Martina Big is f*cking insane *must see pics*

My friend shared this story with me earlier and i was so mystified I just had to share it with you lovely people!! Martina Big is a white woman from America, know for her giant boobs. Fairly recently there has been a big online boom about her latest transformation….she has decided she wants to be black.

Yes you read that correctly…she wants to be black

This insane woman has spent £50,00 on infections to deepen her skin. I don’t mean to be rude but have you ever heard of anything so ridiculous?! She looks like she’s painted herself black!!

She started off with a tanning obsession before she had the ‘realisation’ that inside she’s a black woman?!

Apparently her husband 100% supports this decision and has had a few injections himself as he likes to ‘tan’ as well.

I’m pretty speechless over this I have to say, needless to say she has offended thousands of people who are being quite vocal about it online. 

I am literally begging you, please comment below and let me know what you think of this?! Are you offended? Are you in stitches laughing? Or do you not care in the slightest?!

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  1. Well…. **sigh**… the woman is obviously mentally ill, but as long as she’s not hurting anyone else…

    And by hurt, I mean physical hurt… I don’t consider someone being “offended” as hurt.

    But she’s opened herself to a lot of attention and ridicule…

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  2. Humans are the most screwed up species on the planet. I was just in a store waiting in line looking at human bodies. All their senses stuffed into the heads, brains, eyes, ears, mouth, nose and then this big body that guides their sensory organ (head) all over the place. Funny creatures. Glad I’m not one.
    If she wants to make her body into a carnival attraction…whateverrrrr floats her boobs. I wouldn’t want to carry that around.

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  3. I think it’s quite sad, that someone would have such little confidence in who they are and what they look like, that they feel the need to augment their body to the extreme. It can’t be comfortable for her having huge breasts, it must play hell on her lower back. And all the black skin injections have done is made her look like a very bad copy of a plastic doll. Just because she tells people she’s happy doesn’t mean she really is.

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  4. Those breasts must be a nightmare for her, she can smile all she wants but her back must be killing her and trying to get comfortable when sleeping must be near impossible lol. As for the injections I honestly don’t know what to say, she doesn’t look like a black person she looks like she is melting.

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