Did you hear about that woman being taken for sex slavery in Italy?

I don’t usually talk about news stories but the ‘sex slave trade’ is as scary as hell and the story I read recently shook me to my very core so I thought we could chat about it! I have read several articles and this was the general gist…

A 20 Year Old British model Chloe Ayling, was booked for a photo shoot in July in Italy through her modelling agency. When she got to the ‘job’ she was actually drugged and taken by two men. She was stuffed in a suitcase and was driven for miles to a remote cabin near the Italian alps, to be sold into the sex slavery via a pornagraphic website. Yes you heard me, a fucking website. She was tied up for days while they decided what to do with her. They also tried getting $300,000 from her agency to stop the sale going ahead.

Turns out the evil monsters in charge of this sex slave operation actually had a rule not to sell women who have young children. What upstanding citizens, to consider the young children of those they steal. 

*eye roll*

It’s disgusting this still happens today.

So long story short, after 7 days, they let her go! The woman hasn’t been named for privacy reasons and I imagine will have post traumatic stress for a long time. Her poor family, I can’t imagine what they must of gone through either. When do you ever hear of anyone being let go?! 

The man who took her and held her captive has been arrested and they are looking for at least one other person in connection to the kidnapping. 

Can you think of anything more petrifying than being snatched and held captive? Tied up for days? No way of knowing if you will ever see your family, children and friends again? To be sexually assaulted for the rest of your life? 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this story. 

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  1. My comment is that slavery of all sorts including that of a sex trade context is at higher levels than ever in human history. So few want to talk about this issue. But, I think it’s a travesty. Awareness of this and wiping it out as scourge against all humanity must be done. The question though is will it? The numbers are horrifying. From child soldiers to sex slaves to domestic servants aka slaves this is rampant. How is this possible in the 21st century? And, yet it is.

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  2. This is really horrifying. It’s not that I am against the concept of modelling agency but they pretending to have a shoot in Italy and abducting her to sell for pornography is disgusting. What the model must have endured during those seven years makes me angry. This is unjustified in moral and legal terms.
    Thanks for sharing the incident.

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  3. IMHO, this story smacks of a set-up. A 20 year old YouTube model, who knew one of her kidnappers through chatting with him on the Internet for weeks, is suddenly abducted in Italy, after going to attend a fashion photo shoot she was offered after being seen in YouTube Football videos. Only to be taken to a police station by the Polish kidnapper she knew, and handed over, while the kidnapper was arrested on the spot.

    1. Why was a completely unknown model taken.? Why not a model who was up and coming, if the abduction was about money, which it clearly was. 2. Why did her kidnapper take her to a police station.? Why not just take her into town, and leave her there, or just let her go somewhere close to where she could get help.? 3. Why was she allowed free reign around the farmhouse where she was taken, but didn’t once try to escape.? 4. How many sex slave gangs give a shit about people’s kids.? They steal young children for the sex trade, they sell young girls into sex slavery all the time. Why would they suddenly decide a young girl with a kid was a no-no… it just wouldn’t happen. This was a shabbily organised desperate ruse to get attention, probably by Chloe and very likely the poor Polish guy she duped to raise her status in the modelling world. Already she’s taken up topless modelling assignments and a lucrative modelling offer from a high brow modelling agency… 😀

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    • I KNEW this would be your comment!!! I was going to do the conspiracy side in part two! 🙈😂 there’s soooo many facts coming out about the story now can’t wait to hears what’s going to come of it!!! There’s either something very suspect about the whole thing or it’s being twisted and she genuinely was too scared to run. Really hope they get to the bottom of it all!!! Xxx

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  4. I have so much to say and yet I don’t know if I can. I read this verse this morning, and since it was written thousands of years ago, it tells me we haven’t changed much. “The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net.” –Micah 7:2 So, yes we haven’t changed much.

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