Bitchiness in the playground- guilty by association *drama*

The school playground is like a jungle, except instead of animals, we have mums. I have touched on the subject of mums before (The annoying thing about ‘perfect’ mums (rant)) but there is one situation that keeps happening and it makes me so nervous I want to shit myself. There are several mums in my youngest child’s class that don’t get on. Either they were friends and fell or or they just don’t like each other.

There is one mum in particular that to look at you would not think she’s as ‘feisty’ as she is. She small and well put together, and appeared to keep herself to herself. But everytime she has got me on my own she wanted to bitch about the other mums. I don’t play that game, I don’t want to be involved, I don’t want to be guilty through association. I have no issues with any of the mums and I don’t want to start now. I got through the whole year with zero drama and with 3 days left of term I’m not having it fucked up now!!! 

I learnt my lesson after getting involved with mums when my daughter started school it’s not worth the drama. 

What was horrific about this morning, was she wasn’t just slagging off the mums, she was slagging off the KIDS. This one child in particular, who’s mum is someone you do not want to mess with. At the top of her voice saying what a horrible boy he is, mums are walking around us, his mum could turn up at any moment. I thought I was going to have a panic attack!!! I’m not overly fond of the little boy she was talking about as he he has upset my son quite a few times but I’m not stupid enough to shout about it in the playground where anyone could hear. If I heard some one slagging of my kids I’d go mad!

Nothing wrong with a bit of innocent gossip at the right time and place but this was not gossip, nor was it the right time or place. It also wasn’t innocent come to think of it!!! 

Have you delt with any issues similar to this?! Playground drama sucks the life out of me! 

Rant over

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  1. Oh my! I have been here before…a mum complaining and well, bitching about a boy in my son’s Grade. This boy was initially in my son’s class (at 6 years; they’re now 10), but as they got to higher classes they moved classes. There’s only two classes per grade. Most parents voiced out their dislike of the boy’s overall behaviour and didn’t want their children playing with him.
    So, I eventually asked one mum “have you taken the time to interact with this child or his mum?”. She did not like that very much, because after that day she (and a few other mums) either went the opposite way or looked for some invisible insect around her whenever we were in the same vicinity..and oh yes, she either ignored my “hellos” or her ears turned my voice on mute 🙂

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  2. Yeah I don’t like the drama, my nerves can’t take it. What I do, not that it’s the best, but I found after once or twice, folks don’t try to drag me in. When gossiping mom starts, I start looking for the person she is gossiping about, call them over loudly and tell them gossiping mom has something she needs to talk to them about. :):) Exit stage left 🙂

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  3. ok so let me get this straight that mom was bitching loudly about the school bully and his enabling mom and your solution is to throw your hands in the air and admit hes bullied your kid too? sounds like the administration needs its head examined and so does the cult of mom! say you want none of this drama then go post about it in a public place on the internet, yo if someone is bulling your kids and nothing is being done about the person because his mom is not someone to be messed with! Fuck give me a large enough sum of money I’ll show you parents that refuse to stop a behavior pattern from society not just the school board as whole to stop! No one is untouchable especially the rich cowardly families! Gossip is retarded period so kudos for this but by this read your kid has bigger problems than parents who dont do anything and expect a small child to be able to put up with a Nazi like this other kids mom raised!

    you know what you get with parenting like that, angry men like me who dont give a flying fuck about most humans!

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