Affiliate codes, sponsorship and morals 

This is the hot topic right now on YouTube, there is big controversy with affiliate codes and sponsored videos. As well as people not being honest about being paid to promote products. This also applies to blogs.

I have no issues whatsoever with affiliate codes or sponsorships, I think it’s an amazing way to make money doing what you love, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you stick to your morals.

Before this blog I had a beauty blog, it cost me a fortune trying to keep up with the latest makeup to review. If I was sent anything for free it really helped me out. Anything I earnt went right back into the products to review. I turned down far more offers than I took, because I have morals. I would not sell my soul for makeup. I pride myself on being honest and real in everything I do, if I wasn’t happy with a product, I would say. Even if i burnt bridges with whatever PR person I had been working with, I stayed true to myself. Funnily enough I abandoned that blog to follow my heart with this one. (Beauty blogging destroyed my love of makeup (what I have learnt))

I recently received an email regarding my old blog, it actually made me laugh so much I thought I’d write about it! My old blog was about makeup skincare and beauty, so it had a very tight structured theme, which I stuck to. This email was from a Swedish company, they raved about how ‘fabulous’ my blog was and how we could be ‘special partners’ working together. They offered me an affiliate code to share with my followers, which I would earn 10% off of every order that was placed using my code. 10% is quite generous for a first code, I was quite suprised. When I clicked on their website, I expected to see makeup or skin care or pretty much ANYTHING beauty related.

It was Swedish fresh food and blankets!

How on earth does that have anything to do with my beauty blog?! Even if I still used that blog I would never share that code. It would be screamingly obvious to everyone that reads my blog that I was only doing it to try and make money. I wouldn’t be doing it to share my love of Swedish food!! I have never even tried Swedish food or blankets, let alone love them enough to share that fact with the world. They didn’t even offer to send me anything to try and see if I liked their products.

Even if it was a beauty code at this point I wouldn’t use it, I’ve not used that blog for months as my heart just isn’t in it any more. Therefore I wouldn’t even concider putting a code up after months of silence.

Where this blog is so random, I can’t see myself getting free products or sponsored posts, but then again you never know where things can go. I can promise you now you if any opportunity came up I would only consider if it was something I would actually use/but/read/shop from etc. You defiantly won’t be seeing codes for fresh Swedish foods and blankets that’s I’ve not even heard of!!

Like I said at the beginning, there is nothing wrong with making the most of  opportunities you just have to stick with your guns and keep it real, genuine and honest. Be yourself and don’t let a pretty penny sway you.

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old




    • Lol if I was still into beauty blogging and they were beauty related I would of done, but there really would of been noway to link the products to what I did that would of made me feel comfortable lol. If it was for this blog I might of tried the blankets but probably would of felt a bit ‘sell out’ if you know what I mean. I do love blankets though 😂 even in the summer I always have a blanket on me xxx

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  1. As long as they’re up front about it, I don’t mind… unless it interferes with site navigation or reading posts or something. I despise… adwords, I think it is, where it turns certain words into hyperlinks? When I touch my screen to scroll, it keeps clicking them :-/

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  2. I don’t make any money off my blog, none of my links are affiliate links, but even still, I make it clear that they aren’t affiliated with me in any way. Because it’s just so common now, I’ve just begun to assume all links are affiliated, unless clearly marked, lol. Nothing to get upset over, then! 😉

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  3. Great post. Completely agree. Affiliate coding is great to help top up any wage you already have, and helps smaller businesses (which I prefer) to get their products a foothold in the current market, if it’s something you have used, like and are happy to promote. I’d love to have enough followers on my blog, to find out what products I’d be asked to sample… hahahahahahaha.! I can only imagine… hahahahahahahahaha,! If it happens you’ll be the first to know. 😀

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  4. This is something that I have wrestled with. I’ve been offered freebies in return for favourable reviews and I’ve turned them all down. I think more of my readers then that and frankly, when I come across stuff that is so blatantly biased I just click that cross in the top right hand corner!

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    • It is soooo hard making those decisions. If I was offered anything (through my old beauty blog) and there was a condition that meant I had to give it a positive review I would turn it down too. You should be allowed to say what you want and they should be confident enough in their product to give you free rein. I can’t understand the people that say yes to a positive review just for the sake of a free product, as I used to say I will not sell my soul for free makeup xxx


  5. I agree. I applied for some affiliate links because I LOVE their products. To me it is the same as when I invest in the stock market. I only buy shares of companies and products I believe in. If I do well so do they and vise versa.

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