Gay clubs, Disney songs and Jäger bombs

Omg two days no blogging?!? Don’t worry I’m still alive, just! But we definitly need a catch up!

Holy hell im hung over. I have never, in my entire life, felt this shockingly awful. I feel sick, shakey, bruised and generally like I’m dying. 

It was worth every second. 

I have had one of the best weekends of my life. My friends and I went to Brighton for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We went shopping and had the best burger in the world for (very late) lunch, the shops were amazing I could of looked round them all day long. The people and the vibe of the whole place was awesome! 

We went back to the hotel rooms to get dolled up, drinking shimmery Prosecco and jäger bombs then headed back into town. We met my brother and his girlfriend for a drink and a chat which was lovely. Four pitchers of cocktails later we were off to a drag Karaoke bar. One of my friends sang to me which nearly had me in tears, she was so nervous and so brave it made my night!! It was out of her comfort zone she was spectacular. 

We then when onto another little drag bar, where I think I chatted to every single person in there! Everyone was so friendly and fun the atmosphere was on fire. The last stop of the night was at a huge gay club on the sea front. Everyone was outrageous and hilarious. My friend got two guys who are into musically theatre to sing ‘a whole new world’ from Aladdin to me! 

I accidentally flashed my arse in the toilets to a huge queue of people, that was not so fun but still hilarious! 

I met a guy I recognised from YouTube, he was as bitchy from hell but had me bent over laughing. 

I got told I don’t look a day over 21 multiple times, all lies but still I drank it up.

A gay guy humped me, violently!! 

Over all I am itching to do it again, hang over and all!!! I love my friends, they made it so unbelievably special and I felt like a princess. I felt loved.

What I am incredibly proud of, which I must share with your lovely people, is…. for the first time in my life I stopped drinking when I realised I was very drunk. 


I was at the bar, ready to get another shot and a double vodka red bull, and I thought ‘hmmm you’ve had a great night, your really drunk, but your not a mess yet, get a water’

And I fucking did!!!

I actually managed to stop drinking and control myself. That has honestly never happened. I normally drink to the point I can’t string a sentence together and can’t remember a thing. But I could walk, I could talk, I could see where I was going, I remember everything! Is this what growing up is?!?!

To top it all off my other half had a lovely time with the kids and that really put me at ease.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and blogging business is back to normal!

Lots of love and happy hugs

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

X X X X X 



  1. OMG.!! I LOVE Brighton… I LOVE the nightlife… it’s been a long time since I was there, but what a fabulous few nights I had, dancing and singing, and getting wrecked with gay guys, and dry humping a particularly hot one I fancied the ass off of… alas, his boyfriend was damn fine too… but they weren’t up for a threesome.. and my friend wasn’t up for a foursome… 😦 Pink Musketeers, made with vodka and feather boas and leather jeans were all the rage, and for a young woman let loose to get as stinking drunk as she pleased it was heaven. I so want to go back there for a weekend of re-living my younger years. 😀 We should meet up.!

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  2. The post we have all been waiting for! What a blessing going out and having fun is :):) Kudos for you for realizing it was time for water LOL I wish I could say I was that smart. The drunk me will win every time, and I’d have had another shot lol So happy you had a nice relaxing, FUN night out!! 🙂

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