Actresses you never knew were over 50….

This post was born when I saw the ‘new film release’ on sky (which is a tv channel box) stated Halle Berry as a stripper. My first thought was hmm not today, my second thought was I wonder how old she is. (This is not me ‘age shaming’as at her age she looks better than I do at (nearly) 30!!! Btw it’s my birthday tomorrow folks! Get the flowers ready!) but what shocked me to my core was find out she was 50 years old!! 50!! And yes I realise these woman have more than likely had Botox, fillers or even surgery but regardless they look amazing. I know people in real life that have had similar work done and they don’t look as young as these stars. After realising Halle Berrys age she I started looking into more celebrities, my mind was blow. 

Next up on my list is Sandra bullock, she is 52 years old!! There are no words.

Then we have Jullian Moore who is 56 years old! Jullian has definitely had work done, but wow you would never think she nearly 60.

Marisa tomei is 52 years old.

Julie Anna margulies was 50 this year.

Elizabeth Hurley is 51.

Were you surprised by any of these ladies ages? I’d love to hear in the comments below! I’m also thinking of making a male celebrity’s over 50, let me know if this would be of interest.

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  1. Bring on the hot, sexy 50+ men… celebrity or not, I’m not fussy… My partner is 50 in November… and looks easily 10 years younger (git.!). I tell him it must be all the beer, pickling his insides that keeps him looking young. 😀 Sandra Bullock is lovely, I’ve always liked her as an actress.

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  2. Wait til you are in your 50s then you’ll think, wow I used to think 50 was OLD!! I’ll be 59 this year and it’s mind-blowing to me when I realize that, I haven’t had any work done! Happy Birthday to you…hope your day is special tomorrow!! 🙂

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  3. Part of me is like “Go ladies” for still working especially in beautiful roles at this age in an absolutely brutal industry. Part of me is well no fucking shit they still look great. Not only do they have access to all the latest medical procedures for youth but they are also digitally remastered to look young in every picture and film they are in. I’d like to see women over 50 + that look 50, 60, 70 in leading roles. It happens every once in a while but these unrealistic expectations are the norm over natural beauty at any age. I say Way to Go Diane Keaton.

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