I actually wore makeup today-rediscovering a passion?

My big passion used to be make up. I loved everything about it. It made my heart sing. Until I started beauty blogging. I wrote in depth about that so I won’t bore you with all the details, if you would like to read that first then come back here your more than welcome. 

Beauty blogging destroyed my love of makeup (what I have learnt)
Since that whole episode I stopped wearing makeup, I stopped buying making up, I stopping watching beauty reviews/looks on makeup, I stopped caring about makeup. 

This made me feel very sad but you can’t force yourself to love something when you’ve fallen out of love with something. 

This morning I ended up watching a review on YouTube of the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture eyeshadow palette. This lead to me watching three more reviews on said palette. Watching the beauty gurus playing with the eyeshadow, swatching it, attempting to blend it (if you know anything of the palette I’m talking about you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!) made me crave makeup. 

Eyeshadow was always my favourite makeup product, I have more eyeshadow palettes than I’ve had hot dinners and I decided to bust them out and put my face on. 

I spent what felt like ages in the fuzzy world of makeup application, it was so relaxing and comforting, reminding myself what to do and what products to use. I went for a warm toned smokey eye with a slightly dewy light foundation and a nude lip.

I was home

For the first time in a while I felt really pretty. It boosted my confidence all day and I felt like myself, whenever I caught a glimpse in the mirror it shocked me! I kept forgetting I had it on but it was the nicest surprise everytime I was reminded. 

I’m 100% not going to go back to beauty blogging, but I think this could be the start of me falling in love with makeup all over again. For the reasons I loved it before. Before the reviews, the blog, and the parties… this is how it made me feel. 

I know some people will read this and think ‘what that the hell is she talking about, it’s only makeup?!’ But to me it’s creativity, confidence, relaxation and fun. 

I would love to hear below if your into makeup, or what your passion is? 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. I love this post! I find myself losing interest in my favorite things such as makeup but once I sit down and do it I am reminded and then get excited to keep at it. I go back and forth with blogging too as well. The struggle is real. I am so happy you are finding your happiness in makeup again. You go girl!

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  2. I used to wear make-up in my teenage years, but haven”t touched it since my wedding day. My skin’s so sensitive that foundation would cause spots, as it made me sweat, and I’m not terribly imaginative when it comes to make-up anyway. I did love my eyeliner though.

    I’m glad you’ve found your passion for make-up again. It’s horrible to lose your enjoyment of something you cared so much about. xx

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    • When I was younger I had that problem too! I’m ok wearing it now as long as I really get it all of at night, cleanse and tone and keep my brushes clean, it’s hard work 😂🙈 thank u Hun I’m pleased too I was gutted when I started hating it xxx this blog has given me so much more than my beauty blog ever did, emotionally anyway xxx


  3. I didn’t wear make-up for a year. I was in chronic pain and terribly depressed. I had surgery to correct the pain (3 actually) and I was put on a better regimen of meds and suddenly my desire to wear make up came back. Now I wear it everyday. Even though I work in the Texas heat and it usually melts I little bit, sometimes. My passion is for my work with kids and horses, but make-up helps me feel more confident in working with people to further that passion.

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  4. I used to be the kind of gal that couldn’t leave the house without make-up, but then I met a guy when I was 18/19 who said I looked better without it and to try, just for a day, to go without. I never looked back. I still use concealer sometimes but otherwise I don’t, and I’ve saved a lot of time and effort and money going make-up free. But lately I’ve wanted to get back into it, just every now and then to make myself feel different and fun and confident. Great post! 🙂

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