Lesbian experience 

This weeks ‘theme’ on my blog appears to be ‘things I never talk about in real life!’ I was reminded of this experience the other week I thought I’d share the story with you all.

I’ve always been into boys, I was boy CRAZY until I settled down, I don’t think the all girls secondary school I went to helped at all. Boys were beautiful and mystical I found them fascinating. I’ve never fancied a girl or wanted to be with a girl, I can appreciate if a girl is good looking but apart from that I’ve been boys all the way. I once heard the saying ‘strictly dickly’ which I thought was quite funny. 

When I was 16 I was at college. I had a little group of friends that were boys and girls. There was one girl, let’s call her Betty. Betty and I did not get on, we both liked being the centre of attention and we were both incredibly loud. So we did butt heads a lot. I remember there was a either big party or a gig going on, I can’t remember which. As she lived quite a way away I reluctantly said she could stay at my house after. Although she got on my nerves I still would of considered her as a friend of sorts.

We went to the party/gig got pretty drunk and had an awesome time. When we got back to mine at god knows what time we had sobered up as it was a long walk then a train ride then another long walk. We got our nighties on and got into my double bed.

I remembered we were laying opposite each other, chatting and giggling anout the night, and from NOWHERE we started kissing. It was exactly the same as if it would of been with a guy, there wasn’t any ‘oh I’ve never been with a girl *giggle giggle* let’s try it.’ It just naturally happened, that’s the only way I can describe it!! One thing led to another and we pretty much did everything to each other.

I had sex with a girl!!!!

Afterward I think we were both in shock, neither of us expected it and neither of us had ever done that before. After being silent for a while we burst out laughing, neither of us could believe what had happened!

The months afterwards at college we carried on like we had before, bickering and competing for the top spot in the group. Every now and then we’d have a laugh about what happened but we never told anyone it was like our secret joke. We both just found it shocking and crazy that it happened.

Overall I have to say it was one of the most spontaneous, sexiest, most erotic experiences I’ve ever had. It was so different to being with a man, its hard to explain. I never slept with a girl again, I’ve never had the desire to, the situation never happened again, but I’m not going to lie. It was awesome!!

Have you ever had a crazy experience like this?! Be brave and share it with the world, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old




  1. Nope. In my early 20’s I used to get hit on all the time by gay men, but nothing came of it and I wouldn’t make a fuss over it. I’d just say ‘no thanks’ and that was it. I’ve lost my ….pizzaz or good looks cause I haven’t been hit on in decades..by anyone..of either sex. Although…there was a horse I bonded with some years ago. Palamino..name was Tulip. I loved that horse.

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  2. Right.! That’s it.! You’re going straight to the top of my favourite bloggers list. A lady who’s not afraid to blog about sex. I think I’m a little bit in love with you.

    I’ve just written a post with a similar theme (sex) on my Rogue Writes blog, because it seems to me that people are so uptight about sex that even a mention of it sends blog followers running for cover and deleting blogs from their lists, and avoiding the ‘like’ button like it’ll give them the plague. It freaks me out to think I’m the only person who can mention sex without breaking out into ‘blogpox’…

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  3. My very first girly experience was with a girl I shared a house with, when I was 17. We lived in student accommodation, although no-one there was a student. There were 6 rooms, with 6 women of various ages, and she had the room across the hall from me. Her boyfriend used to stay over and smoke weed and drink neat pernod, and at 17, I was very naive, immature and impressionable, and had just been dumped by my boyfriend. She kissed me one night, and I liked the taste of pernod and weed on her tongue so much, I kissed her back. It went from there, and her boyfriend and his mate just sat and watched. Which now I look back on it, seems kinda cowardly of them. We could have had one hell of a party. 😀

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  4. Definitely always been curious, I have had sexual experiences with women before, but I’ve never thought I could be romantically involved with one. Even if I wanted to try it its so hard in my community and environment to get the chance to figure it out lol

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  5. I was just crazy growing and equal opportunity. The first time was with a great friend though and it was pretty cool that we always had that losing of a sort of virginity together. This is a great story.

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  6. When I became single last year and moved to Wales I thought about sleeping with a girl. So I me this girl in a bar and we danced and flirted and then she went to kiss me and I was like I AM SO STRAIGHT I CANNOT.
    It was just pretty funny and no harm done (she wasn’t offended)!

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