Me and my 9 year old daughter interviewed each other 

My daughter and I were playing in the living room having some girlie time, we decided it would be fun to interview each other! I was curious of what she thought of me as a parent as well as a few other things so I thought this was a fun way to quiz her about it. Here were the results:

How am I as a mum? your a good mum

How do I make you feel? happy!

What don’t you like about me? that you make me put my clothes away and tidy my room

Am I too strict or too soft on you? in the middle

What would you change if you could? that I don’t have to tidy my room

What’s your favourite thing for us to do? go swimming

What should I use as a punishment when your naughty? don’t let me have pudding

What do you wish we did more? special days out

What are the three most important things about how you treat people? you should always be loving, caring and happy

What should you not do to people? be mean, a bully or be unfair

What do you think of your little brother:? he’s sometimes irritating but I like embarrassing him at school giving him cuddles

What would you like to be when your older? a gymnast, a singer and a YouTuber

What are you not to do when your alone? not to go with strangers, not to talk to stranger and not to trust strangers

I feel she passed that interview with flying colours! I would of asked more but my funny girl wanted to interview me, her questions were slightly different to mine but highly random and entertaining.

Do you like Lego? Yes

What is your favourite tasting medicine? Baby calpol

What would change about me? I wish you liked tidying your room 😜

Would you eat a tin of beans to save our cat? It was would be gross but yes

Do you like squishy toys? I suppose so yes

Where would you like to go on holiday? The Maldives

What are your favourite sour sweets? Haribo tangtastics

What is your favourite perfume? Modern muse by Estée Lauder

And there you have it, our interviews are overs! I hope this wasn’t too much of a boring post, it was a really cute moment I thought I’d share with you all!

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  1. You wouldn’t eat a tin of beans?! Beans are my favourite food in the whole wide world. Pass them here, I’ll eat them ffs.
    Very cute post 😍 can’t wait until I can do this with my little lady.

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  2. Such a sweet moment. I loved Baby Calpol too, and that antibiotic stuff that tastes like banana. Why can’t we have adult versions of that.? I adore Lego, best toy ever, I bought my sons loads of different Lego sets when they were younger, and spent whole weekends playing with it, with them. And Haribo is great, I’m a gummy bears kinda girl, so love the Gold Bears, and Phantasia, Minions and Jelly Beans.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooo I used to hate the banana stuff!! They should do adult calpol, big kids like us would def but it hehe. My little boy is lego obsessed too! So is my boyfriend, they play with it for hours. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive!! Gummy bears r my fav gummy sweet too 😍 xx


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