Annoying things about packing for your holiday *rant*

I fucking hate packing!!!!! Packing is by far one of the most stressful things…in the world. As we were off on our holidays today I was forced into my nightmare. The problem is, I don’t just pack for myself, if it was just me it would take 5 minutes. What drives me nuts is packing for everyone else.  As it’s a U.K. Holiday it’s not as simple as when you go abroad, all you need when you go to a hot country is: clothes, toiletries, phones chargers, the kids colouring books….that’s it let’s go. But oh no no no. 

As we’re driving there is no luggage weight restrictions, therefore you end up thinking fuck it let’s take everything. As it’s the uk and our weather is.,. Sorry to say, shite, you can’t just take your shorts, tshirts and a cardie for the evenings. You need coats, wellies, jumpers, jeans, long sleeved tshirts, short sleeved tshirts as well as all the summer stuff. Just in case. 

You need to pack food for the place your staying, so snacks for the kids, breakfasts, picnic stuff, drinks, booze. That’s the car half filled right there! 

You also need to pack for the beach, as fingers crossed you get at least one nice beach day. Towels, buckets and spades, beach tent, swimming costumes, swim shoes (to protect your feet from the hidden stones in the water, this is not the Maldives)  the list goes on.

Then you need stuff to entertain the children for when you indoors, iPads, board games, cars…. the endless bags the kids fill with stuff ‘they need’ as well as blankets and pillows to make the car comfy, as clearly a one hour and 45 minute drive requires a revamp of the back seat.

As well as enough chargers to charge the whole of London, for phones, iPads, toothbrushes and cameras.

Last but not least, as me and my other half enjoy getting down and dirty when the kids are asleep after a long day out and a slap up meal, we have to remember the lube, the locked up box of sex toys, as well as naughty nighties and knickers!! We’re kinky as hell and I don’t care who knows!!! 

But once everything on my humongous list is crossed off, and it’s all loaded in the car, and we’re on the way…. there is nowhere else I would rather be.

A short but sweet conclusion there. 

I would love to hear what you hate about packing in the comments below!!! 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Hahahahaha.! You make me laugh so hard. I can just imagine your poor car busting at the seams with all that stuff, while you’re squirting lube in there to try and squeeze your sextoy box in too.! 😀 I never have a problem packing, even for UK trips. A week’s worth of underwear and socks, 3 jeans, 5 t-shirt’s, 2 long sleeved shirts, and a hoodie. 3 pairs of footwear and their toiletries. That’s it. There’s always a launderette somewhere if needed. Best thing we ever bought was a roof box for the car. It was priceless when it came to long haul’s too. Everything went in the roof box, leaving the car relatively clear and comfortable.

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  2. I’ve been hooked on reading books by Lee Child, Jack Reacher. He’s written 21 books. The thing with Jack Reacher is he wears his clothes for a week or two, maybe washes them in the sink or bathtub in whatever hotel he’s staying in, then he throws them out and buys new clothes. He owns a fold up tooth brush and a wallet. No luggage. No packing. When he walks out the door both hands are free. His reasoning: Where does it end? It starts with two pairs of pants and two shirts. Then, well, he’d have to buy luggage. Then a washing machine. Then a house, car, mortgage, steady job to support all this. Nope…Jack Reacher’s not going down that path. He’s every man’s idol.

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  3. I actually like packing. I know, I know, you said what I DIDN’T like about packing….oh, I got one, I hate packing because the suitecases, bags, seem like they were NOT made for packing clothes. Is it just me but if you fold up a shirt, pants and put them in, they are never the right size to fit the clothes. I don’t even know if that makes sense to any one other than me hahaha

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