Two day hangover 

Oh my god I’m hungover. I feel sick, dizzy, shaky and generally awful. What’s even worse is I know this feeling is going to last for two day, as I’ve gotten older long gone are the days of just a few hours of suffering, it’s now two whole days.

I’ll sit still and think mmm I’m feeling a bit better, but the second I even move my head I feel shitty again! Every time I’m hung over I say never again it’s not worth it, and for months and months I don’t drink. Usually when it hits the one year mark is when I go fuck it lets go get hammered screw the hangover!! It’s a vicious circle!

Thankfully, last nights drinks were a few of my close friends drinking cocktails out of fish bowls in my garden, so I don’t have that ‘oh god did I make a tit of myself’ feeling that I would get after being out in a club. My dancing becomes quite experimental after a few drinks and I really do dance to the beat of my own drum instead of the beat everyone else can hear! I die of embarrassment in the morning and that feeling of dread follows me for days. 

So really my hangover could be worse as I definitely drank myself sober last night! I felt hungover before I went to sleep so I knew today would be great.

Is anyone else hung over today?! I’d love to hear in the comments below!

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. This is hilarious because we had a fishbowl last night n I feel like I’m better drinking several mixes now. A few months ago I couldn’t but somehow wonderwoman came out yday 🤣 no hangover but lots of games n laughter

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  2. Listen, you have a blog with 30year old in the title, a picture of a fish bowl and you’re moaning you are hung for two days?! Lucky you ain’t dead! Haha! 30 years old and drinking out of a bowl, I never! I had 2 drinks, yes 2 drinks on Saturday and I was like ‘wooooahhh hold back the alcohol please, I don’t want to be ill for a week and a half’ Nae chance I can have bowls of drink, I’m hungover just reading this!

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  3. Namaste!
    I read this post, and I’m 18. God, but I loved it. I enjoyed reading the comments as well.
    I have never tasted alcohol, but I believe Friday nights are meant to be a part of alcoholic parties.
    How does it taste? WOW!

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  4. I get a two day hangover just remembering the nights of my ill-spent, alcohol abusing youth. 😀 I was a pernod Princess, who experimented with every spirit possible back in the day (hark at me.! :D), and landed herself in all kinds of trouble. I remember once lying under a table in one bar when I was just 17, missing an ear-ring, propositioning a friend of my friend’s husband, telling him I loved him, wanted him and was ready to have his babies. Deep humiliation ensued the next morning when I was told). And my overtly sexual dancing, once I caught the rhythm made me very popular with boys and men alike. The amount of people I’ve kissed when smashed out of my brains has long been forgotten, if I ever knew, and most of them were strangers. Now I stick to craft beers. They may be strong, but I can still remember what I did the night before (and what I didn’t do, thankfully)…

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