Annoying things about the new school year *rant*

I’m not going to lie, I am very much looking forward to my kids being back at school. I love having them around but my life (work wise) will be tonnes easier when we’re back to our usual routine! However, there are somethings I HATE about a new school year, therefore I’m going to share them with you lovely people!

The new uniform and more

By the end of the summer term, the kids uniforms and school shoes are hanging on by a thread. There is no point in buying new until they are back at school after the summer holidays. If it wasn’t for my wonderful mother helping me out, I would be well and truly fucked with this one. Today we went to buy everything they need for next year. Both our purses are crying. As well as school shoes (which are £40 a pop) they both needed PE pumps, as well as my eldest needing PE trainers. They both needed new PE shorts and t-shirts, shirts, my daughter needed new cardigans, my son needed a new school bag. They already have new water bottles I just need to get new lunch boxes. It’s ridiculous!!! 

Getting back into the morning routine

No more lies in and lazy PJ mornings, it’s up and out for the freezing and potentially wet walk to school. Getting the kids back into an earlier bed time routine is also torture and we have at least a week of very tiered grumpy children….and a tiered grumpy mummy.

The dreaded homework 

After a whole summer of zero homework as soon as they’re back at school it’s back to reading their reading books and getting their home work done. I can’t stand this one as they both put up a huge fight and it’s nothing but a pain in my arse if I’m honest! 

Extra curricular activities 

Another thing to add into the routine is the kids clubs. Both of mine have clubs they do outside of school which i love them participating in but remembering to go and what time to have dinner done etc takes a bit of getting used to again!! 

The soppy bit

As much as I can’t wait for normality, and school to begin, this summer holidays has been lovely. I’ve enjoyed having my babies around and I’m pretty sure I might get the tiniest pang of loneliness on the first day! I also know how nervous my daughter feels about going back to school after over 6 weeks off and starting a new year, I remember the feeling well, bless her. It’s making me nervous for her! As much as they have driven me up the wall this holiday, I wouldn’t of had it any other way.

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  1. ‘Back to school’ is relatively new for us because my eldest is starting Reception in September so we’ve only ever done nursery which is completely different and not so costly! I’ve managed to stagger the spend quite a bit – bought uniform at the end of July, just bought the waterproofs for the school run and will buy school shoes after August’s pay day (last minute!)
    A bit kinder to the wallet, but I can imagine when you’ve got more that one school age child it’s far easier to do it in one big shop! Well done for getting through it 😂

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    • Aww that’s so sweet r u all excited and nervous?? My eldest is going into year 5 (that makes my heart cry) and my youngest is going into Year one. The older they get the more expensive it gets!!! Uniform prices go up and don’t even get me started on how much money the school expects, school photos, charity events, fairs, school trips…. the joys you have to come 😂🙈 xxxxx


      • Year 5 and Year 1 are so grown up in very different ways! All the best to them 🙂
        My daughter is so excited, she’s very sociable and she can’t wait to make new friends as it’s a different school to where she went to nursery. I, however, am in absolute bits! I’m so nervous and I have no idea why. Hopefully after the first week is done I’ll wonder what all the fuss was about?!

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      • Thank you! I can’t believe how quick they’re growing up it’s scary. Your daughter sounds adorable and will LOVE school. Aw Hunni I can relate, you get so used to having ur little buddy around and then poof they’re off at school full time getting older every day! I promise you’ll have tears at first but VERY quickly you’ll realise the freedom you now have 😂 xxx

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