The excitement is real

Ahhhh the beauty of bipolar, I love the feeling when you start going up, I woke up today feeling far less anxious and ready for my weekend of girlie fun! After my post yesterday ‘Night out’ insecurities  you lovely people left me some fabulous comments that helped slap me back into my confident bubbly self. I’m one day closer to going the excitement has really kicked in. It’s going to be amazing, I’m going to look gorgeous, I’m going to have fun. 

It’s a big deal for me having a girlie weekend, I NEVER do things like this any more. Everytime I’ve started planning a night away either the panic has taken over, something has come up money wise, I’ve chicken out or fallen pregnant lol. Thank goodness none of these things happened and it’s all going to plan!! I’m really proud of myself actually for jumping out my comfort zone and diving into something I would of done years ago before I ballooned. 

My dress/shoes/bag/suck in pants are ready, my hair is freshly highlighted, my nails and eyebrows are done, I’m good to go!!! 

This is all I have thought about all day, therefore, you get to hear about it! I promise after this weekend I’ll have other things to write about.

Like being hungover 

The kids being off school

Having tonnes of work on

Fun things like that! 


The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. Keep facing those fears! I know first hand what it’s like to have those anxieties and fears. Here’s a quote I came up with today to help motivate myself to step outside my own comfort zone and go after something I’ve been putting off out of fear.

    “Fear is the expression of all that endeavors to subdue. To be free, we must be dauntless.” -billie marie

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  2. The last time I strutted my funky stuff (ermm… 2004, I think), I was the biggest girl among my group of ‘friends’, and gave not one single fuck that I was the only one dancing (riding the ripples) to the heavy bass beat. I got bought 2 beers by a complete stranger, who told me I looked gorgeous, and thanked me for being there. It was a memorable night for me, and my husband had a blue fit when he was told by the husbands of some of the women I had been there with, which really made my day. 😀

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