The Secret of Why naturally thin people are thin?

For those of you that don’t follow my blog I’ll let you in on a not so secret, secret, I am not naturally thin. Not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I’m pretty big, but am working on it so it’s all good.

In my mission to loose weight I have tried every diet and ‘life style’ change you can possibly imagine. One phase I went through (this shows sheer desperation) was Paul McKenna “I can make you thin.” Which consisted of a book and DVD your meant to listen to at least once a day. It’s sad I know. 

A lot of what he said made sense but the one thing that stuck with me is why naturally thin people are thin. After discussing this with a few slim friends I have come to the conclusion that he is right.

Naturally thin people are thin because when they are full, or have had enough of what they’re eating, they stop.

It’s so bloody simple but so true. One of my friends gave a great example, she said her best friend had cooked them a beautiful dinner. Her friend gave her a big portion, she ate about half of it. She said even though it was really yummy she stopped because she was comfortably full. She explained to her best friend that although she loved the food she couldn’t finish it, her best friend (who is over weight, this is no shade what so ever) said “I’m full too but I’m going to finish it.”

Right there is the simplicity of it! If I’m full I will keep eating. If my slim friend is full, she will stop.

Boom mind blown

I would love to hear in the comments below what you think of this theory?!

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  1. I tried the Paul McKenna – I seem to remember it involved imagining your food was covered in worms or something which just basically made me feel sick all the time! Your post is so true though, It is a thin person’s skill to leave food on the plate. I have never mastered it and I’m not sure I ever will. I love the honesty of your blog.

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  2. I know exactly what you are talking about. To quote Louis C.Kay “The meals not over when I full, the meal is over when I hate myself” I have the hardest time controlling it, to boot I am a really good (not healthy) cook. It’s like food is a drug.

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  3. I think there are a lot more factors than just being naturally thin. I think you also need to exercise and have a healthy lifestyle. A few years ago I was in Afghanistan and was about 165 pounds (or 11.7875 stones for my wrong side of the street driving friends) and I’m 6 ft tall. After I retired from the Army in October 2015, I have dramatically put on weight. I currently weigh 200 pounds (14.2857 stones). I am about 30 pounds from my ideal weight, and considered slightly overweight. I have recently gone vegan to try and help with my diet and weight. However, as I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety, OCD, clinical depression, etc. I am on an assortment of drugs that I believe has contributed to my weight gain. If I take an honest assessment of myself, I have not exercised in nearly two years like I used to daily while in the military except for the occasional walk with my dog. I also only eat maybe one meal a day, but unfortunately like wine and beer way too much 🙂 So with that being said, I think that diet, restraint, and exercise are key to maintaining a healthy body. So what’s my excuse? Good question.. lol

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    • Heya max/mike! Thank u for converting ur weights for me it was very helpful 😊 u should be learning by now to take what I say with a pinch of salt 😂 I realise a lot more goes into a healthy lifestyle than the point I made in the post, I just thought it was interesting and a lot of my slim friends (who do less exercise than I do 😂) agreed. But that’s not to say every single slim person is the same I was making a whopping great big generalisation! I’m so sorry to hear your suffering so much, medication was a huge weight gain factor for me so I understand the pain of that. I hope your getting therapy along side the meds? Not sure how it works ur side of the pond xxxx


      • I figured as much… Max is a huge part of my therapy as well as writing.. so keep the posts coming. Meds and therapy I’m sure the same here as over there.



      • Yes. The VA (veteran affairs) is a hospital for veterans that believe in just prescribing medications. Takes me about 90 days or so to see my psychiatrists, but to get a prescription only about 5 days.. sounds about the same here as it is there.

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  4. I wish! I’m a naturally thin person… who weighs too much! I love pizza… and will leave half of it in the box. I love cookies… and will leave half of them in the box. Ice cream? Yep. I’ll leave half of that in the carton, too!!!

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  5. Most effective: stop eating when you’re no longer hungry. Not when you’re full. Then you stretch your stomach, and you’ll end up eating more and more to get that ‘full’ feeling. Eat slowly. Put your fork down a minimum of three times during the meal. Put it down to take a drink of water or talk to someone or ANYTHING. The point is, put it down. Let your body take in what you’ve swallowed. When you no longer feel hungry, stop. If you’ve still got food on your plate, put it away for a snack later on – better than reaching for chips or ice cream.

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  6. Then why am I not a skinny little bint.? I eat slowly (always have), and eat a third what my partner does. My portions are always small, and most of the time I don’t finish a meal. I only started putting weight on when I got married… so I’m blaming men for it. 😀 😉

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