Blogmas Day 6-(The kids Christmas Performances)

(I have 20 minutes to edit this before it’s Blogmas day 7 AHH!!) Christmas is a busy time of the year, especially when it comes to what the kids are up to!! School dress up days, nativity shows, parties…lots of fun. As of today I made it through both of my children’s Christmas Performances!

My youngest (5) had his school play this week, which is usually (I know my older daughter being at the same school) a nativity. Us parents cram into the main hall like sardines, the children stand at the front for half an hour singing and doing their little play. The parents are climbing over each other to try and get at least one decent photo or texting someone they know near the front to get one! This year they did things slightly differently, they had years 1,2 & 3 doing the same show. It was AN HOUR AND A HALF LONG. It felt longer than the bloody titanic movie.

Where that had so many children, it appeared they had been split into groups and would come in and out the hall to sing different songs and act out different bits. So in total, my lovely little boy, in an hour and a half, was in the hall…..FOR TWO SONGS!!!!! To top it off he was half way down an isle so I couldn’t even properly see him, when we did finally make eye contact he smiled and waved…before promptly bursting into tears as he wanted a cuddle. So not the biggest of successes but I’m pleased he got to see I was there, even if he did cry bless him. I was still a proud mummy!

Next up was my daughters (10) Christmas play at the Brownie group she goes too. I was pleased she had this as at school they don’t do a Christmas Performance after year 3. Turns out this wasn’t going to be a half hour jobbie either, they had songs, acting scenes, teas, coffee, mince pies and parent participation. After I got over the fact it was going to be a late night for all of us, it was actually really fun and the kids loved it. Two hours later it was time to head home. I was beyond proud of our baby girl she was so brave, I could tell how nervous she was but she got up there and did her thing like a pro.

Although these shows are always a bit of a nightmare to fit in around work, and this year they were crazy long…..i wouldn’t miss them for the world. One of the best things about being self employed is being able to tweak my hours so I get to go to all these adorable Christmassy things! I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to get to be there at these special moments. It makes my Christmas and as much as I moan (about pretty much everything!!) I’m going to miss it when they’re older and I don’t get to watch them sing in groups dressed as sheep, elf’s and everything in between.

Have your kids had any Christmas shows this year? Did you get a better view than me! Please comment below!

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  1. I don’t have kids, but my godson is going to be in a performance of Narnia on December 23rd. I’m hoping the weather is good so I can get there, it’s about 2 – 2 1/2 hours away from me.

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  2. It reminds me of a school Xmas extravaganza when my son was cast as a womble, all we heard for a month was discordant wimbling wombling. On the night of the show, my wife and i arrived looking forward to watching our little offspring perform, Lo and behold, they were a Womble short, so my annoyed wife cornered his teacher and demanded to know what was going on. Apparently he refused to perform saying i don’t want to be a Womble no more!

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    • Awwwww that’s so cute and funny 😂😂 I remember the wombles!! I actually found out this morning that those poor kids r having to perform this show every morning this week!! My little man got upset this morning saying he didn’t want to do it today so his teacher said he can stay with her 😂🙈 so much pressure at 5 lol xxx


  3. Sounds like you have lovely kids ohhh bless them. I think all what really matters is being there for them. No matter if everything goes wrong but they feel so proud having parents to watch them. Have a wonderful day! Lovely post 🙂

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  4. I am right at the end of all this now and restarting with grandchildren ( swear I am not old enough lol) and as I am hard of hearing I mention it ahead of time and can usually get a front row or near front row seat. Couldn’t hear my children but I got good photos. Now I can hear them they are to old for school plays. Thouroughly enjoying granddaughters though. Could the schools get someone in to film DVDs for you all or do what my youngests school did and take photos of the cast so you can order photos of your child in their wonderful outfits?

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