Why I love my boyfriends wrinkles

I know quite a few people worry their spouse will become less attracted to them as they get older. They’ll worry they weren’t as thin as they were, that they’re getting wrinkles, loosing their hair or their boobs are nearly touching their knees. 

To me my other half is as gorgeous the day I met him. His hair is receding, he has crows feet, he’s in the sun way too much and his back is hairier. But all I see is the young man I met 11 years ago. 

With every new line on his weathered face, to ever individual hair he losses, the way I see it is… we’ve been together that long that we are aging. We are literally growing older together, and I love watching him get older. I love watching his face change and how he’s maturing. 

I love his wrinkles ❤️ 

What’s more romantic than that?

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old



  1. Nothing is more romantic than that. I absolutely feel the same way about my husband! I was just looking at the lines around his eyes yesterday, feeling so much more in love with him now than I was when we first started dating. My in-laws recently celebrated 42 years together. How amazing!

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  2. I have acceptable dirt tolerance for my house or car. When dirt moves beyond this level it’s time to clean. I have acceptable hunger level. I can allow myself to get pretty hungry before I need to eat. I once went 4 days. Health meter in my head also. Yup. My wife has gone beyond the level in my mind that I find physically attractive. She’s just not. Sorry. I can’t lower the bar…sorry again. But then, I’ve stepped over the line years ago. I can’t go around airbrushing her or myself in my mind daily. Or putting a 30 year old picture over her face in my mind. This is why I fell in love, well, fell in lust with Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman. Jesus..she’s HOT! Freakishly HOT!! As I get older the physical beauty level remains the same, but I start looking and noticing other characteristics and traits like honesty, loyalty, consideration, stick-to-it-iveness, etc. Getting old is not for whimps and there’s nothing pretty or attractive about it.

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  3. This is so true. I look back at who we were when we first got together and I am so more in love with the man I know now. We have come to far and been through so much and those lines tell the story of our lives.

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  4. I don’t know why but I never seemed to notice how “old” me and hubby got LOL. A couple of weeks ago I was looking through pictures and saw a picture of us from 19 years ago. My first thought was, hubby never looked like that! All I remember is the way he looks now, which is utterly irresistible to me. But the today “him” looks so different from the young “him” I was just amazed that I didn’t even see it. In my mind, he’s always looked like he does now. If that makes any sense whatsoever LOL

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