Water babies, a sand Ferrari & rocking my swimming cossie 

All I wanted out of this holiday was to have one day that I could pretend I was in Spain. Today boys and girls…was that day! It was hot, sunny and beautiful. We spent all day the beach.

My 5 year old son, who usually spends the whole time on the sand in socks and won’t go near the water, actually took his socks off and a few hours later paddled in the sea. Only up to his ankles but it was a huge accomplishment! I was so proud of him!

My 9 year old daughter is a real water baby, but has only recently learned to swim. She was in the sea all day. Bobbing and swimming about, getting tangled in all the sea weed, she was at one with the ocean and loved every second. I honestly think she would live in water if she could. 

My other half is the king of sand castles but he takes his one step further, he builds giant sand cars. Today’s car of choice was a Ferrari big enough to fit both the kids in. It took him ages and our son was so happy with it. Although I think the best bit for our little man was destroying it when we’re about to leave! 

Last but not least I spent the whole time on the beach in nothing but my swimming costume. Ok well it’s more like a swim dress than a tiny sexy costume but I felt so liberated and free. I NEVER get my legs out so it was quite a big deal for me. I even walked to the ice cream parlour without putting my leggings on. 

Go me

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Oh dear Lord, you got your brilliant white English legs out.? Are they lobster red yet.? 😀 😀 😀 I too have a swim dress costume, I like the ones that cover your bum. (My bum and I do not get on.) Kudos to little man for paddling sans socks. What a star.! And your water baby sounds more like a mermaid.. 2028 Olympics here she comes.:) Is there a piccie of the sand ferrari…? I’m suitably impressed with hubby’s creativity and stamina… spending all that time building instead of relaxing.

    So glad you’re all having a great time on holiday. xxxx

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