F*ck it I’m going to Spain *how I’m planning on saving*

I have decided next year I am going abroad. I am going to fly on a plane, to a hot country, for a week. This is my goal. Fuck everything else, I HAVE to make this happen. 

I want to take the kids on a ‘real’ holiday. I have figured out if I ask everyone for money for my birthday and Christmas, as well as stashing my summer rush money next year, I can make it happen. I will be super skint but if it’s for the sake of a holiday it’ll be worth every moneyless second. 

I’ve been doing some admin work for my dad, if I can sneakily up my hours over time I can save some of that too. 

My little woods account is close to being paid off too so there will be extra money there too.

I’m 30 now I really should learn how to save. Instead of jumping straight in and booking something on a whim, I am going to challenge myself to save up. I could book something last minute, or as soon as I have to money book it. Last night I nearly booked this beautiful villa by the beach in menorca, but I took a step back and resisted. I need to be sensible, this is a big grown up money commitment (huge for me anyway!) and I am going to prove to myself that I can have self restraint and I can save. 

I also would need to save up the £240 fine I will get from the school from taking the kids out of school during term time. (Not sure if this happens all around the world but it’s something they just brought out in the UK, it’s £60 per parent per child. Bloody ridiculous) Looking at prices during the school holidays I know there is no way I can afford that. The villa and flights I’m looking at is about £1200 during term time, but £4000 during holidays! I would prefer to pay the school fine, get my slap on the wrist, and actually be able to go. There is no way in hell I can afford £4000, I’m going to struggle finding even £1200. But it’s far more realistic. It’s also only one week away so I wouldn’t be too worried about them missing school. They’re never off sick either so it’s not as if their attendance is bad.

I’m aiming to go in October next year, this gives me 15 months to get planning and saving. This is a huge goal but I’m determined to make it happen. One thing that does make saving difficult for me is as I’m self employed my money comes from all over the place and I don’t get a chunk of money at the beginning of the month. 

I’m writing my plan here to cement it into my brain, I have done these things before but never long term.

1. Every evening I will check my bank, day for example I have £18.45 as my balance, I will take £3.45 and put it in my savings account. So my balance will be £15. I will round down to the nearest 5. I did this a while ago and I couldn’t believe how quick that added up. 

2. Birthday and Christmas money from now on will go into savings. 

3. As soon as little woods is paid off, the amount I was paying will go into my savings account. 

4. When I am paid cash through work, the change I am paid will go into a separate pot that I am not to touch. The last time I did this I saved £50 in a month.

5. Any extra money I earn through my dad will go into savings. 

This is my plan! Any more tips on saving would be greatly appreciated, I’d love to hear in the comments below.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Good for you! I’m looking at a villa for next year too 😊 again it’s about £1200-1500 So alot of money. But we can do it! I’m not sure if you do much online shopping but it might be worth getting a cashback site on the go. Iv earned almost 100 quid for things I’d be buying anyway like insurance and everything else. It’s defo worth a look 😊 good luck saving xxx

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  2. You could start a GoFundMe page, and tell people why you need help. So many people will sympathise with you about the school fine, and having never had a proper family holiday. I was lucky, being in the military meant we never got fined for taking the kids out of school during term-time. I think the fine’s are BS, a week off school is not going to affect a child’s education, in a lot of cases it improves it as they get to see something of the world, and different cultures.

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  3. Go for it! In my twenties I acted “on impulse” frequently, and took trips to England, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. For me acting “on impulse” meant impulsively making a plan so I could go on my dream trips, which is what it sounds like you’re doing.

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