I am a big fat Blogmas FAILURE

Why did I think it was a good idea to try Blogmas? I have utterly failed. I have been so busy I’ve not even had time to sit down with a coffee. Work is INSANE as well as all the kiddies Christmas activities. Why did I think I would be able to fit in writing daily blog posts at my busiest most hectic time of year?!

For the first 8 days I was finding the time no problem, Work haven’t picked up too bad yet and I was feeling inspired, I had so much to say. I then I missed day 9, and explained why on day 10, I posted on day 11 and that is where I stopped. I felt so conflicted, I really wanted to keep up the momentum, but for several reasons I didn’t.

Time was a big one, working all day and all evening was leaving zero time for writing. My inspiration was dwindling, I didn’t know what to write about. For me, I would prefer to post nothing at all, than posting for the sake of posting. That’s not what this blog is about for me, the mere thought makes me uncomfortable.

This blog was born to express myself and get my emotions out when I couldn’t in real life, as well as to make people laugh. I don’t feel me spamming you with shitty posts, is staying the true to myself, just to try and keep up with a challenge I set for myself.

Whenever I feel forced or backed into a corner to do something (even if I’m the one who put myself there) my instant reaction is to pull back. My inner rebel screams no, jumps the fence and runs a mile. The only one pressuring me to do this, is me, and if I’m not happy why force it?

I felt like I was letting people down by not sticking to my word and posting everyday, but realistically, it’s not going to effect any one if I don’t!! I know my followers who have been with me for a while will understand where I’m coming from as I think you guys know me pretty well. I don’t want to add even more pressure to myself with everything else going on right now, I’m so focused on not getting mentally ill after Christmas (More on that here) I think I need to listen to my warning signs more when things are piling up on me. I’m still going to post, as this is what I LOVE to do, but I’m going back to posting when I feel like it.

How are you handling Blogmas? Are you on track or have you given up like me?! I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. I tend to steer clear of blogging challenges. I write what I write when I want to write it. The only pressure I put on myself is a post a week, even if it’s as silly as mocking the spam posts that appear on the T&T, or as simple as “I went for a walk with my camera YET again…”

    I look at it this way…it’s my leisure, and I’ll leise as I please.

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  2. I decided to blog every day about my tea Advent Calendar, and it has been hard to keep up. Thankfully my topics are chosen or I would have given up long ago.
    Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we hoped, but you tried and that’s what matters.

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  3. Don’t you worry!

    I’m not sure how many readers I have, for example, but I’ve tried so many times to change the direction of my blog, even created a second one for pictures. Still, the inner frustration of not being persistent is killing me… in other words, I can relate to you.

    But it’s Christmas soon, enjoy the family mess and burned cookies 😉

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      • Everyone loves it as it’s honest and from the heart. So, keep blogging. I also love the freedom it gives me. Well, I’ll try to keep it going too. Btw, my daughter who just turned one is wonderful: she knows not to touch the Christmas tree when I’m around, so she found the box with glass ornaments I didn’t put for safety reasons, opened it and before I realised, balls were already broken. A very good kid 😀

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  4. Oh how disappointing hahahaha I’m sorry I couldn’t even be sarcastic without cracking myself up. Chickadee, you do a great job with your blog. It is as good as it is because you don’t do things like “blogmas” Not saying I didn’t enjoy the posts about blogmas BUT your post are great because your hands aren’t tied, no leashes, you roam freely through your thoughts and words. Don’t be hard on yourself. You have disappointed no one. Big hugs love bunny.

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  5. It’s all ok, I’ve had the hardest time finding the time to do post when I’m also busy with school and finals week. I hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and don’t let blogmas be a burden. Happy holidays!!!

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  6. While Blogmas is a post a day for 25 days, you can make it whatever you want! You make it the way it works to your schedule, whether you post one blogmas post a day or one every few days, two posts in the 25 days. It’s certainly ok to take the tag and make it your own. You’re not a failure. Not even close. You put too much pressure on yourself. Just be you. You’re pretty awesome as you are. 🙂

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  7. Good on ya for realizing that it was unneeded, added stress, and that it’s not the end of the world if you didn’t manage to post every day. Besides, this time of year is so busy, most of your readers are probably too busy to read daily posts anyway! Taking care of yourself and your family is the most important thing, anything above that is just bonus 🙂
    Here’s an idea, though. Since you’ve discovered that you don’t really have the time/energy/inspiration to write every day in December, you can write 3 posts a month during the year for Blogmas, and simply schedule them for the days in December! Then you have taken the extra stress out of Blogmas! Just a thought 🙂

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  8. Despite refusing to jump on the Blogmas bandwagon, I’ve still managed to post more in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 4 months. I shake my head at myself. 🙂 I tend to only blog when I have something to say, otherwise I just waffle on, and it shows in my writing.. I’ve always said I’m not much of a blogger, so I appreciate my regular readers more for tolerating the slipshod whenever approach. 😀

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  9. I blogged once a week, then took a long break from it. After my wife’s scare with cancer, three surgeries later, and finding it was benign, I have come back. I will only post maybe once a week, but I am blessed with life and would like to share my thoughts with those who would like to follow along. So keep on posting when you feel lead to do so.

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  10. I only blog when I feel the need to express something. That doesn’t happen every day for me nor even every week. Please don’t be your own harshest critic. Let that be someone you think is really obnoxious.

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