Being poorlie as a grown up sucks balls

Oh to be a child again, long gone are the days of snuggling in bed for 3 days watching tv, having my mum bring me flat lemonade and rich tea biscuits, sleeping and recovering until I’m better. Being poorlie as a grown up is crap, and takes twice as long to get better. 

When I am poorlie 9 times out of ten I don’t have time off work or have time in bed. One of my older friends told me the best thing about her kids getting older was when she was ill she could just give in and go to bed.

Roll on those days!!!

I’m an expert at throwing up while trying to make the kids lunch boxes to ship them off for the day so I can rest. Gross but true. 

Thankfully I have a few wonderful friends to do the school runs when I’m really bad so I get a few hours to rest.

But then comes the school holidays!! My poor mother is my god send, she helps out so much for me to work or spend the day with my head down the toilet. I couldn’t be without her! 

Currently the children are at my mums, and as I type this I am in bed having a lie in before a long day at work at 10.15, I’m eating double cream Oreos. The house is quiet and still, I’m warm and cozy under the covers and am actually starting to feel less fluey. Sometime having a big sleep and a few stress free hours alone makes all the difference.

So if your poorlie, as hard as it is, try and make sometime to rest and recuperate. Easier said than done I know but for your physical and mental health it’s so important. I need to listen to myself on this as I know it’s true!

Are you a work/mummy solider like me who need to chill the fuck out?! I’d love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. I feel ya!
    Sometimes a good nap makes everything better. I had a few cocktails one night and paid severely the next day. I actually think I might have ate something nasty as I was spewing so much, I couldn’t keep water down! Jess was at my side asking if I was ‘ok mummy?’ awful. I eventually begged David to take her to my mothers while I called in sick and napped the whole day. Felt better by 3pm but still iffy for days. Even left work soon after arriving on the Monday. Sometimes you just gotta say ‘fuck it’ and run back to your bed to hide from the world! Hope you feel better soon xx

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  2. I used to try to struggle through when I was sick. I’ve learned that I get well much more quickly if I do as you said, and just go back to bed and get more rest. Luckily for me, I don’t have kids to worry about. Take care, I hope you’re feeling better soon!

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  3. Being a single mum I have to just get on with it if I’m ill because I have no one else to babysit! Luckily my 3 year old is pretty good, she will usually amuse herself with toys and films while I try to stay awake on the sofa! Though I do get sneaky 10 min naps if she’s cuddled up with me watching a film as I can feel if she gets up so it wakes me up. What id give to be able to stay in bed and have chicken soup bought to me 😂

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    • Aw bless her!!! My partner is the most unsympathetic male in the world for being ill. He’s never gets sick so really doesn’t understand!! I once rang him sobbing I couldn’t look after the kids cos I was throwing up n he needed to come home from work, do you know what he said? He said ‘no you being ill isn’t a good enough reason for me to come home’ I could of killed him!!! He just doesn’t get it xxx

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  4. A few years ago I ran a horse therapy summer camp in the morning and went to the hospital for abdominal pain in the afternoon. I had emergency gall bladder surgery that evening. I had been putting off the doctor because of my camps. I definitely need to take this advice.

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  5. I don’t get sick. I’m the kind of employee that has to think of a sickness to call in so that I don’t miss out on three free days off before the turn off the fiscal calendar. Then gets an earful because the super knows damn well I wasn’t ill.
    Only because we don’t recognize “I’m so sick of this place and these people that if I don’t play hookie at least once, I’m going to quit” as actually being sick! 😂

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