Reasons I know I’m getting old(er)

The past few years I have noticed a big change in how I see certain things in daily life, every time I tell anyone in my ‘real life’ about these changes they always say ‘ooo it’s a sign your getting old!!’ And I thought what better way to celebrate my grumpy old woman maturing ways than to share it with you lovely people! 

Hearing house parties and general noises of fun pisses me off

When I’m in my garden I want peace and tranquility. Nothing pisses me off more than my sanctuary being destroyed by noises of a loud BBQ in a Neibouring garden or even worse, a house party. When I was younger these noises didn’t bother me at all, it was people having harmless fun, what’s the problem? Now however I get really annoyed, saying things like ‘for fucks sake it’s a Sunday!!! Why do they have to be so loud? It’s 8.30 at night why are they not packing up for bed time?!’

Seeing CHILDREN drive!!! They can’t be 17 they look like babies! 

I think this one crept up on me from nowhere. There is no way I looked that young at 17. Every other car I see literally has a CHILD driving it, how come they suddenly look so young?! It is where I’m used to looking at my 30 year old face? That now 17 year olds like about 12? Also now are these young kids affording the cars they’re driving? Audi’s, mercs, bmw’s, I’m a grown up and still can’t afford a car like that! I always assume they’re either drug dealers or they’ve borrow their dads car. 

Looking forward to going to bed early and panicking about getting less than 8 hours sleep


Mr Secret Blog and I used to be real night owls. Staying up until the wee hours of the morning and surviving on very little sleep. Ten years and two kids later we treasure our sleep. Nothing is more exciting than a mega early night. If we’re not in bed by 10.30 we start stressing over how tiered we’re going to be the next day. I realise I’m making us sound 80 years old but it’s the truth. 

Not going out drinking as I don’t want the hangover 

Dont get me wrong, once a year I will have a HUGE blow out and let the party girl in me take over (As she is still very much with me, and I love her enough to let her have some fun)…but I cannot be dealing with the week long hang over. I can’t eat, drink (even water!!!) or smoke for about 24 hours after waking up hungover and it literally takes me a whole fucking week to catch up on sleep and feel human again. No one has time for that!!! 

Actions have consequences


This is something quite big for me. But I have finally realised that my actions have consequences. I put far more thought into what I say and do than I ever did in my youth. My words can have an impact so I should use them wisely. My actions effect everyone around me, having bipolar I think this has taken longer to sink in than with most. Every time I really fucked up I hurt someone, in one way or another. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s pain or worry, every stupid thoughtless thing has had an impact somewhere down the line. This is the best thing about getting older.

I am DYING to hear your reasons why you know your getting older!! Get typing in the comments below!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Old men have a habit of random whistling. It’s not even a recognizable tune and sometimes it’s just their lips pursed and air blowing out as they walk or enter a room. whooooooo…whooooo…..I get all disgusted until I realize I’m doing too! What the hell is that? It’s like..there’s nothing upstairs, no thoughts, no mental activity, NOTHING….lost in space waiting for some old lady so we can push her shopping cart and be of use in this world.

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  2. 😂😂 ha! I am very much in the panic about not getting 8 hours sleep group. Despite my fear here I am after 11pm on a school night on WP like a complete idiot. No wonder I’m aging rapidly 😂

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  3. Hitting 40 years old has made me realize that I have already lived half of the average person’s life span. (random ass trivia there, I know) And I hope to be as lucky as my grandmothers on both sides of the family to hit my 90’s!

    The actions having consequences has also hit me and in some cases, I have also learned that they can have life long consequences that you have to live with forever.

    Parties before dark don’t bother me but if they are still rocking after 9pm (when I’ve put my kids to bed) then I’m pissed off. If you live across the street and I can sing along to your music, then you’re playing it way too loud. Same if you drive by in your car – doesn’t matter what time of day.

    I used to HATE naps. Now they are my best friends in the whole world. Hands down. End of story. Nothing better.

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  4. I remember scrolling through the guide on the tv and seeing a movie I recognized from 1990– and thinking that wasn’t so long ago — and finally realizing that it’s been 27 years since I saw it. Yup. Time does– no, not fly. It soars by. Nice post.

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  5. Number one on my list: annoyance at current technology. I hate that everyone is glued to their stupid “phones” – which aren’t phones at all, really (because I remember phone adverts for service “so clear you can hear a pin drop” – not likely on a mobile that drops in and out every other syllable), they’re cameras and gaming units and maddening self-correcting typing units geared for small Twits on the Twit-o-spehere. – That rant alone should tell you I’m old.

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    • 😂😂 it’s true!!! Whenever I see a friend for coffee n a chat, halfway though our meet up I always think why have I bothered as they’re on their phone most of the time. Not even doing important stuff, it’ll be Facebook or snapchat, something they really could do anytime xxx

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  6. SMH – Shaking my head. My kids are 21 and 23 and I’m ‘stiwl daan wiv da lingo, blood’ LOL 😀
    I got old years ago. I hate neighbourly noise too. Also wonder where these teenyboppers get the money to afford not only the car but the tax and insurance with it. That must be one hell of a well paying paper round. Think young girls with their thongs showing above their jeans are tramps… cringingly hypocritical I know. 😀 And get very irate with this new trend amongst teenagers for playing music through their phones loudly without having headphones. I don’t want to listen to their crappy taste in music when I’m walking into town. Put some damned headphones on already.! I’m almost ready for my zimmer.

    😀 😀 😀

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    • Haha look at you with your youth knowledge!!! I’m impressed 😂 omg the music out loud thing does my head in it’s soooo irritating!!!! I just don’t get it! I wouldn’t of done that as a teen for the fear of someone laughing at my music choice 😂 xxxx thongs above jeans is rank I hate that too!

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  7. I have a 13 year old niece who, I’m pretty sure, thinks I’m super lame. Her older brother always thought I was cool when I was in my 20’s. I dont know what’s changed. The other day, I asked her who her favorite celebrity was. She said “like, what do you mean? Actor, singer, you tuber?” I had no idea that people on You Tube were considered a fucking celebrity. I made her show me a clip of her favorite You Tuber. I watched four minutes of pure crap, looked her at and said “I can’t. I literally just can’t” and handed her back her phone.

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  8. When you’re young and trip/fall down in public – the public points and laughs.

    When you’re old and do the same thing – the public rush over to assist.

    The last time I did this, I had (2) good Samaritans come to my rescue.

    That 29++ fiction I keep running is getting harder and harder to maintain.

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  9. Seeing the new ‘fashion trends’ and thinking “those jeans look like they’ve been cut in half and put through a shredder!” / getting excited about grocery deals / thinking how much I like a blanket, chocolate and a good book on weekend evenings! 🙂

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  10. Summer BBQs end early evening rather than the late hours of the night. There are children too, usually outnumbering the adults by at least 2 to 1.

    And the fact that you actually prefer it this way,

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  11. Affirmative reasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… Oh look, I ran out of agreeing a 100% with all your reasons! 😀
    I am just 3 months shy of the 30 tag myself but I believe I had a crone staying in my body much longer than that. I actually had had enough with all the vanity and drama and negativity that comes your way so easily, growing up. I decided to limit my exposure to ‘worldly’ lures and focus on growing as a person. I think it’s as much connecting with oneself as it is maturing 🙂

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