Things about me as a child I’m so pleased my kids haven’t inherited 

I was lying awake last night thinking about my children. Now they’re 5 and 9 their personalities are at full force, and I can start seeing who they might be as they get older. This lead me on to thinking of things about me as a child that I am so thankfully they didn’t inherit in some way or another. 

1. Wetting the bed

I have written about this before (My biggest secret as a child) and I know bedwetting can be passed down generations. I have been truly blessed that neither of my kiddies have been cursed with bed wetting. I know how upsetting and humiliating this can be to a child, especially as you get older. 

2. Travel sickness 

Another hurendous childhood issue of mine, I couldn’t be in a car for less than 5 minutes without puking. To get to one of my grandparents was a 9 hour drive, which was miserable. I couldn’t play with a colouring book, I couldn’t read, I couldn’t even look out the window. Everything made me feel sick, when lead to me being sick. Even now as a grown up I’m an awful passenger and insist on driving everywhere. 

3. Childhood insomnia 

I never slept. I feel so sorry for my parents as I was a terrible sleeper. It took me hours to get to sleep and once I was asleep I would only need a few hours sleep then be awake and bouncing off the walls again. I was like this until I was diagnosed with bipolar in my mid 20’s and finally got the medication I needed. Now I sleep great but if it wasn’t for my magic tablets I’d still be the same. It may take my kids a while to go to sleep (little monkeys) but once they are asleep they’ll sleep the whole night through. 

4. Being scared at night 

I’ve written about this before too (Being scared at nighttime) but I used to be petrified at night time. I would lie awake thinking my China dolls were alive, that someone lived under my bed, that I was going to be possessed or that someone had broken into the house. No matter what anyone said or did to make me feel better I used to feel so scared, nothing made it better. The dark was my hell so I always had a night light. It was only after being medicated that these fears went away. When I moved in with my other half at 19 he insisted we slept in the dark as he couldn’t sleep with a light on. I would feel safe as we cuddled up but as soon as he went to sleep I was too scared to even get up to go to the toilet. I am most thankful that my children don’t have this problem. They love sleeping in the dark and have never had the obsessions I did. 
It’s amazing how I made them, inside my body, popped them out, yet they are so different from me. Don’t get me wrong there are similarities but when it comes to the worst parts, we couldn’t be further apart.

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  1. I unfortunately, managed to give both my boys the worst parts of myself as a child. The cynical attitude, the sense of humour, the hyper-activity, the self-analysis, the over-thinking, and the self-criticism and sense of never being good enough. My youngest son managed to inherit his father’s ADHD, his uncle’s Syncopal, and the autistic spectrum disorders that are threaded through both our families… and yet they’ve turned out brilliantly, and I’m really proud of them both.

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  2. What a blessing that the kids didn’t inherit it but I feel for you. I got all of it except for the bed wetting. I’m not scared of the dark any more but I guess from years of sleeping with a light or tv on, I have a hard time sleeping with out it as an adult. Cars ugghhh. I have to drive. I don’t get throw up sick, but I will certainly get a migraine, nausea, light headed, etc. There has to be a window cracked, or we aren’t driving any where. :):) We are a pair for sure my friend LOL 😉

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