Annoying things about being fat when it’s hot

After the fantastic feedback of my Annoying things about being fat post I thought I would continue the series but go a little deeper, so today we shall be talking about being fat in the heat. As this is a whole new ball game of problems. I find writing about these things really inspire me to keep going with my weigh loss, as well as entertain you lovely people.

Getting my arms out

It has only been a year or so that I have liberated my arms and set them free. Since my weight gain they have been firmly covered up. No matter how hot it got or how sweaty and uncomfortable I was I would NEVER EVER get my arms out. My big jiggly wings were not for the publics entertainment and I couldn’t stand looking at them. Even when I was smaller I felt this way I think it’s an issue a LOT of women can relate to. But now I’ve set them free it has made my life tonnes easier in the heat. I just say to myself they won’t look like this forever, I’m trying my hardest to work on my body and since starting swimming I have noticed a difference! 

Getting my legs out

Unless I am in the privacy of my own home my legs do not see sunlight. I live in dresses and leggings and if I’m that hot I think I’m going to pass out I might roll them up over my ankles. I love wearing little shorts at home feeling all cute and what not but I just could not get them out in public it would be far too humiliating! I’ve recently be brave enough to expose the leg beneath my knee (that makes me sound like an 80 year old woman lol) but I’ll be honest I felt naked all day and was worried my dress would blow up exposing my thunder thighs!! I’m still making myself do it though as I need to get over this fear as really the only person who cares is me.

Chaffing central

Ahhhh this is a biggie, the thigh chaffing situation is very unpleasant. If I know I’m going to be walking more than 10 steps I need something to protect my thighs from starting a fire. If I’m wearing a maxi dress which I would die from overheating if I had leggings on too (which I did wear for several years under maxi dresses!) I found myself some long black shorts, imagine leggings but cut off above the knee. They are the least sexy thing I own the look ridiculous, my other half always takes the piss, but they do the job beautifully and no one sees them but me!

A pool of sweat is following me around

Have you ever heard the phrase when it rains it pours?! I don’t think the saying was intended to mean sweat but were using it in that context today! Holy shit I’m getting sweaty, embarrassingly sweaty, and not just in the usual places. It’s seeping out of every pore in my body drenching me head to toe is seconds. I’ll walk up to school thinking wow I’m not as sweaty as I thought I would be,until I stop, then comes the rain sweat. My water bill is going to be huge this month  the amount of showers I’ve been having!

The dreaded sun cream

Sun cream is soooo important and after having a cancerous mole with cancerous cells around it (I’ll write about that soon too) I have to be really careful. But I fucking hate it!!’ No matter what cream I buy I feel greasy and slimy, it also mixes in with the sweat which is just disgusting. Not to mention it’s expensive!!! Between me and the kids we’re going through more suncream than…..well a lot of suncream. I have also just realised this point has nothing to do with being fat!! I went off on a tangent there but it’s still something I hate about the heat. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you hate about the heat, no matter what your size!

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Resisting eating crap, it was worth it and my BIGGEST tip on saying NO (Still on track!)

Well well well a few days later and I’m still ruling  healthy eating!!! I’ve not even been that tempted to stray, I’m feeling so much better physically and mentally I don’t want to fuck it up now. 

After having a few months binging I didn’t want to know the damage I had done, so instead of weighing and beating myself up. 

I simply started again. 

Before I went off track this time I was 9 pounds off a 3 stone weightloss. So in my mind, as long as I was at that weight I had counteracted the damage I had done by eating nothing but crap. 

Today I weighed myself to see how I was getting on, I was tickled pink to see I am 3.5 pounds off a 3 stone weight loss!!!! 

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

Seeing the numbers fall is more addictive than drugs, it makes me keep going and makes everytime I say no to something naughty worth while. 

This morning I was at a cafe with my kiddies. In the queue to get them a drink and a snack my brain went through this process:

Those giant fruit and nut flap jacks look good shall I get one?…. no no far too many syns…. then again that could be my treat for the day?… no no you’ll regret it later when you want a vodka and a Curley whirly…those ham and cheese paninis look good… no no your having a brown pitta bread with dinner don’t have more bread…. hmmmm but they do look really good…. what about crisps you could get quavers…£1 a bag? Yeah I don’t want them that much…. what about the hummus crisps?… holy shit 9 syns a bag maybe not….. fuck it I’ll just get a drink.

Then I sat there, sipping my oasis zero, proud and feeling like I just lost another 0.5 of a pound by saying NO.

I wish I could remember where I learnt my biggest and best tip for saying no, as when I feel myself needing a boost to keep me motivated I’ll do this for a few days and it massively helps remind me of how far I’ve come. It’s quite simple;

Get yourself a notebook and pen, throughout the day every single time to resist something naughty, write it down. 

For example, if when you buy your morning coffee your offered a muffin half price with the coffee and you say NO, write it down. 

If at work someone offered you a slice of cake or a biscuit with your tea and you say NO, write it down. 

If at lunch time you walk past McDonald and mentally argue with yourself about having it and end up saying NO, write it down. 

If at dinner time you toy with the idea of a takeaway but resist, wrote it down.

Then at the end of the day add up the syns you said no to, you will be amazed at what that number on the bottom of the page says. 

It’ll show you how far you have actually come at saying no and that every time you do, it’s weight that otherwise would be going on. 

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Still on track and what’s keeping me going!! 

It’s day 7 and I’m still on track!!! I’m in the zone, nothing can stop me!!! I am a dieting god slaying one fat cell at a time with my sword of cucumber, yellow pepper and wholemeal wraps.

Already I can feel a difference and my friend and other half have noticed random patches of fat on my body start to go down. 

The sun is keeping me happy and reminding me of what I would love to be wearing in the summer right now!! 

Only 5.5 weeks until my birthday night away and only 7.5 weeks until our little family holiday! If I can stay on track till then I know I will feel fantastic. No where near at my goal but like I said before, that’s ok. As long as I try my hardest from now until then I’ll be happy. 

After work I’m going to do another healthy food shop and stock up on the things that keep me on track. Tomorrow after work I’ll be going swimming.

I’ve not given in to temptation and I feel amazing for it. When I go off track I feel so shitty but today is positive central and I’m so determined to do this.

I don’t want to be stick thin, I just want to be able to go into a normal shop, grab a dress in my size and it fit. 

I’m sick of always being the biggest one.

I’m sick of being sweaty all the time in this heat, improving my fitness is helping but I’m still walking tap. 

I’m sick of being scared of chairs.

All these things are propelling me and keeping me going!

What inspires you to stay on track? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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The ‘perfect’ slimming world week

Ah the perfect week, food diary perfection. Each day was as healthy and ‘sticking to the rules’ as the next. There was no cheating, no over indulging and no binging. Our slimming world at its finest. When you step on those scales and see the results you know in your heart you did the very best that you could. No regret from eating a whole cake or not counting cheese as a syn for the hell of it, you just feel proud and like you have achieved.

When I first began I had many perfect weeks, but the last two months I’ve been mucking about and wasting time. 

This week shall be a perfect week. I’m on day 4 of my week, only 3 more days to do and I have made it! My weigh in day is Friday so I’m extending my perfect week until then. I didn’t weigh last week as I was a big baby and didn’t want to know the damage I had done.

I’m praying when I step on those scales on Friday I see a number I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been floating between about half a stone for the past two months and I need to push through it to the other side!! 

I’m so close to my 3 stone off mark I need to stay on track and think of the bigger picture. 

I am confident 

I am determined 

I can fucking do this

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My slimming world food/drink essentials!!!

Recently I fell off the food wagon again, before I could get back on it I went and did a huge food shop. This got me thinking, if I don’t have certain essentials I really struggle to stick with it. But when I have my essentials I am unstoppable, a weight loosing machine! So here are my slimming world essentials I need to succeed.


I realise tummy wise not everyone is able to do this, but I have 3 eggs for breakfast in the morning. It fills me up and stops me using up my B choice so early in the day, which in turn stops me going off track. 

2. Apples

As I am constantly on the go it’s important that at least some of my speed food is ready to grab and eat. After my eggs I’ll grab two apples and eat them while I’m out and about. 

3. Brown wholemeal wraps

At lunch these are a god send, unlike the tiny bread you get as a B choice a wholemeal wrap can trick your self into thinking your eating something huge! I stuff mine with ham turkey lettuce and a dab of mayo. Yummy filling and can be eaten anywhere. 

4. Muller light yogurts

These are my sweet treats, if I’m peckish or want to eat a packet of kitkats I’ll reach for a mullet light to curb that sweet tooth. It’s a shame they’re so expensive, I also find it difficult to find the more interesting flavours. These issues aside they’re still always in my fridge! 

5. Syn free sandwich meat

As well as stuffing my wrap with handfuls of turkey and ham, I make sure I have extra to snack on. When hunger kicks in and it’s not dinner time it’s very easy for me to go off track as I can’t be bothered or I don’t have the time to prepare something substantial. This is where the sandwich meat comes in, it fills me up and keeps the hunger at bay. 

6. Un sweetened Almond milk 

I am not vegan by any means but I’m a big fan of almond milk, as well as loving the taste you are allowed approximately 500ml as your healthy A choice!! You’ll want to double check that as each brand is different. My favourite is Amond Breeze, it’s so creamy and yummy I could drink it all day. It also tastes good in coffee whereas some other brands have a very strange taste. 

7. Vodka

Last but not least it’s vodka! I save myself a tonne of syns in the summer by having vodka around, I love sweet fruit ciders but they are super high in syns so instead I’ll have a vodka with Diet Coke or with diet Fanta to make it different. Which is 2 syns per shot of vodka, I have a measuring glass the ensure I’m using the right amount and not going over. 

Thank you for reading my essentials list! I love reading other people’s ticks and tricks so thought I’d start sharing mine. Soon I’ll write a post on my favourite treats and syns which might give you some ideas of what to munch on! 

What can you not live without on slimming world?! I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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Annoying things about being fat – part two 

I wrote a blog on Annoying things about being fat which I really enjoyed writing, it was honest but comical, which is my favourite attitude to have so here is part two! In part one I gave a bit of a disclaimer (I don’t fancy typing it all again so go read the first one) but this post is just ranty fun and games to entertain so please don’t take it too seriously.

  •  Underware sizes and prices 

I wrote briefly about this the other day in Just because I’m big I don’t want to wear granny knickers I’m sick to death of going to a shop that allegedly stocks my size, and come to find out they only have beige knickers that come up to my armpit in my size. No cute little knickers. Or if I find a site online that has loads in my size they’re insanely expensive, I can’t afford £12 for one pair of knickers! Trying to find my bra size is difficult all round, if my boobs were gigantic I’d have no problem but as I’m a 40 D it’s quite a hard size to come by.

  • I worry when my hairs up my head looks tiny?!

This might sound quite funny but it’s a weekly concern, when I’ve had time to wash my hair and get it looking all nice I have no issue with my head size, I feel my hair balances it out. But if it’s a greasy hair day or really hot outside and I have to put my hair up I’m paranoid all day that my head looks tiny next to my body. I’ve tried doing little bunchie buns on either size of my head to give the illusion my head is still normal size but I don’t think it works! When I was of average size I could have my hair up and still feel pretty but now I’m bigger I can’t stand it. I look like a water melon with a blueberry for a head. 

  • Sex positions 

Some positions can be rather challenging, I have too much booty and thigh for what we can attempt which can really get in the way, my belly is also a bit of a cock block at times. Don’t get me wrong, me and my other half make it work it doesn’t stop us trying anything but it doesn’t make me feel overly fantastic when my bellies been pushed up so high it’s chocking me. Embracing my body really helped me find this topic less embarrassing, I used to cry and die inside when something wouldn’t work that we wanted to try, but now we adapt it to us and move on! It’s just a bit annoying sometimes.

  • Lying on my side gravity turns me into a skinny person lying in a puddle of fat 

This one is a bit bizarre I’ll admit that now, I also have a love/hate relationship with this. I have noticed when I’m lying on my side in bed, when I feel the side of my body facing up it feels like I used too. My hips feel skinny, I can feel where my waist should be, in general it makes me feel fantastic and slinky. Until I feel the side of me that’s on the bed, gravity has pulled all my fat down so it puddles around me. (Don’t feel sorry for me I’m actually chucking as I’m typing this) I’ve never taken a photo of this before but I imagine it looks a normal sized person dunked in skin coloured play dough.

I’d love to hear what you find annoying about being fat and if you can relate to any of my weird and wonderful topics I have covered today!

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Annoying things about being fat 

I want to start this post by saying I realise being fat is my own doing, I am not under any illusion it’s anyone else’s fault or that life is ‘unfair’ because I’m over weight. Your life is what you make it and what you want it to be! Which is why I’m changing my life for the better and shifting this weight once and for all. So to motivate myself to keep going, and to keep away from the Easter eggs I thought I’d write down my top annoyances about being fat. I have lost over two stone but still have about 8 stone to go. So this post is from the perspective of someone who is very big, and how it effects my life.


1. Clothes

Apart from not being able to wear the clothes I really like, finding clothes my size is a nightmare. Very few shops stock my size and the ones that did are eradicating all plus size sections. Which means I have to order them online, which also means I need to order several sizes and styles as I have no idea what will fit or look good on my lump bumpy body. The choice could also be better,  just because I’m big does mean I don’t want to look good!! 


2. Chairs

Eugh chairs are the Bain of my existence and I’m sick to bloody death with them being a problem and missing out due to fear of not fitting or breaking something. Thankfully a chair has never buckled under my whale like weight, but I am guilty of slowly breaking garden chairs over time as they really arnt designed for someone as big as me. Recently I went to a friends house for a cuppa, when I saw her kitchen stools my heart sank as I knew there was no way they would take my weight, well they might of done but my faith in chairs is nonexistent. So like a knob I insisted on standing the whole time saying ‘no honestly I’m fine I prefer standing’ bless her I don’t think the chair issue would of even crossed her mind as she a healthy size but inside I was dying. I even ate lunch standing up. Out and about I have to look inside a cafe or restaurant before going in to check the seating situation, booths are my best friend! Don’t even get me started about the chairs at my children school for plays and performances. I either stand at the back or if I decide to brave a chair I’m leaning forward on my feet looking like I’m having a shit with the sweat pouring off of me in panic that it’ll break under me in front of everyone. Nothing is cute about that image. 


3. Being unaware of how much room I take up

This one is always really cringy, for example, I’m in a café having breakfast with my Mum. Its pretty packed and the tables are really close together, I need a wee so decide to brave it through the tables. I feel like a slinky snake thinking my two stone weight loss is paying off as I dart between the gaps with ease, one gap left to go, I quickly evaluated weither i’d fit or not. Feeling confidant I’ll fit I go for it, as i’m squishing through I realise I definatly don’t fit. The only reason I am getting through is because I’m  pushing both the ladies across the room while they’re still on their chairs, I was mortified. They were so sweet about it but holy hell I wanted to die with embarrassment. Another good example is fitting between wing mirrors in car parks, its gutting whenever im 100% sure I will fit and no matter what angle I try or how much I breath in. I simply wont fit, I feel like a walking fire hazard!!


4. The looks 

I think this is by far the worst thing on this list, the way some people look at me. To an extent I understand, I never in a million years thought I would become over weight (the story of that will come another time) and back in my skinny days I would look at people my size and think ‘dear god how did you let it get that far’ but now the shoe is on the other foot it really isn’t that fun. I was never nasty to anyone about their weight but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look and judge. I get stared at a lot, and no it’s never in a positive way, more like someone looking at an animal in a zoo. I feel quite blessed I’ve never had a nasty comment or someone laugh at me but their eyes roaming my giant arse really says all they need to say. I have also found, since being bigger, a lot of people don’t smile back. This puzzles me as I’m a happy smiley person and would never not smile back at someone because of their weight. But it is the gods honest truth, people are far less friendly and far less willing to help. Not blowing my own horn but before the weight gain I was fit, healthy and attractive and I was used to a lot of male attention, not that I wanted it as I’m happy in my relationship of over 10 years, but male attention was a daily occurrence. Nowadays the only looks I get are kind of in disgust to be quite frank. I just find it strange as I know I’m a good person inside and I don’t see why my weight should effect how polite people are to me?
5. Weigh restrictions  

Last but not least we have weight restrictions. I don’t have a tonne of stories on this topic as I don’t put myself in the situations for this to be a problem very often. Although there is something that happened a few months ago that depressed me for days. As a family we were going to a local trampoline centre, it was myself my other half and our two children. My other half is a normal size who works hard on his body and he looks amazing. He was going to jump with the our kids. When I was a normal size I was really involved in these kinds of activities and was really out going. I had decided to surprise everyone by having a go and joining in, I was so excited as I knew they would all be happy I wasn’t going to be watching from the sidelines. When we arrived and got in the queue I was just about to tell my boyfriend that I was going to jump too when I saw a huge sign with the weight restriction, my heart sank as I realised I was too heavy. Not just a little bit too heavy, but about 4 stone too heavy. I didn’t even think my weight would of been an issue. There was no way I could jump as I would likely break something or seriously injure someone around me. So I plastered on a big smile and pretended everything was ok, and that I couldn’t wait to take photos and watch everyone have fun. It was a sad day for me inside, there was no way I was going to tell my family I was too fat to jump it was humiliating. This is actually what spurred me on to start loosing weight as I was sick of missing out. 

I’d love to hear what you hate about being over weight or what you’ve loved after loosing weight!! 

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