The biggest mistakes I used to make with boys when I was a teenager (be prepared to cringe)

This is not going to be my proudest post. In fact it will probably make me look like a crazy psycho, then again weren’t we all a bit nuts as teenagers?! I hope you can all appreciate how embarrassing this post is for me, but as you all bring me so much joy I thought you all deserved a giggle at my expense. Your welcome.

The obsession was real

Dear lord I was boy obsessed, my only goal in life was to have a boyfriend and once I decided who that ‘lucky’ boy was they became that months obsession. I would talk of nothing but my love for said boy, how cute he was, how perfect he seemed, and that we were going to make beautiful babies. My diary would be filled with love poems, teenage angst and their initials…everywhere. I couldn’t commit even a single brain cell to any other topic or thought, even if this boy didn’t know I existed they were my everything.

Clingy clingy clingy

God this topic makes me cringe, I was so so so clingy. So clingy. I can not stress enough…soooooo clingy!

Me: Hey babe how yours day?

Me: Hey babe why are you not replying?

Me: Hey babe guessing your busy or asleep?

Me: Hey babe what you up to?

Me: Hey babe why are you ignoring me? 

Me: hey babe I really love you maybe we should go on holiday together? 

Him: you literally sent me 6 messages in less than a minute.

I would suffocate them and squeeze every inch of breath and life out of them. I was like a giant scary limpet snake, wrapping myself around them and trying to intertwine in every aspect of their life. 

Ignoring the warning signs

I look back and kick myself for this one. I would ignore every single warning sign. I really do mean, every warning sign. They could be nasty, rude, manipulative, constantly lying…and I would ignore it all!! Because they were either cute or cool or both, and that is what I would focus on instead of me seeing their flaws and awful personalities. I would just see a boy I felt was well out of my league. Therefore the bad was ignored. *shakes head*

Choosing the bad boy over the nice guy

I loved a bad boy, the more trouble they got in the more I wanted them. Time and time again I would choose the bad boy that was no good for me, wouldn’t treat me well, and overall was not the right one for me. I would never choose the nice guy that adored me and would of really looked after me and loved me forever. The nicer they were, the quicker I got bored. The boys that were either using me for sex or saw me as someone to kill time with were the ones I was after. Looking back I hate that I made such bad choices! But this point is quite tricky as the man I’m with now I’ve been with since I was 19. He was the baddest of all the boys but it turns out there was a good man in him waiting to come out. He’s still no angel and he drives me fucking crazy but we have two beautiful children and a lovely life together. I thought I’d muck about with the bad boys and end up with a nice guy, turns out i ended up with both ❤️

I would love to hear your crazy teenage love stories in the comments below!! Please please make me feel less embarrassed about posting this!

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  1. Luckily I was that age LONG before iPhones and the internet. The 60’s. A girl like you wouldn’t have even given me a glance. Would not have registered on your radar. But I would have given my right arm if some girl liked me that much!! Oh well, maybe next time around, eh?

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  2. Thank you for sharing! My problem with love as a teenager was that I was way too desperate for it. I threw myself at anyone who showed any interest in me what so ever, and as a result I ended up dating both good boys and bad boys. Some of them were even good boys that seemed like bad boys, and others were bad boys who looked like they were good. I was also super clingy, always calling and leaving notes (my parents wouldn’t let me have a cell phone, or I’m sure I would have texted non-stop as well.)

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  3. From 10 to 12 years old I was ‘in love’ with a guy. I would write on the road to his house, his name in big letters with chalk… Like for a while… We were friends so I would try to be the coolest and I even ate acacia leaves to get his attention lol I wrote him letters if course. We lived 20 meters away from each other.

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  4. I was a bit of a raver in my youth, but not the boy-obsessed kind. I liked older men, the more experienced, the better. I had boyfriends, but they were the cute, sweet, treat me like a princess variety, that didn’t last long. My stepmother used to vet every lad I ever took home.. so most were scared away. 😀

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  5. Totally relate to this. In fact I’m currently writing a young adult novel based around teenage love obsession, which may or may not be inspired by true life events 😉

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