Annoying things about gardening

This might not be a popular post but I’m going to start my saying I hate gardening. I am not green fingered in the slightest, but from time to time I have to get my unruly garden slightly under control. Today is the day I decided enough was enough, as I’m having a quick coffee break in between the chaos I thought I would share with you annoying things about gardening. 

The bugs

I realise I’m going to sound like a wimp but I don’t even care, the bugs are horrible!! I’m constantly thinking their on my feet/hands/shoulders, with ever weed I pull out I’m on bug alert mode. It’s grosses me out and really puts me off gardening and they live in everything and it’s inevitable I’m going to accidentally touch one and scream like I’m being murdered.

The rashes

I think this one might just be me, but I have no idea what plants to touch and what not to touch. In my frenzied gardening I always end up with rashes on my hand and arms that itch for hours! I end up getting stung and prickled and it’s not fun by any stretch of the imagination.

Tip runs

We are lucky enough to be only 5 mins away from our closest tip (where you get rid of your rubbish I think they call it a recycling centre now a days) so I don’t have to drive miles every time I need to go BUT this doesn’t stop the mile long queue you have to sit in every bloody time you want to get rid of a few black bags of weeds. In the  sweltering heat of summer you can smell the tip a mile away, over all it’s a dirty and time consuming experience.

The money

Every year I used to spend a tonne of money on pretty plants and things for the garden, which would all be dead within a few months as I don’t keep on top of it cos I’m lazy AF when it comes to the garden, as I said before I hate gardening! Even not buying all the pretty bits and bobs I still have to buy grass seed, which by the way is stupidly expensive but a necessity as the paddling pool kills one patch at a time. As well as a few weed killer sprays. I’m really tempted to buy some pretty flowers this year but know it would be a complete waste of money and time, I might plant some fake flowers to give the illusion of a pretty garden, would that be weird?!
It bloody grows back

This is by far the worst point, EVERYTHING GROWS BACK!!!!!!! Within two weeks my garden will look just as shit as it did before I attacked it in my effort to tidy it up a bit. So really what is the point?!?! My next door neighbours garden is all decking and Astro turf, it looks perfect all year round it’s definitely my kind of garden!

I would love to hear in the comments below what you love/hate about gardening?!

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  1. I too am not a natural gardener. I was surprised because according to I’m descended from a long line of earthy Germans. (I was probably supposed to take after the women who died in child birth!) where was I? Oh, right, gardening!

    Well, a few weeks ago I was mowing my effing lawn sand I stepped back off the edge of the sidewalk–2 inch drop if that–and wrenched my knee. Now I can’t do anything and the weeds are effing laughing at me and trying to eat the poor perennials that are struggling to survive neglect and choking conditions. But, I do love the satisfaction of throttling weeds and tanking them out. I just can’t kneel until everything heels. By then, it will no doubt be time to break out the damned snowblower again. Sigh.

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  2. For someone who doesn’t do much in her garden besides get someone to do my lawn, and get her 10 year-old to pick up all the litter that is blown by the wind, I definitely identified with your bugs session. I do think about getting up and do some gardening, then I think “o my word, the bugs and slugs”and before long I start thinking “argh what the heck, it’s gonna grown back in about 14 days times” *hides* Then I get onto the phone for garden rescue.
    I enjoyed reading your post.

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  3. I’ve given up on gardening, after finding that no matter how often I yank those little spiky bastards (thistles) up, they sit there flipping me the bird. Nothing lives for long, (I killed an Acer within 3 days)so I’ve left the garden to my partner, who seems to be a farmer in the making. Not only do flowers lovingly rise for him, the bloody rhubarb is behaving itself now he’s taken it over, and the butterfly bush blooms to order with him around it. It makes me sick. I don’t mind weeding the pathways and patio, as I use a blowtorch to obliterate their persistent little asses, cackling like a witch. 😀

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  4. Haha! You crack me up! You love a good moan eh? I’m in the mood for a moan today, thought about bloggin some moans but I’m too busy reading yours 🙂 Maybe I should write about my garden….or should I say weed festival with a wild bush (hehe). What is the point in gardening indeed?! Way too much effort, our house looks like shit. The grass grows too bloody quick and bitches aint got the time to be cutting it every weekend, ugh.

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