I made Christmas my b*itch !! (Get comfy it’s a long one!)

Christmas is finally over!!!! And you know what? This year, even with all the chaos, stress and drama, I made Christmas my fucking bitch!!! I have written a lot about how I struggle mental health wise with the lead up to Christmas and especially after. (Read here) I always have a huge bipolar episode when the festivities are over. This year I REFUSED to let that happen, I’ve been fighting and staying positive. Breathing through the stress, taking one day at a time, and planning exciting things for January.

Normally by now the black hole has started swirling and I’m being pulled in, but for the first time, the hole is no where to be seen and I’m doing brilliantly. I’m still cool calm and collected, enjoying the little things and making the most of this time with Mr Secret Blog and our kiddies. I’m so proud of myself for not letting the crazy take over.

Overall Christmas has been good. We have a great routine every Christmas which means we can see all the family. We spend Christmas Eve with Mr Secret Blogs family, eating and chatting before coming home to get the carrots and mince pies ready for santa! This was the first year of our daughter not ‘believing’ which was rather sad but she did a fab job for her little brother keeping up the magic. Mr Secret Blog had drunk waaaay too much so wasn’t overly helpful that evening!!!

On Christmas Day we have a pj day at home, which is always my favourite day! The kids loved their pressies and we ate like their was no tomorrow. The day was filled with Christmas movies, cuddles on the sofa, cooking a tonne of different meats and drinking salted caramel Baileys. My hips grew about 4 inches that day! I was tickled pink with my pressies, I got the new Jaclyn Hill Morphe eyeshadow palette that I’ve wanted for ages. Two bottles of perfume as well as some new sexy lingerie which I opened when the kids were in bed! My daughter also got me a lovely ornament of a toy I loved as a child which was so thoughtful of her.

Boxing Day was spent at my families, where I drank cocktails with my dad (getting rather tidily!) and eating beef wellington followed by little lemon and chocolate tartlets. I got to see my brother who lives a few hours away as well as my lovely nana.

The next day we went to a local panto of Peter Pan. I’m not a ‘panto’ kind of gal I usually find it all quite cringy, but as a child I LOVED Peter Pan. It was my favourite movie and book. I thought he was real until I was about 8!! So I was hooked on the story line right till the end, there were a few times I felt so nostalgic I actually teared up. The kids found it hilarious and silly, I loved seeing them giggle and shout at the stage ‘BOOOO’ at the mean Captain Hook!

My daughter had a friend sleeping over last night, so I decided today to take the kids out to a local soft play centre for the afternoon. As well as them getting a good play and a run around, I selfishly did it so I could actually sit and write! Leading up to Christmas I started writing about 12 different blog posts but never got round to actually finishing them where everything has been so hectic so I’m starting a fresh.

I would love to hear how your Christmas has been in the comments below! I hope your all feeling well and have been staying positive!

Lots of love

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old


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  1. I love my Dutch Christmases. No presents, no visitors, no parental visits. The big guy works over Christmas and has New Year off, or has Christmas off, and works New Year, as he is this year, so we’ve had the kids for a week. No need for presents as they had them on December 5th, for Sint Niklaas (the Dutch Christmas time), and I only have to deal with Christmas dinner, which is just a fancy dinner to them, and something they’ve only had since I moved in. But, we’ve watched all the Christmas movies, Indiana Jones, Die Hard, Cinderella etc etc… and it’s been relaxing, restful and boring as all hell. Bliss.! 😀 On boxing day there was pizza at an Italian restaurant with the big guy’s extended family, and we’ve vegged ever since. There’s much to be said for all the cultural differences. 🙂 Very pleased to read that you’re doing much better, and keeping positive and in control, you go girl.! xxxx

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    • Omg that sounds heavenly!!!! Bet it was nice having a week away from the kids 😜😜 so interesting how Christmas is celebrated all over the world!! I would happily swap 😂😂 thank u Hunni glad I’m better too, for once I really do feel in control xxxx

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  2. Sounds like a lovely time and that you coped incredibly well, you should be very proud! The pressies sound fab (sexy undies aren’t something I even own any more, perhaps I need to invest in a gift to myself!) and it’s great everyone enjoyed the panto. My Christmas was rather low-key but I’m quite unwell again now and coming down with another virus too so it looks like a quiet NY too for me. But it also makes me more resolved to be better next year, to get more control over what I can with my health. Wishing you all the best for a happier, healthier 2018! 🙂
    Caz x

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