 

I never in my life thought I would experience anything like that. I asked her “is something bad here?” She closes her eyes, rolls her head to the side and says “no i think it’s either your Nan or mine, if it was something bad you would know straight away, I would leave the second I felt it.” 

After that I finished work as quickly as I could, I was so spooked but at the same time it was a really interesting experience. It also still felt like there was something in the house, I actually left and went to my friends. It wasn’t a dark heavy feeling at all but it still freaked me out and I didn’t feel like hanging around. 

I hope you enjoyed part one! Hit that follow button to be notified about part two! 

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Story time- there was something in her spare room… (scary)

Recently I wrote a paranormal story time about the first flat I moved into with my boyfriend (click Here ) this got me thinking about other creepy things that have happened to me. This happened fairly recently and spooked the crap out of me so I thought I’d share with you.

Every other week I clean an old ladies house, I’ve done it for a long time now and even though to be honest I don’t need her £20 a time and it’s a pain in the arse and gets in the way of my main business I know I help her out a lot so I’ve kept up the job for her. 

Her house isn’t particularly old or creepy, but one thing that I do find odd is my phone when I’m in the house. My screen broke and was repaired a long time ago but it’s quite temperamental and can turn black or flicker from time to time. In this house my phone goes nuts, I can’t even send a message or watch YouTube it flickers the whole time. Which is odd. 

Usually I don’t clean her bedroom or the spare bedroom, but one week she offered me extra money to give the rooms a one off clean. As I didn’t have much on that week I agreed. I dusted and hovered her room no problem, but when I went to open the spare bedroom door I felt a huge cold burst of icy air blow right in my face. It made me scream as it literally felt like someone was in front of me. I calmed myself down and thought a window must be open or something, but all the windows were closed and the heating was on. 

Just as I realised there was no explanation for the air (I know I’m going to sound crazy now) I felt like a woman was behind me, I turned around but nothing was there. I can’t tell you how I know it was a woman in that room, I just knew, and she wasn’t happy. I’m getting freaked out just typing this. I dusted as quick as I possibly could, the whole time the room being ice cold and the atmosphere getting heavier and heavier. The second I was finished I left the house, I didn’t even Hoover downstairs, I just knew I had to leave the house right there and then. 

Since then I hate going to that house, sometimes it feels light and other times it feels… I’m sorry but heavy is the only way I can describe it. I’ve not gone in the spare room since. 

There’s no doubt in my mind something is in that room. I have no idea what or who and I don’t plan to find out. 

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Story time- My first flat was haunted…. 

I was reminded of this spooky story recently so I thought I’d share it with you lovely people. 

When I was 19, me and my boyfriend moved in together, we were expecting our first child. We found a two bedroom ground floor flat which seemed nice enough and was in our price range. Above us were two maisette flats, flat number one was owned by a devout Cristian woman and was above the living room and kitchen. Flat number two was rented by a woman and her children, let’s call the woman Sophie, she was above both bedrooms the bathroom and the long dark hallway.

I had worked with Sophie a few years ago and we really got on so I was happy to see it was her above us. She was very grounded as a person, she worked hard, had brilliant morals and was a fantastic mum. She was such a strong but friendly person I actually looked up to her quite a bit. 

Pretty soon I discovered the flat spooked me out, I felt fine in the living room and kitchen but the hallway, bathroom and bedrooms were dark and felt heavy to me. It’s hard to explain but it made me uneasy. If my other half was away for the night I’d sleep on the sofa in the living room as I didn’t want to sleep at the other end of the flat alone. I’d hear noises and the rooms would suddenly go cold. I told myself it was in my head and that I was just creeping myself out. 

After our daughter was born we moved into a house when she was 8 months old, I was so pleased to leave that flat I just didn’t feel safe there. After moving into the house I started thinking maybe it wasn’t in my head, the house we moved into felt light and safe I didn’t get creeped out here at all. 

Me and Sophie stayed in touch, one day I was at her new house (she moved around the same time as us) the kids were outside playing and we were having a cuppa and a chat. I don’t know how we got on the subject of the paranormal, but Sophie started confiding in me about herself and her past. I was not prepaired in the slightest for what she was about to tell me. I would also like to say now that she would be the last person in the world that I would of expected to say what she did, she’s not crazy and she’s not a liar. 

She told me that since she was a child she could see spirits, they would come into her room at night at scream at her, she said she could never hear the voices but she could see them talking and screaming. It was like the volume was turned down but they were trying to communicate with her. As she got older she learnt to ignore them and eventually they go away, but they always come back trying to try and talk to her. She also told me that she didn’t just see good spirits, she said she saw bad ones, she told me how an old evil Chinese woman would run at her and disappear as she was close enough to touch her. She said they had followed her around her whole life but that she never spoke about it as it made it worse. 

You could of knocked me over with a fucking feather I was so shocked and scared. Later that day, it clicked in my head, the half of the flat that was spooky was under her flat!!! Everything made sense, if these spirits were around her all the time surely that explained the flat going cold and the creepiness. 

Needless to say I’m so happy we moved!!!

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