I finally own my dream dyson Hoover!!! (Seriously riveting post, read with caution )

Quick disclaimer, my life is so exciting and thrilling you might not be able to control yourself, this was your warning. This post is also a huge sign that I am getting older but if getting older means I will be THIS happy over a new hoover, it’s all good! 

(I’m not sponsored I’m just crazy)

I had a dream, and this dream was to own the v6 animal dyson. I have wanted one for years and never thought I would ever own one due to the crazy price tag.

The fact it’s light weight, cordless, has amazing sucking power, and is PURPLE. (My one is anyway!) You can see why this was on my list of life goals, pretty high up on the list actually. 

Fairly recently this fairy tale dream of mine came true, I bought my new best friend and lover…the animal dyson. Who needs Prince Charming when you can have a dyson?

I got a sweet deal as it was half price so I really couldn’t say no. I asked my other half if I should get it or not, as it was very frivolous. He thought it was too much money…but he didn’t say the word NO and I took that as “go for it baby, buy your dream hoover!” So bought it. And my life was closer to being complete.

I LOVE this Hoover! I can not believe how much cat hair and dust this little beauty is sucking up! I have a black carpet and a fluffy white cat, recipe for disaster, but not a problem with my new best friend. 

The compartment that holds the dust is tiny but where I’m hoovering so much more now as it’s really convenient and cordless it’s not been a problem, because its bag less too it’s a flick of a switch to empty the dust into the bin. And no more buying expensive hoover bags! So technically I’m saving money! That’s always a good thing! 

It takes quite a while to charge, 3.5 hours to be precise, but as it has it’s own docking station on the wall, it’s constantly charging ready for when I feel like doing the housework. 

Over all this is the best hoover ever, you need it in your life, it is stupidly expensive but worth every penny. 

Do you have a hoover obsession?! I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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Annoying things about the school holidays (rant)

As much as I adore my kiddies the school holidays are always dreaded. Yes we don’t have to be up early for the school run, yes I don’t have to make packed lunches, and yes we get to go out and have some fun together…. but this does not mean it isn’t stressful!!!!


I’m lucky enough to be self employed and although I get to choose my own hours, I still have lots of worked booked in that has to be done. If I don’t work I’m not paid so it can’t be avoided. Trying to find people to have the kids is a nightmare, my mum does help out but as she’s not living so close anymore I can’t just drop them off for a couple of hours. If I can’t find anyone the poor monkeys have to stay at home with me, plugged in their iPads to stop the fighting!! 


The school holidays cost me a fortune to keep the kids entertained, we’ll have parks days and days with friends but spending money is unavoidable! Petrol, picnics, ice creams, snacks…blah blah! I always do one big day out somewhere fun per every week they’re off school, don’t get me wrong I love every second, until I realise I spent double what I was supposed to and I’m skint for the rest of the week and have to live off the scraps in the freezer. 


I swear my kids eat double in the holidays what they usually would!!! If I hear the words “muuuuuum I’m hungry” one more time I’m going to scream. I also tend to have a house full of other peoples children in the holidays too, I really do love a house full but a weeks worth of snacks will be gone in just one day! And 8 little voices moaning “I’m hungrrrrrry” was far worse then 2 little voices, but at least they keep each other entertained.


Depending on which school holidays it is, this subject varies. If it’s a short half term, so only a week long, boredom isn’t a huge issue as I can handle a week keeping them occupied. Even a two week holiday isn’t too bad. The worst is the summer holidays, 6 loooooong weeks to try and keep busy. Towards the end they are tiered, bored and ready to go back to school!! 

I miss being alone

Where is my quiet half an hour to write my blog posts or catch up on some telly with a coffee?! Not gonna happen!!!!

House sufers 

Oh my poor poor house, trying to get my house work done with the kids around is a nightmare. Everytime I try and put a toy away it’s “noooo I’m playing with that!!!” Within seconds of hoovering there’s crisp and busicuit crumbs all over the carpets. I clean the bathrooms and my four year old boy wee’s all over the seat. I’ll wipe the kitchen sides down just my my daughter can go make herself a sandwich, leaving half a loafs worth of crumbs behind. After having a house full of kids it’s unrecognisable! 


Out of all my points this is the one that I truly can’t stand. When the kids are getting along it makes my heart melt, they play the cutest games together and I think they’re finally becoming friends. Then in one swoop the arguing starts “ITS MY TURN ON THE TV!!!!” “HE TOOK MY TOY!!!” “SHE HIT MEEEEEE!!!!” “MUUUUUMMMMM!!!!” It echos round my head and makes me want to bloody scream!! They fight over the most petty of things I just don’t understand!!!

What do you hate about the school holidays?! I’d love to hear in the comments below! Please no comments saying “aw this is so mean I love time with my children!” You are clearly lying to yourself and it’s not funny! 😜

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Dying my suede boots DIY

I recently bought a £50 pair of light grey ankle boots, I ordered them online and as soon as I saw them I knew I would never wear them. They were sooooo light in colour they made me feet look huge, I also couldn’t get used to something being on my feet that wasn’t black or leopard print! Stupidly I wore them outside so knew I couldn’t return them. I tried my best to get used to them but it wasn’t happening. 

After them living in my shoes cupboard for a month I thought fuck it lets dye them! Something I hadn’t tried before, I did feel bad as they were £50 but I wasn’t wearing them anyway so was worth a shot. 

This is the dye I bought:

I was concerned i might of needed two boxes but was pleasantly surprised that it was just enough! 

A few things I would definitely recommend,:

  • WEAR GLOVES this stuff stains like a bitch I’m so pleased I did! 
  • What ever you put the dye in when you pour it out the bottle also really stains so use an old bowl you can just throw away after. 
  • As I’m a cocky so and so I decided against taping up the edges of the soles, instead I used a tiny paint brush for the edges, this worked like a charm. But I am used to painting in detail so if your not maybe give the tape a go as well as the brush.
  • This is addictive i actually am thinking of buying all my shoes in the wrong colour just to dye them. 

Overall it was not as hard as I thought it would be and I really enjoyed the experience! Any questions please comment below!

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Annoying things about cooking dinners (rant)

I am sick to fucking death of trying to figure out what everyone wants for dinner!!!! Here are the things that drive me crazy, we’ve gone bullet point style today as there are so many!

  • I’m sick of food shopping and handing over my well earned cash week after week.
  • I’m sick of remembering to bring my shopping bags when I go shopping. 
  • I’m sick of putting the food shopping away.
  • I’m sick of forgetting one essential ingredient to every meal I have planned that week.
  • I’m sick of asking what people want for dinner, buying what they ask, then they don’t want it. 
  • I’m sick of being told “I don’t mind what we’re having for dinner cook what ever you want” then once dinner  is cooked they moaned that don’t want to eat it or don’t feel like that meal tonight. TOUGH SHIT YOUR EATING IT!
  • I’m sick hearing “this takes weird I’m not eating it” when it’s the same thing I’ve bought and cooked for years.
  • I’m sick of cooking everyone different dinners.
  • I’m sick of adapting a meal four different fucking ways so everyone will eat it. 
  • I have one child that won’t eat sauce or any other meat than chicken.
  • I have one child that won’t eat veg or meat full stop. 
  • My other half won’t eat maybe 80% of the worlds food choices. 
  • I’m sick of slaving away for hours on a meal when it takes less than 10 minutes to eat it. 
  • I’m sick of peeling and chopping veg. 
  • I’m sick of multi tasking while cooking e.g. Boiling, frying, oven cooking, making sauces, chopping meat and veg all the same time, its bloody draining!!

Ahhhhhhhhh tell me what you hate about dinners in the comments below!! 

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Annoying things about getting ready for a carboot sale (story rant)

What the hell have I gotten myself into?!

It was my great idea to bribe the children to get rid of their old toys in the over flowing playroom, by offering to take the old toys to a car boot sale and letting the kids keep the money. To buy new toys. I realise the irony no need to point it out. 

After a whole day of “keep or get rid” I was amazed at how much the promise of money motivated my kiddies! We had bags and bags of stuff to sell. As the old bagged up toys are taking up half our living room I decided to take the bull by the horns and do the car boot sale at the weekend, giving myself less than a week to go through stuff and get it all ready…around work and the kids. I am productive under pressure, so I thought it would work out better rather than dragging it out by a few weeks.

I then decided that I would actually like to make some money too, so spent a whole afternoon clearing out a huge cupboard in our hallway upstairs. Filled floor to ceiling with my old clothes in every size imaginable and shoes, lots and lots of shoes. I even found a buggy hiding in there! I add to the selling pile another another 7 huge bags (and the buggy) I also spend a whole evening with my other half sorting out some stuff that’s in our over crowded loft to sell.

By this point I’m sick to death of sorting through stuff, I didn’t not realise how irritating and time consuming it would be.

So now the pile in living room has doubled in size and is stacked up, it’s like a wall of old musty junk. I did not realise how much room all the stuff would take up.

It is then the reality of the situation hits me… what do I charge for everything? I have no idea what I am doing nor do I know what people would pay. I also have no idea how to display everything or how to lay it out?! All I have is giant shopping bags filled with mixed up crap. Why in gods name did I agree to this?! Correction, I didn’t agree to this, I suggested this!! It was my bright idea! 

Luckily I had a secret weapon, my dearest friend came to the rescue. She came floating in (well hobbleing in as she has a bad back) like a fucking car boot angel. She took charge and knew everything!!! How much to charge, what would and wouldn’t sell, how to organise everything….she spent 3 hours with me cleaning all the toys and getting the mountains of clothes folded and everything priced up. I’m also an idiot and didn’t realise we would need sticky labels to price everything up, so we used chopped up bits of paper and sellotape. Tedious but necessary. 

After all the chaos and help, I’m nearly ready to go!! All I need to do now is find 200 coat hangers, pick up a clothes rail from my mum, find blankets and sheets to put stuff on, load the car up… ok I’m going to stop there or I’ll hyperventilate. What do you hate about getting ready for a carboot?! I hate everything!!! 

I will be writing a post on the actual carboot itself (after Sunday) so if you would like to be notified when thats published hit that follow button! 

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House work rant

I’m a mum of two children and run a business from home, my life is busy and hectic, which secretly I love. But DEAR GOD I’m sick of house work!!!! I think this is something nearly everyone who runs a house can relate to.

Every fucking day I load the dishwasher at least once, have a load of washing, collect cups and bowls from literally every room in the house, Hoover, clean…. and the house is still never tidy!!!!!!!

How is it possible?!?! I’m home alone during the day while the kids are at school, in between clients I’ll get on top of everything and within minutes of everyone getting home the chaos starts. School socks all over the floor, hand prints on the door frames, crisp wrappers next to the bin, unflushed toilets…do I live with savages?!?! 

By bed time I’m back where I began with everything being a mess again ahhhhh it makes me want to scream!!!!

There are two things I hate the most without a doubt:

Number 1 – putting washing away

Fucking hate it!!!!! Four peoples worth of clothes, each with their own draws and wardrobes, I takes me ages and is a pain the arse I put it off as long as possible!!! 

Number 2 – the kids knick knack toys

Lego, McDonald toys, shopkins, hotwheels all the little teeny tiny bits that go everywhere. That broken wing of a plane my 4 year old won’t let me throw away, the wrapper of a kinder egg that is ‘full of memories’ my 9 year old insists on keeping. I could fill a skip with the amount of bits we have floating round the house.

I know I’m not alone on this one, what is your least favourite house work job?! Comment below!!!

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