Don’t you hate it when….

Don’t you hate it when you get a text from a friend, saying something along the lines of…

Omg I really need to talk to you when are you free for a cuppa and a chat?

To which you reply something like…

Oh no Hun what’s happened? I’m free Tuesday afternoon? Is everything ok?

And they reply…

Yeah that’s fine I’ll see you then.

Curiosity builds, so you ask…

Ok I’ll see you then, but what’s happened is everything ok?

And you get the most annoying reply of…

I’ll tell you about it on Tuesday 

Ahhhhhhhh this drives me insane!!! 

What has happened?!?! 

Why do you need to see me to tell me?!?!

Have you broke up with your other half?! Has someone died?! Do you have huge gossip?! Has something happened to the kids?! Have you been arrested?!?! Did your best friends cousin sleep with your dad again?! Did you catch your boyfriend on a dating website?! Is your ex getting married?! Did you fall out with someone?! Is someone pregnant?! Are you engaged?!

So many questions!!! What also drives me nuts is 9 out of 10 times it’s something small and trivial they could of just called me to tell me. I get holding back big news to say face to face but the little gossipy things why not just ring me?! 

Can anyone relate to this?! 

Comment below!!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Hah yes I can relate, even with emails saying there’s something someone wants to talk about but they’ll have to email me about it later/tomorrow… I get curious, then I get worried in case it’s something not good, I’m not always good with patience! 🙂

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  2. No-one does this to me… anymore. I can’t stand gossip, and rarely respond to texts, unless it’s someone I like, or my stepmother. My ex- leaves FB messages, because he knows I won’t listen to his voice mails, and won’t answer the phone when I know it’s him. 😀 But I get the whole ‘Hey, I’ve got something really special to tell you, but I’m not saying another word until we’re face to face’ thing. It better be earth-shatteringly amazing by the time we’re face to face or I’m gonna punch them.

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  3. I hate this, so much! I try really hard to be specific in my communications with others (Hell, I majored in Communication Studies in college!), and it really bothers me when my friends are super vague with me.

    Example: A friend from college messaged me on Facebook on a Wednesday and said, “Hey, what are you and your husband doing on Friday night?”

    My immediate reaction: “Uhhhhhh … Why?”

    My eventual response: “We will likely be buying a new washing machine.” (We didn’t have to, it got fixed, but still).

    Don’t beat around the bush, get to the freaking point!

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