Business is booming and I’m sh*t with money!

I have made a killing today. Back to back work alllllllll day, lots of extra jobs squeezed in last minute, it’s been fantastic. Tomorrow is looking to be the same way. Why can’t it be like this all the time? Our money problems would melt away if I could even have 3 days a week like today. I love being self employed but bringing in new business all the time is difficult in today’s climate to say the least. Its even harder to find true regulars that will stay no matter what is going on financially in their lives.

I LOVE what I do and I LOVE my customers, I still feel so blessed doing something I love which such sweet people. But when it’s quiet and there’s not much work on it’s difficult and I find it so stressful. After today my bills next month are paid for so I can breath a sign of relief. Tomorrow will be great too. I just have to be really careful I don’t blow it all. Which seems to be a reoccurring issue. As soon as I get a wad of cash I am compelled to spend it. I NEED to stop doing this. I have zero savings and NEED to start planning better for when work is quiet. I have my cash tin and I must leave it alone. I need to pretend I’m skint and live like I would when I have very little money. But it’s so hard, as soon as I get ahead something will come up and I’m back to square one. 

Summer is always good for business, and when ever I think I’m fucked that week for money people pop up and suddenly I’m sorted. It’s not a great thing for my bipolar worry mind but when things are good they’re GREAT. 

So overall, today has been good, so will tomorrow, I pray the work keeps coming.

Ps the pic is the beautiful sky from my house, my first ‘real life’ pic on this blog! Feeling brave!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Its so easy for “SAVERS” to say saving is easy! Money burns holes in my pocket. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to be able to save £100’s of pounds but every time I get any extra money I treat the kids splurge on shopping so we have nice things in. So if you ever find a way to save … please please let me know coz I can’t find any tips and tricks to curb by spending xx

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  2. Glad your business is thriving. I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I’ve found that the Bible actually offers some great advice on how to manage money. Here are some articles you may find helpful.

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  3. Saving is for fools!

    Kidding. Get saving young lady! Just put it in a savings account as soon as you can! For me, it’s painful to dip into savings and watch it dwindle….she says after buying Jess 3 new pairs of shoes in a week. But one pair are unicorns!!! Actual shoes with a unicorn horn!!!!!

    But, yes, nonsense spending aside, get saving woman. Just put it away an envisage your goal £X and every time you think of buying useless pish like unicorn shoes you’ll see your goal burning. At least my kid looks awesome!

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  4. Great pic man – as long as your happy and bills are paid keep doing what you love. Life has a unique way of rewarding us with things we deserve when we do what we love and share our gifts with the world. Keep at it!

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