Sometime you think f*ck the house work

Here in the U.K. It is bloody boiling, but it’s not that nice dry heat you get on holiday. It’s muggy and thick and sweaty.

This morning I was meant to be blitzing the house, so it’s ready to trash over the weekend! I put a load of washing on, got the dishwasher on, startied tidying the kitchen… then all of my energy and determination disappeared. I thought fuck it I’m going to take a few hours to myself.

It was glorious.

I wrote about my Lesbian experience  sitting in the sun with a juice and a smoke. Kids at school, man at work, just me, the cat and my lesbian story happy as happy can be.

I then ate a mars bar, which was really good.

I then ate another mars bar which was also really good.

I then decided to pamper myself. I tinted and waxed  my eyebrows to perfection.

I gave myself a beautiful pale pink with holographic glitter ombré gel manicure.

I then tinted my eyelashes WITHOUT getting tint in my eye.

I then watched eastenders and ate a sandwich.

Over all it was just fabulous and I’m rather chilled now, think I needed just to slow down and unwind.

What you’ve all been up to today?

Let’s have a chat in the comments below!!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old




  1. I’ve been cleaning the house and studying all day. My daughter has a friend coming over to stay the night shortly. I’m happy for her but I hate this last minute stuff and then I don’t feel prepared. I don’t know why I feel I have to clean the house for her sleepover, she doesn’t care at all. But I do lol.

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  2. Don’t think it’s socially acceptable to call them “fags” anymore.. I think the term you’re looking for is “Tits” – tobacco infused tension session. As I’m sure a representative of the non-binary, non-identififying sexual orientation, male homosexual , somewhere in America will take offense and request you call them something else for fear of hurting his feelings and now needing a safe place and puppy to cuddle . Alas… I digress.

    Happy weekend,

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  3. Oh.! You’re so mean…. not just one Mars bar you torment me with, but TWO.!! And I bet you sat there, sighing blissfully while chocolate melted and caramel oozed around in your mouth. I haven’t even looked at a Mars bar in SEVEN years… seriously. I want Mars bars.!! 😦

    Housework.? What’s housework.?! 😀

    If I tried to tint, wax or style my eyebrows, I’d be blind. Talk of cack-handed. I can barely manage to pluck the damn things into something resembling a fine arch. I laughed so hard at ‘fag’. I didn’t realise anyone still called them that, after all the political correctness BS we’ve had shoved down our throats. You go, girl.! I used to smoke… much to my ex-‘s disgust, but my OCD kicked in big time back in 2005, and I wouldn’t put my mouth anywhere near one. Love the glittery nail polish. I have black with rainbow glitter. ❤

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    • lol I know it was naughty and lovely!!

      I honestly didn’t even think of anyone reaction to the word fag for cigarettes as where I live EVERYONE calls them that?!?! I don’t even link it to the offensive use of the word cos I’ve always heard fag for cigarettes, and would never dream of using it in the offensive way, I’ve also never heard it used in the offensive way, first hand I mean xxx

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  4. I love how you took care of yourself. Today I took a nice walk while visiting my mom in Wisconsin, then when all the siblings, with their big personalities and noisy children came over, I got overwhelmed, burst into tears and retreated to my bedroom. They understand. And it’s okay for me to take care of myself too.

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  5. Just wanted to take a second to appreciate you, and the Divine timing of not only your post itself, but on my happening upon it just when I did…

    My husband had asked me to wash a pair of shorts for him to wear this weekend, and I’d completely forgotten about it. After reading your post, I looked around and thought, ‘what *have* I done today?’ (‘Not much at all’ was the unapologetic answer, in case you were wondering, lol) Suddenly, I remembered the laundry.

    Everything is *always* working out for me, and everyone around me AND OUR DIVINE TIMING BENEFITS MANY AT ONCE.

    Thank you, for adding the next key element to my daily mantra ❤

    Namaste & Blessed be!

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  6. I love this. I have had to learn that there are more important things than a clean house. A day in an empty house sounds glorious. I just got home from work and I’m catching up on blog reading. As demonstrated by this belated reply.

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  7. I would love to be really indulgent occasionally and think it would do me good. My husband works from home so often I feel the need to ‘make myself busy’ with housework when the kids are at school, silly really…

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