Feeling inspired, it has begun..

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to write a book. (Like every other blogger in the world) I have ‘half’ written more books than I care to share with you, but I have never had my Yurika moment. Until yesterday.

So my book has begun!!! It’s something I can throw myself into and get swept away with. The only thing that’s annoying is all I want to do today is write but I have lots of work on lol. I know it’s going to be a labour of love and it’s going to take time but I feel so strongly that what I’m going to create is going to be special. That might be the bipolar talking but fuck it, it’s how I feel. 

I’ve always wanted to write for a living and since starting this blog it’s made me realise that dream is possible. I have the determination and I am capable of being creative daily. Its reminded me how much I loved writing when I was younger, that passion never left, it was just hidden behind life and a beauty blog (Beauty blogging destroyed my love of makeup)

If there’s some thing you want to do in life, just do it! Life is too short not to try!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old




  1. I started writing the story of my life in a blog back in February. Nothing worth publishing in a book, but it’s very therapeutic, and on occasion emotionally exhausting, but writing it all down has been good for my soul, and my sanity. I love writing, and find a great deal of joy in reading others work, I just find I’m not that good at it myself.

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  2. So much of what you say is true…unfinished books written in our heads, writing from the heart, connecting with others, and to “just do it.” At least you are realizing all of this when you are half my age. If I allowed “just do it” to be my mantra years ago, I would be so much farther along. But, alas, it is all a process, a journey, and I have learned so much along the way. Thank you for visiting my blog for it led me to reading yours!

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    • Thank u so much for taking the time to read this! My closest friend in the world is 25 years older than me, she is always encouraging me to go for it, she has so many regrets and doesn’t want me having the same. I love her to death she’s the sweetest woman xxxx it’s never too late 😘


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