Happy new year!!!! (How I feel about 8 months of blogging)

Can you believe another year has flown by already…blah blah blah…. keeping it sweet and short, I just want to say…happy new year you wonderful group of people!Remember, keep your head above water, be thankful for the little things, believe in yourself and keep that black swirling hole boarded up!!

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get onto the point of this post, you might need a sick bucket as it’s going to get rather soppy.

I started this blog around 8 months ago, I had no idea the huge impact it would have on me. I needed an outlet, somewhere I could say what ever I wanted without worrying about the repercussions, somewhere I could be as filthy, open and raw as I could possibly be.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old was born.

So my online diary began. I have shared stories, traumas, mental health and the majority of my daily life. (As well as random crap and embarrassing facts I feel compelled to share!!) I have written about past issues I never in a million years I thought I could 100% put to bed, but somehow, with the overwhelming support YOU have given me, they were tucked up with a bedtime story and set free.

I had no IDEA that ANYONE would EVER even stumble across my blog, I have no idea that so many of you would relate and enjoy my ramblings. I had no idea that I would make FRIENDS with this blog, that I would find people that truly got me. I feel like so many of you know my heart and soul and it has been overwhelming beautiful. You have restored my faith in mankind and I have no idea how to thank you all for that.

I don’t know what many of you look like, but it doesn’t matter in the slightest, your inner beauty shines through with every comment, your comforting, supportive, hilariously kind words warm my heart every day. The community i have found has made my life a brighter place. I feel so blessed for everything I already had and YOU have been the icing on the cake.

Since I started this blog I have had nearly 32,000 views, nearly 2000 followers and over 7,000 likes and over 4,000 comments. I can proudly say I have read every single comment, and responded to most! I didn’t start this blog to gain numbers, I don’t follow them or chase them, but seeing it altogether like that has blown me away.

Most people set New Years resolutions, I’m not a huge fan of that, I think it sets me up for failure!!! So instead of thinking about what you want to improve, I want every single person who comes across this post, to comment one thing you love about yourself that you wouldn’t change for the world. No matter how big or small! I can’t wait to read what you come up with.

Sending you all the love in the world

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. Not one for self love… in fact im big on the whole self loathing malarky…. but the one thing I would not change about myself (other than the 50% of me that created my amazing child…..!!) is the fact i feel I can be a good friend. I am always there for people, always giving out the support, the advice, the love as and when needed, at the drop of a hat i will be there for you. Even if we go forever without a word, the moment you need me, good, bad, small, ugly, you name it I am there. I like to think I do a good job, I love that I care. But I also dislike that I care, I can care too much…. hmm…. xx

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  2. One thing I would not change about myself ever. That is indeed a tough a question only for the fact that I have never actually thought about it.
    Even as I am thinking about it I struggle…my arms? I have pretty sexy arms if I do say so myself. They are the only part of me that doesn’t hold the extra weight the rest of my body seems so fond of…but that, I believe, is not the point of your question.
    So I’ll look deeper.
    My capacity to forgive?
    Nay. That does not ring true either. There are many times I have forgiven the unforgivable and just as many I have held a grudge over a small perceived slight. So we’ll go deeper still.
    I am a flawed person. As we all are. I have my strengths and weaknesses and I believe I am very much in tune with myself. I know where my strengths lie and where my weakness hide.
    I would never change how self aware I have become through my own struggles. That self awareness allows me to work on improving my failings and building myself, when I have the courage to do so.
    So that is what I would never change.
    And as I finish writing this two kookaburras begin to laugh their arsed off.
    Are they laughing at me?

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  3. 2000 followers? That’s huge! Congrats!
    I feel the same way you do. Starting the blog not ever thinking anyone would read it, Making friends on here, telling too much personal stuff about myself, and just responding to people is the best!

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