In this moment

Right now, this is what I’m looking at. I’m sitting on a rock watch my son and his dad climb rocks, my daughter is dipping her toes in the sea and I’m sipping on a pineapple flavoured Malibu and lemonade out of a plastic bottle. (Classy)


This holiday has been just what I needed. It’s only day two and I feel so relaxed and happy. I wanted to quickly wrote this to remember this feeling.

I’m in a cozy jumper with the warm wind ripping around me. The sun is setting but still warm. Watching the sun reflect off the sea is magical. If I could freeze this second in time and keep it in a bottle, I would.

In this moment, there is no work, there is no money, there is no stress, there are no arguments…at this very second it’s me and my family. Exploring and just being. 

I hope you’ve all had a beautiful weekend.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

X X X X X 



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