What an amazing birthday

Today was my 30th birthday, a day I was dreading, but you know what? I’ve had the most wonderful day. It might not sound the most exciting but to me it was perfect.

My other half had the day off work, we took the kids to school then went out for breakfast. We then went to a local Jewlers to discuss engagement rings (EKKKKK OMG!!) that was so much fun, he’s going to design a few and get back to us. It also turns out the big chain Jewlers we had gone to had gotten my ring size wrong, they said I was 4 ring sizes bigger than I actually am!! Can you imagine if we would of listened to them?! He told us I would of lost it within a week, it would of fallen right off. 

We then went into town to get a new phone case for my new phone and looked at a few more rings. After that we went home for a quick cuppa before going up the school for our daughters sports day. After picking up the kids we went out for a lovely meal, with pudding of course. Then my in laws dropped my birthday stuff off and bought a beautiful salted caramel birthday cake. 

This weekend there’s a barbecue at my Parents with all my family, then the week after that I’m going away with my girls for a night. I feel so spoilt, I got some beautiful presents too I couldn’t be happier. 

I thought today I might feel a bit teary about turning 30, most of my friends cried on their 30th, and you know what I could cry….out of happiness. I feel so blessed for everything I have and everyone one I have in my life. I think my 30’s are going to the best years of my life and I can’t wait for them to begin.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Happy Birthday.! Lovely to read that you had a wonderful day. It is exactly what I would have wished for you. 🙂 Beautiful presents, a gorgeous cake, and your lovely family around you (and browsing through jeweller’s, checking out engagement rings… fantastic way to spend the day.!). xx

    I had a mid-life crisis at 30, that started on my birthday, I definitely don’t wish that for you.

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    • Thank you so much Hun!! I think I had one a few months ago about it all, I think it was mainly where we had no life plans or goals it petrified me. But now the balls rolling, the dents getting sorted, were getting engaged…. theres a light at the end of the tunnel xxxx

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  2. I’ve never been one to get upset over turning X. I was actually excited when I found my first grey hair and my crow’s feet.

    Granted, I’m less thrilled to see quite so many waving at me these days… but honestly, the signs of aging has never upset me to the degree most of the people around me seem to be bothered. My weight, on the other hand, used to bother me a lot.

    I am SO thrilled that you had such a wonderful time on this milestone birthday! And also… Happy Birthday!

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  3. I am so happy that you had such a nice birthday!! I was worried about my 30th, but it came and went and I am still here. I turn 35 this year, that one is kinda like “whoa” to me too, though because its closer to 40 than I want to be!! Happy birthday!!

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  4. I just turned thirty on Tuesday. I spent my day completely differently than you (I don’t have kids or a fiancé) but it was a very special day and to some it may have sounded boring. But I loved it and am also very excited for theory and feeling so blessed!

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