Zombies are my favourite (zombie 101)

I LOVE horror films. The scarier and the creepier the better. But my favourite type of horror films absolutely HAS to be zombies! I love the trill of the chase, the hiding, the running, the killing…..every little girls dream! 

I can secretly fantasise I’m in the film, ducking and diving from zombie bites, finding somewhere to sleep, finding food, stealing cars to drive… it’s like a crazy ride at a theme park just waiting to happen. 

There are several types of zombies, some I find scarier than others to watch and some I would happily jump into the screen and take on!!!

You have your crazy fast zombies that come out at night, like in the Will Smith zombie film ‘I Am Legend’. I think these are the scariest of all zombies as they aren’t remotely human anymore. They’re like animals, climbing up buildings with super human strength and speed, ripping walls apart to find a scrap of food. You wouldn’t have a hope against these zombies so I’m happy to stay on this side of the screen!

You have your slower zombies, like in the tv show The Walking Dead. If you can run you have a really good chance of getting away, but what makes these zombies scary is when they are in herds. Thousands will come together, like a slow moving flesh eating army. If you come across one of these groups you have no hope, they would engulf you quicker than you can say ‘oh shit.’  The only way to kill this breed of zombie is a good old traditional stab through the brain. These are the zombies I would enjoying playing with.

There has been a new wave of zombie, in a film called ‘The girl with all the gifts’ they are zombie children that were born from zombie mothers. They apear human and right of mind, they can talk, learn and function normally. Until they smell human flesh and they turn into out of control zombies. It’s a different twist on your usual zombie. It has a modern feel and I really enjoyed the thought and idea behind it. 

What’s your favourite type of zombie? What’s your favourite zombie film! I would LOVE to hear in the comments below!!!

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  1. Scary movies? Meh…I can take ’em or leave ’em. The SO, on the other hand, lives for them. Especially the zombie flicks.

    He’s more partial to the slow zombie movies, but, then again, he’s a traditionalist when it comes to film.

    So what do we do when we watch a zombie flick? He jumps and squirms and holds on to me for dear life while the living dead are turning the living into more living dead…and I just giggle.

    Yea…actual giggles. Most of your horror pictures are over the top with the ‘worst-case scenario’ they’ve dreamed up, and I can’t help but see the absurdity of the situation.

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  2. Oooh yes I love me some zombie action too! TWD is a top TV pick for me, but in terms of films the one with Nicholas Hoult, Warm Bodies, offered something rather different to the usual zombie gore fest that I thought was actually quite watchable. x

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  3. Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead type slow zombies I could deal with… even Shawn of the Dead zombies, and Zombieland zombies I could cope with… I wouldn’t say I loved scary movies… but I’m ok with some things. Super strong/quick/intelligent/adaptable zombies… no thanks. Zombies are meant to be slow moving, groaning, dead things.. not zombie super heroes…

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  4. I wonder if zombies are a metaphor for the human condition. Infecting others by biting them with our insanity, which then spreads until the whole population is crazed and walking dead.

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  5. I like both. I have watched the tv show The Walking Dead and like that version of zombies. (Plus I have a friend who thinks that is the more “realistic” way zombies should walk versus the swift ones) But I am also conflicted because one of my favorite horror movies is 28 Days Later which contains runners. I think that way is interesting too just don’t tell my friend I said so. (Just kidding, haha!)

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  6. I hate horror movies and never watch them because most are demonic and I believe that stuff is real. The only exception I have are ZOMBIE MOVIES!! I dont know why but I LOVE zombie movies.They make me laugh, And like you, I can totally imagine myself in these movies, I really like the Resident Evil movies, 28 days of course, (I just started watching The Walking Dead), and one of my favorites is a movie from 2009 called Zombieland with Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson. If you havent seen that one you should watch it. You’d love it. The elite started making zombie movies because they see us that way….To them we are a mass of mindless useless eaters who are only dangerous in large mobbing groups.

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  7. 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later. Not so much a zombie film series, but the viral realism is what gets me. I’ve also started watching Z Nation; horror and comedy rolled into one.

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  8. I love zombie film/tv. Definitely a fan of The Walking Dead. I loved World War Z, the speed of them was insane. Also a fan of iZombie, love how they exist with the humans and they are so unaware. Pretty much a fan of anything zombie related 🙂

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  9. I love zombie movies and I’m not sure why. I usually get incredibly mad when I watch Walking Dead because of the inconsistency. Sometimes, one zombie gives a seasoned z-killer some trouble, other times, hundreds of zombies die without any effort.

    I’d say 28 Days Later would be up there for me. I also enjoyed the video game Dying Light. The gameplay is pretty much like a movie!

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  10. I love all of them; even the indi films. I think the ONLY movie I haven’t seen is Granny of the Dead lol. Some of my favorites are I am Legend (I am Omega) because the Zs learn and plot, The Girl With All The Gifts because the Zs win (the book was good too), and Shaun of The Dead and Zombieland because they are both just great. I hope there’s a Zombieland 2…

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