Blogmas Day 11- (What I look forward to at Christmas)

I felt like posting something positive today as yesterday’s post was a big boring rant! Christmas is only a few weeks away and even though we’ve had snow it still doesn’t feel very Christmassy to me just yet so talking about the good things might help!

We have a rather structured Christmas routine that we follow every year. When we first had our daughter I was adamant that we would have Christmas Day at home, just the three of us to make our own traditions. So instead of seeing family on Christmas Day, we see Mr Secret Blogs family on Christmas Eve and my family on Boxing Day. It’s lovely. We get a whole day with everyone as well as peace and quiet on Christmas Day it’s self.

As much as I love seeing our family’s, and having three roast dinners in a row I LOVE our day with just the four of us. Watching the kids open their presents is so heart warming, especially when I’ve hunted high and low for that ‘must have toy’ on Santa’s list. Cooking the biggest roast dinner you’ve ever seen with all the trimmings, cuddling up on the sofa sipping a baileys and watching movies in our pjs eating cheese with crackers. It really is the best day of our three Christmases.

Seeing our families too is so nice for the kiddies, they get three lots of presents, three lots of attention and three lots of excitement.

I love putting the presents out on Christmas Eve, I even love being woken up stupid early by the kids with screams of ‘SANTAS BEEN HES ACTUALLY BEEN MUM GET UP GET UP LOOK LOOK LOOK!!’

I love eating so much I feel sick and not having an ounce of guilt as it’s Christmas.

I love opening my presents!!!!

When the kids are in bed I love having a few drinks and getting tiddly with Mr Secret Blog, then having beauty Christmas sexy time. This year will be even more fun as he’s bought me some lingerie from the New Love Honey Moonlight Collection as part of my pressie!

The day after Boxing Day we’re going to see a panto version Peter Pan at a local theatre, so the fun just keeps on going.

After that little post I’m rather excited for Christmas now, food, presents, Peter Pan and family, what more could a girl want?!

What do you love about Christmas? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old


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