I made my dad cry this morning – happy Father’s Day!

My dad is a business man. He has his own incredibly successful business, he has contracts with HUGE companies and is a money genius. He is ruthless and does what needs to be done. He is my biggest inspiration. He has a lot of stress through this and can be as moody as hell, I really really sorry for my mum sometimes having to live with him! 

But under all of this, he is the BIGGEST softy and I really am daddy’s little princess. No matter how moody, ratty and difficult he can be I absolutely adore him. He’s a sweetheart he just hides it very well lol. 

For this Father’s Day I wanted to do something a bit different. I love the website Not on the high street it has thousands of unique personalised gifts for every occasion. I ordered a beautiful little box which said “10 reasons my dad is amazing.” It has 10 cards inside that you either write on yourself or pay the extra to have them typed up. As I’m skint I opted to write them myself. 

On these cards I wrote: 

  1. You are the funniest man alive, you put most comedians to shame with your wit.
  2. You make the BEST roast dinners.
  3. You make me laugh how much you love your dog.
  4. What you have done with your business is inspirational. 
  5. You (and mum) have given me the best childhood any one could ask for.
  6. You are the ultimate grandpa to my kiddies and they adore you.
  7. I appreciate every car loan, phone bill loan and holiday you have ever paid for me. 
  8. I appreciate all the hours you have spent walking around art galleries with me. 
  9. You give the best hugs.
  10. I could not of asked for a better dad, no matter how grumpy you are and how senile you become I will always love you. 

Now, this kind of gift with my dad can go two ways. He will either take the piss and think it’s weird as I’m a grown up, or he will take the piss but secretly love it.

When I arrived this morning he was hungover painting a garden table. After a quick chat I handed him his present, warning him it was a bit soppy and that he might laugh at me. As he started reading he looked bemused but as he read on he looked further down so I couldn’t see his face. 

When he looked up I wasn’t  expecting what I saw, his eyes were filled with tears and he couldn’t speak. He gave me a hug and went back to his painting not looking at anyone. I had to seriously hold back the tears myself so we did the British thing and carried on like nothing had happened. 

I was so happy that my words touched him to the point he was moved him to tears. It was a really special 10 seconds that I wouldn’t change for the world. 

I love my dad ❤️

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I finally own my dream dyson Hoover!!! (Seriously riveting post, read with caution )

Quick disclaimer, my life is so exciting and thrilling you might not be able to control yourself, this was your warning. This post is also a huge sign that I am getting older but if getting older means I will be THIS happy over a new hoover, it’s all good! 

(I’m not sponsored I’m just crazy)

I had a dream, and this dream was to own the v6 animal dyson. I have wanted one for years and never thought I would ever own one due to the crazy price tag.

The fact it’s light weight, cordless, has amazing sucking power, and is PURPLE. (My one is anyway!) You can see why this was on my list of life goals, pretty high up on the list actually. 

Fairly recently this fairy tale dream of mine came true, I bought my new best friend and lover…the animal dyson. Who needs Prince Charming when you can have a dyson?

I got a sweet deal as it was half price so I really couldn’t say no. I asked my other half if I should get it or not, as it was very frivolous. He thought it was too much money…but he didn’t say the word NO and I took that as “go for it baby, buy your dream hoover!” So bought it. And my life was closer to being complete.

I LOVE this Hoover! I can not believe how much cat hair and dust this little beauty is sucking up! I have a black carpet and a fluffy white cat, recipe for disaster, but not a problem with my new best friend. 

The compartment that holds the dust is tiny but where I’m hoovering so much more now as it’s really convenient and cordless it’s not been a problem, because its bag less too it’s a flick of a switch to empty the dust into the bin. And no more buying expensive hoover bags! So technically I’m saving money! That’s always a good thing! 

It takes quite a while to charge, 3.5 hours to be precise, but as it has it’s own docking station on the wall, it’s constantly charging ready for when I feel like doing the housework. 

Over all this is the best hoover ever, you need it in your life, it is stupidly expensive but worth every penny. 

Do you have a hoover obsession?! I’d love to hear in the comments below. 

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Things I worried about being pregnant and what I would say to myself now

I have two children so I feel quite experienced in this subject matter. I remember the first time I was pregnant having so many worries, that got me thinking about what I would say to myself if I could. This blog post idea was then born! So here are some of the worries I had while being pregnant for the first time, and my response now.

What if I forget I have a baby and leave them in a shop?

I remember this haunting my dreams, what if I forgot my baby!! If I could go back I would say to myself, with pure hearted honesty, this WILL NOT happen. That baby will come first before anything you will never forget them. You might want to walk out of a shop after they’ve been crying for 3 hours in protest, but you will not forget your baby. 

What if the baby gets too hot or too cold?

I had a strange obsession that I wouldn’t know if my baby would be too hot or too cold and that I wouldn’t know. Quite random I know. I remember some advice my friend gave me, if your hot or cold the baby more and likely will be too, they’ll get red cheeks if they’re hot and they’ll feel cold to the touch if they’re cold. They will also more than likely cry to let you know if there’s something they’re not happy with. I would tell myself to listen to my friend as all of that was true! 

What if I have a mutant baby that even I can’t love?

This one is a rather taboo subject but I know for a fact that a lot of first time mums worry about this. What if my baby is hideous? My advice would be, even if that baby is green, covered head to toe in scales and has 10 eyes you will still think it is the most beautiful baby ever born. You’ll think the green scales and multiple eyes are just adorable and so cute. You might look at baby photos years later and think hmmm they actually looked a bit funny but I promise you when that babies first born you won’t!

What if I’m literally ripped in half pushing this baby out and I’m left with nothing but one giant hole you could fit a tree trunk in?

This is a very common worry with new mums, maybe not the tree trunk bit but that your ‘downstairs’ will be changed forever and will always be a giant flappy hole. I would say to myself, after laughing at the hysteria, that you will be amazed at how quick it will all snap back. One baby will not destroy your bits or your sex life. Even after two my lady garden is good to go, and my second baby was 10 pounds and I needed stitches front and back! 5 babies might do some damage but your fine with one or two!

Will I cope in labour?

This really is one thing I WISH I could go back in time and tell myself. I was petrified of the thought that this baby had to come out. Even my second pregnant I was terrified, but the first was definitely the biggest of worries as you have no idea what to expect. I was a total wimp at that point in my life, I was quite young and and would cry over a paper cut so I had no idea how I was going to cope with a human coming out of me. I would say to myself:

YOU WILL BE THE BOSS OF LABOUR!!!! The first labour will only be a couple of hours, you will be in agony, your head will be FUCKED as that little person slips out of you but you will do great! You’ll do the whole thing with no pain relief and no drugs and be so proud you could scream it from the roof tops. You won’t melt down, you won’t abuse the staff, you won’t freak out and die, you’ll get on with the job at hand and get that shit done. You will be that amazing in fact when you have your second child the midwife will joke she should of recorded you to show “what the perfect attitude to labour can be like” second time round you’ll be laughing and joking in between contractions and be so excited to meet your second little one. My advice to all new mums worrying about this….the second you see that baby you won’t care what you just had to go through. If I had to go through labour every day of my life to have my kiddies I would, they were worth every excruciating second and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I would love to hear in the comments below what your worries were, or if you pregnant now if you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

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My Slimming world Syn essentials!! (Part one)

If I want a successful slimming world week there are a few syn’ed items I just have to have in my cupboards. These items stop me from going off track and are something to look forward too. I try and be syn free all day so I can have a munch in the evening, that way I don’t feel left out when my other half eats his weight in mars bars and malteasers!! 

Options Belgium choc mint hot chocolate

These are life savers in a packet! If after lunchtime I have a quiet afternoon, and all I want to do is binge on chocolate I’ll make myself a hot chocolate. They’re really sweet (even sweeter after adding two sweetness!) it takes me a while to drink and actually fills me up a bit. At 2 syns I think it’s well worth it, this leads on to my next essential…


Flump marshmallow chopped into tiny pieces in the hot chocolate is GORGEOUS. It turns into a gooey stick sweet yummy mess. Flumps are 2 syns so with the hot choc its 4 but lasts way longer than anything else that has 4 syns so it’s worth it.

Curly whirly 

This isn’t something I would usual eat when I’m not dieting, but when I am it’s beautiful. I can’t believe they’re only 6 syns! I can really take my time eating them too and as they look big it tricks my mind that it’s a huge treat. 

Low fat mayo & low sugar and salt ketchup

Half the syns of the regular sauces these are a staple in my house. I used the mayo for my wrap at lunch and the ketchup for making BBQ pulled pork and dipping at dinner time. 

Panko bread crumbs

This is quite a random one but a good one. They’re light Japanese breadcrumbs. I use these to make my own low syn-high flavour breaded chicken. There are tonnes of recipes you can adapt using these breadcrumbs to lower the syns. I whiz mine up in a blender with loads of spices before dipping the chicken in egg then the bread crumb mixture. Even my fussy family like these so they are part of our weekly meal plan now!

Low fat sour cream

I bloody love sour cream I can eat it with literally anything. However it’s packed full of syns so I’ve started buying a low fat version. I’ll like it with fahijta wraps and over chilli, it’s lower syns that cheese and makes me feel like I’m not missing out. I also use it to make a peppercorn sauce with steak by putting a dollop in the pan, heating it up slowly and added ground pepper, makes my veggies taste better too.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my slimming world essentials, if you’d like to read part two please hit that follow button to stay notified! I’d love to hear in the comments below your favourite syn’d foods.

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Annoying things about “perfect” Mums (rant)

We all know at least one “perfect” mum, the kind of mums you will spend your life waiting for them to fuck up. My children are my world but the mums I’m going to be talking about are like a different species. In this post I will be making some huge generalisations for the sake of comedy, but I think I’m pretty accurate with what I’ve come up with! I’ve wanted to write this for a long time and am so pleased I’ve gotten round to doing it, it’s going to feel like drinking a cold Diet Coke on a hot day, refreshing. 

The PTA Mums

God I hate these women. They are pristine, have full time ‘important and powerful’ jobs, they run the PTA, arrange every activity and fair at the school, they bake better than Michelin Star Chefs, they still have a social life and days out as a family, they go the gym and work with a local chairty weekly as well as running marathons and writing award winning novels. But I have figured out their deep dark secret of how they accomplish everything…, they shit time. Think about it, its the only logical thing that makes sense! They poop out a giant chunk of time and cheat at life, how else can one person achieve all that?!?! 

The healthy mums

These are the mums that live in sports gear. Their sleek high pony tail, yoga pants and Nike lycra crop tops. They’re the mums you see running home from the school run, before spending the morning in the gym. They’re the mums that won’t let their kids drink from certain plastic and at kids parties put down as a dietary requirement “no sugar, wheat, gluten, fat, meat, dairy or soy, hope this is not a problem?” 

The mums who can’t be away from their children 

(When my children were younger I did struggle being away from them. But I think when they get to a certain age it’s a lot different. Mine are (nearly) 5 and 9, and I am more than happy with having some ‘me time’. I love them to death and would do anything for them but let’s be honest, when they’re at school or nannys house it’s the best thing ever. I am with my kids 95% of the time outside of school and there is nothing wrong with needing a break!! )

The mum I am referring to is the one mum at the school gates that hysterically sobs at the school gates when her 8 and 10 year old are back at school after the summer holidays, instead of crying tears of relief. The mum that wishes they were only at school 3 days a week so she could be with them the other 4. The mum that gets a job at her kids school to “spend more time” with her children. The mum that turns up at the school gates half an hour early to pick them up. The mum that, when you joke about dumping your kids off at their grandparents, looks at you like your the devil in human form. That fucking mum that makes you look like an awful human being by reply to your joke with “well I actually love being with my children I cherish every second.” *insert puke here*

The ridiculously calm mums 

These are the mums that never loose their cool. You won’t find them shouting at their kids “hurry up we’re going to be late!” So loud that they can be heard two streets away. You won’t find them crying loosing their minds in the middle of Tescos while their toddler is lying on the floor having his 145th paddy that day. You won’t find them dragging their 3 children away from the toy isle screaming “I have no money I told you noooo!!” While carrying the younger two under her arms like rugby balls and pulling the oldest one away by their hair. These women are cool calm and collected at all times and it makes me sick. 

The presentable mums 

I find these women fascinating, how do they have time before 8.30 in the morning to get the kids fed and ready for school, curl their hair, put on a full face of makeup, chose an outfit worthy of a cat walk and wear heels to do the school run? I understand a bit more if they have to go to work afterwards but for the mums doing home to do nothing? Why? If I’m running late I will literally turn up with my hair unbrushed in a messy bun, a pyjama top with a rain coat over the top, leggings and flip flops. Then I have to stand next to someone who looks like they’re ready for a night out. It’s just depressing they need to stop. 

The overly prepared mum

This mum always had a giant Mary poppins bag with her, filled with everything you could ever need. Child fallen over? She has a Mini first aid kit with Paw Patrol plasters.  Sticky hands? She has wet wipes. Asthma attack? She has a spare pump. Kids hungry? She has spare snacks. Your child wets them selves? She has spare knickers. Cut your self on rusty metal? No worries over here have a tetanus jab! This mum is guaranteed to make you feel like the most unprepared, unorganised, amateur embarrassment of a mother. I even forget to bring tissues!  

I really hope you enjoyed this episode of “annoying things about…” I think that has been my favourite to write so far! I’d love to hear in the comments below if you can relate to any of these elite women or if your human like me!

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Annoying things about the school holidays (rant)

As much as I adore my kiddies the school holidays are always dreaded. Yes we don’t have to be up early for the school run, yes I don’t have to make packed lunches, and yes we get to go out and have some fun together…. but this does not mean it isn’t stressful!!!!


I’m lucky enough to be self employed and although I get to choose my own hours, I still have lots of worked booked in that has to be done. If I don’t work I’m not paid so it can’t be avoided. Trying to find people to have the kids is a nightmare, my mum does help out but as she’s not living so close anymore I can’t just drop them off for a couple of hours. If I can’t find anyone the poor monkeys have to stay at home with me, plugged in their iPads to stop the fighting!! 


The school holidays cost me a fortune to keep the kids entertained, we’ll have parks days and days with friends but spending money is unavoidable! Petrol, picnics, ice creams, snacks…blah blah! I always do one big day out somewhere fun per every week they’re off school, don’t get me wrong I love every second, until I realise I spent double what I was supposed to and I’m skint for the rest of the week and have to live off the scraps in the freezer. 


I swear my kids eat double in the holidays what they usually would!!! If I hear the words “muuuuuum I’m hungry” one more time I’m going to scream. I also tend to have a house full of other peoples children in the holidays too, I really do love a house full but a weeks worth of snacks will be gone in just one day! And 8 little voices moaning “I’m hungrrrrrry” was far worse then 2 little voices, but at least they keep each other entertained.


Depending on which school holidays it is, this subject varies. If it’s a short half term, so only a week long, boredom isn’t a huge issue as I can handle a week keeping them occupied. Even a two week holiday isn’t too bad. The worst is the summer holidays, 6 loooooong weeks to try and keep busy. Towards the end they are tiered, bored and ready to go back to school!! 

I miss being alone

Where is my quiet half an hour to write my blog posts or catch up on some telly with a coffee?! Not gonna happen!!!!

House sufers 

Oh my poor poor house, trying to get my house work done with the kids around is a nightmare. Everytime I try and put a toy away it’s “noooo I’m playing with that!!!” Within seconds of hoovering there’s crisp and busicuit crumbs all over the carpets. I clean the bathrooms and my four year old boy wee’s all over the seat. I’ll wipe the kitchen sides down just my my daughter can go make herself a sandwich, leaving half a loafs worth of crumbs behind. After having a house full of kids it’s unrecognisable! 


Out of all my points this is the one that I truly can’t stand. When the kids are getting along it makes my heart melt, they play the cutest games together and I think they’re finally becoming friends. Then in one swoop the arguing starts “ITS MY TURN ON THE TV!!!!” “HE TOOK MY TOY!!!” “SHE HIT MEEEEEE!!!!” “MUUUUUMMMMM!!!!” It echos round my head and makes me want to bloody scream!! They fight over the most petty of things I just don’t understand!!!

What do you hate about the school holidays?! I’d love to hear in the comments below! Please no comments saying “aw this is so mean I love time with my children!” You are clearly lying to yourself and it’s not funny! 😜

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Bipolar, medication and pregnancy (the things no one talks about)

This is a rather taboo subject, so me being me I’ve decided to talk about it. When I was going through all of this I couldn’t find much online so maybe someone going through the same thing will stumble across this one day. 

I wasn’t diagnosed with bipolar until I was 24 years old. I had already had our first child. After being diagnosed I was on 500mg of quetiepine, this was a shock to the system to say the least. I will be writing more in depth about this another time. 

A few months after settling in to the anti psychotic lifestyle, we found out I was 6 weeks pregnant with baby number two, which we were happy about. But it did leave the big question of what happens to my medication? 

I was told by my doctor I had to come off my medication for the first 3 months of pregnancy, then we would decided what was more risky, me being on or off the medication. Like an idiot I didn’t take the advise of weening myself off them, I just stopped taking them.

This was a stupid move.

I can not tell you how physically sick it made me, I had the shakes, I was throwing up it really was horrendous. After the initial withdrawal happened I become very mentally ill. I had forgotten how horrible it felt unmedicated and it hit me 10 times harder than ever before. I constantly felt nervous worried and guilty, I was so over whelmed with emotion if I wasn’t crying I was throwing up. So on top of pregnancy hormones I was loosing my mind. It was one of the worst few months of my life I didn’t know if I was coming or going. Trying to work and look after our daughter as well was really hard, I was a total mess. 

During this time I was being closely watched by my doctors, they saw the rapid decline and decided at the 3 month mark I was at a huge risk to myself and I needed to go back on the medication. There was no study’s to show if it would effect the baby or not and it was a very difficult decision for us to make as there were unknown risks.

Being honest I was desperate to go back on my pills, I wanted to feel well again and I couldn’t live another day, let alone 6 months being that ill. But then there was the risk of the baby? What if the medication did damage? What if I was going to ruin its poor little life by being selfish and medicating? Because that is just how I felt, selfish and like a disgusting human being for even thinking about going back on the medication while a child was inside me. 

But that is what I did. The doctors strongly advised it and I had had enough. We had tonnes of checkups through the pregnancy and everything was normal, but the guilt and worry I felt will stay with me for the rest of my life. Even now talking about it makes me so uncomfortable because it stirs those feeling up. 
Every doctor I spoke to during that time told me not to feel guilty and that I was doing the right thing, but I felt awful about it. I found forums online of girls saying “I’m taking 50mg I’m so worried” whereas I was on 500mg, I couldn’t find anyone else in my position on such a high dose. This made me feel so alone. 

6 months later, we were blessed by a beautiful healthy baby boy and couldn’t of been happier. We were so lucky everything worked out, but even now I think what if it didn’t? But you can’t live your life thinking “what if” and you have to do what’s best for you. 

After having my first daughter I was severely post natal for about 2 years, so the risk of it happeneing again was high. But because I was on my medication already, after the birth of our boy, I was mentally well, which meant I could be a better mum to my children and I was coping. My dose was upped when I felt it creeping up a few weeks later and it held the crazy at bay. Everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t see what it is at the time. 

Are you going through something like this or have you had a similar experience? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

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