My favourite apps to kill time (I need new ones please comment!!)

I love reading about other people’s favourite apps and games they like to play to kill time. Playing on my phone really chills me out, I actually should of added this to my Q&A answer of what I do to relax and switch off. This post isn’t sponsored (not that there is anything wrong with that to read more click Affiliate codes, sponsorships and morals) I just thought it would be fun to share our favourites to give me new ideas for games and puzzles!! This post is for selfish reasons clearly. 

I’m not going to include Facebook or Instagram, I do use them but I’m not on them daily anymore. I’m kind of over them to be honest. I am obsessed with YouTube so that will more than likely get its own post!!!

1. WordPress

This was clearly first on my list, I LOVE the WordPress app! Whenever I get a blog post idea I can quickly add it to my drafts. If I’m waiting for the kids to come out of school I can reply to comments or catch up on my fav blogs. It’s easy to use and convenient as I don’t always have time to get the laptop out and also it means I can add things to posts I am still creating as and when I think of them. 

2. Jigsaw bug

I am a freak for jigsaw puzzles, in real life as well as on my phone. But similar to ‘getting the laptop out’ issue I don’t have the time to sit and do a big puzzle all in one go. I have tried dozens of jigsaw apps but I’m really fussy with the lay out and picture options. What I love about this app is that the puzzle pieces are down the right hand size of the screen and you can scroll through them. Other puzzle apps I tried had all the pieces in one pile in the middle of the screen, I can’t stand puzzle apps that do that they get right in the way and it makes it harder to find the bits your looking for. 

3. Hooked 

I was a bit naughty getting this as you do have to pay a month subscription for unlimited stories (don’t tell Mr Secret Blog he thinks it’s free!!) but I really am hooked. It’s basically scary/dramatic stories but you read in as if it’s a text conversation. I saw an advert a while ago and thought I must have it!! It’s so addictive, I warn you now, when I start reading a text story it’s on my mind until I finish it. It has convos with lots of different people so you can create the scenes in your head and get a feel for the characters and what’s going on. If you feel like splurging, I recommend it. 

4. Sudoku 

Another nerdy game I just love to play, if I want to play without thinking too much I’ll go on the easy setting, they are quite straight forward and you don’t have to take notes or anything. If I’m feeling like challenging myself I’ll go on the hard setting, this will definitely require note taking and a lot more thought. I can get lost in this for ages I find it really distracting if I’m stressed, which helps me chill. 

Please please please comment below what games you like to play on your phone, or apps that’s are entertaining. I will try out every suggestion as I’m getting a teeny tiny bit bored of my current favourites!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. Have you tried Home Designer? Someone mentioned it and I checked it out. It’s kinda neat and it easily wasted half hour of my time :-). I’m going to check out hooked!

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  2. I downloaded WordConnect last week and spend way too long playing it while I nurse my son in the middle of the night! It makes me feel like my brain isn’t turning to mush at least 🙂

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  3. I was addicted to Flow Free. A puzzle game where you have to connect the same coloured dots to fill the board. It gets harder and harder, and you really have to be able to figure out how to connect the dots before you start, once you get to the higher levels. I loved that. I also liked Word IQ, where you’re shown 4 pictures, and have to guess the connecting word. Some were really bizarre.

    I’m a bit of a city-building/farming gamer, and am currently addicted to Township and Zombie Castaways. I never pay to play, so it takes a little time to get some of the tools and equipment necessary to move forward, but there’s always something to keep me occupied.

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  4. I usually read ebooks on my mobile phone these days so I don’t have the opportunity that much.

    I like to surf the web using StumbleUpon. While it’s hit or miss, it can surprise you from time to time.

    As for games, I normally play online chess and sometimes Hayday

    Word games apps are also great.

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