30 things I have learnt in 30 years, my words of wisdom of my birthday 

Well well well today I am officially 30! After all my bitching and moaning I’m fully ready to embrace this next chapter of my life. I have been working on this post for the last few months, I’ve put a lot of thought into the points I’ve come up with. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.
1.Don’t judge people if you have not walked in their shoes

2.Money isn’t everything

3.How much you weigh isn’t everything

4.Your perfect man will not tick every box on your list

5.Life happens while your making plans

6.Love isn’t a fairy tale 

7.Make short term and long term goals for yourself to keep you motivated, otherwise you could just drift through life

8.Holidays are bloody expensive 

9.Gossip can get you in trouble

10.Be kind, you have no idea what someone might be going through

11.Paying bills sucks 

12.Children are gods gifts, my two monsters have made mine worth living

13.Thinking before you speak 

14.Enjoy the little moments 

15.Try new recipes 

16.Self acceptance is key 

17.Romance is not just flowers 

18.Admitting when your wrong

19.Listen to the warning bells and trust your gut

20.Respect your body 

21.Pay a hairdresser to do your hair, it’s not worth destroying it to the point you can’t dye it for a year (yes I’ve been there!!)

22.Don’t shop online when your half asleep 

23.Really think about big purchases before you jump in 

24.Love is about give and take 

25.Sex gets better as you get older

26.Keep on top of your house work, it’s easier doing a little bit every day rather than a whole weekend trying to get it all done

27.Kids make mess, accept it and move on

28.You can’t force people to make good choices, just be there for them when it blows up in their face

29.Go out of your way to help others

30.Push yourself outside of your comfort zone, even if it doesn’t workout it’s still a memory and a story to tell

Have a lovely day!!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

(I am 100% officially now 30!)

X X X X X 



  1. #25… it does.? Could you maybe have a quiet word with my other half.? He seems to have missed the memo. 😉

    It was my (sort-of) step-son’s birthday today too. He’s made it to 11.! And in celebration of that amazing feat of survival his Papa took him to see the latest PotC movie, then dinner at Maccy D’s. What’s even more miraculous is that his sister made it to 12 last month. I know I was surprised. 😀

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  2. Happy Birthday! I will be 20 next Friday. I love your blog! I don’t know you, but I admire your blog and all that you have accomplished. That may not mean much coming from me, but I just thought you should know.

    Liked by 1 person

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