Skinny envy

I don’t want my blog to be me moaning about being fat all the time. But I write whatever I feel like on the day, although i cover an eclectic range of topics, sometimes a certain topic is on my mind more than others. And this week it’s fat. I would also like to say I am actually doing something about my weight so I feel I can moan, as I’m being proactive in changing.

As I’ve gotten older I’m really good at not getting ‘skinny envy’ when I was younger it was quite bad. If someone was too pretty or too body perfect I’d be funny with them and find reasons not to like them. This is hard to admit as I’m nothing like that today. What is ironic, is looking back I WAS one of those pretty, thin girls I just didn’t see it at the time.

I used to find others girls threatening in every way, i was so insecure it ruled my life. I thought all my friends were prettier than me and that I was always the ugly fat one. This was far from the truth but being a teenager does crazy things to your brain.

I don’t look at slim people now and pick holes in them, they’re just people. For all I know they could of been my size and worked their arse off to get that body. They might not of eaten sugar or carbs for 10 years, they might have an illness, what I’m getting at is you never know someone’s story. I don’t judge people for being fat so why would I judge someone for being slim?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and just because I think someone is beautiful, it doesn’t take away anyone else’s beauty, not all beautiful people are threatening. Beauty is also more than skin deep, and just because they’re attractive it doesn’t mean they’re a good person.

As I got older I realised that right now I’m not conventionally ‘good looking’ but I’m still beautiful inside which in turn makes me more attractive. I hope this is making sense!

There’s times I still feel super self conscious and I want to ground to swallow me up, when I can feel eyes staring at my belly or my arms. Or staring at how much room I’m taking up on a bench, but I’m learning to breath through it and keep myself together. 

I don’t look at every thin person and think ‘I hate her I wish I looked like that.’ Because I really don’t. I might look at someone and think ‘I love her dress/shorts/top I wish I could wear that, or I wish my bum/back/arms/tummy/legs looked like that’. But it’s not bitchy envy, it’s more me feeling a bit sad for myself. 

From time to time, I will see someone that reminds me of the old me. That is what really gets to me. It makes me think ‘what if.’

What if…after starting my anti psychotics and my weight started exploding I stopped taking them and tried another medication?

What if….I made more of an effort to counteract the weight gain before it got to this point?

What if….after gaining the weight THEN falling pregnant again I tried harder not to gain anymore?

What if….the second I had my baby I really tried to loose it all before it got comfy on my body?

What if…. I looked how that girl does right now? How different would my life be? How different would I feel? How many opportunities would I of taken? 

Life is full of what ifs, and I can not STAND thinking so negativity . I HATE feeling sorry for myself. I’m so much stronger than that but sometimes it’s like I fall into little puddles of it.

Those are my thoughts from today, I’d love to hear in the comments how you feel about this subject. 

The Secret Blog of a 30 Year Old

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  1. I try to be strong to. I try to say daily “This is what you look like right now and that’s ok” But there are times that it triggers depressive thoughts. But there are more and more women that look like me being depicted as sexy in the media. For some weird reason that helps, it shouldn’t but it does.

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    • That is just what I saw to myself too! And I know how u feel about the media stuff, it’s like we’re telling ourselves ‘ah good if them media says we’re ok then it’s ok’ which isn’t how it should be! The modern age sucks sometimes lol xxx


      • Yes it does. We are all encouraged to have a center of gravity that exist on the outside. As I get older it gets better but being able to say this is who I am to the world is hard. I’m glad you are working toward that goal and sharing it. My blog is about being comfortable with being bipolar. The funny thing is I’m not actually there yet but blogging is healing. Check it out if you’d like,

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      • I’ll definitely give ur blog a read thank u! I’ve been comfortable with being bipolar for years but weirdly the last 6 months I’ve despised it!! I find writing really healing too, I’m taking about things from my past and life now I never thought I would xxx


  2. I know it’s super first world problems but as I have just aged out of my super-youth I have put on some weight. Not a lot but some weight that I have never had before. And I cannot shift it – I guess it’s part of growing up?
    It’s been really hard to accept change in my body and appearance because it is so connected to my sense of self.
    It really sucks that weight and size weigh so heavy on everyone. It is such a universal phenomenon despite what we actually may look like through anyone else’s eyes.
    Much love girl, keep on truckin’

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  3. I was reading and came to make an encouraging comment for you but then I read your replies to your commenters and realized, you don’t need any encouragement. I see you giving such wonderful encouragement to the people here commenting. That’s what beauty is all about, right there and you have it in abundance.

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  4. I relate so much to the ‘hate feeling sorry for myself’ part. It absolutely sucks. I have been so bad at watching what I eat this past month and now I feel really down. Gonna start over again now. Its a constant journey of too many start overs 😩

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