Austin Jones uses YouTube platform to take advantage of under age girls 

I don’t tend to write about stories going on in the news but this sickened me to the core. Austin Jones is a 24 year old Canadian you tube star, known for singing covers of popular songs he has half a million followers. 

It has recently come to light that he has been using his online presence to convince young girls to send him explicit photos and videos. Disgusting. 

He was manipulating these poor girls with phrases like “I thought you were my biggest fan” and telling the girls they needed to prove themselves to him by sending what ever he asked. Even asking them to talk about their age during the videos. 

Even typing this is making me super uncomfortable. 

It finally came to light what had been going on after he asked a young girl to send a video of her twirking in front of the camera, when she said she didn’t know how he actually SEND HER A VIDEO of himself twirking showing her how to do it. At the end of the video he smiles and says “your turn.” This was sick to watch knowing his intent behind it. 

She then went on to expose messages between them as she wasn’t comfortable with what he was asking her to do. The clever clever girl had taken screen shots. I think she’s amazing bringing this to light and not letting scum like him think he’s in control.

From what I have read he will be getting a maximum of 15 years in prison. Personally I think he deserves more. 

He took advantage of his social media fame, instead of using his exposure for good…. he used it to groom young girls.

More girls that were targeting are coming forward exposing him and sharing screen shots. I won’t be posting any on here as they make my stomach turn and are pretty graphic but there are hundreds of YouTube videos you can watch that include more evidence. 

One look at this guy you know he’s not going to do well in prison, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

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  1. So proud of that brave little girl! She saved countless others from being victimized as he was doing this same thing to multiple children. He could have gone on for a long time and it would’ve progressed from videos to physical contact sooner or later. He would’ve had access to a limitless number of victims because of his “celebrity” status. Unless you’ve been abused, you can never fully understand how difficult and terrifying it is to come forward and I sincerely commend her for it!

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    • I know isn’t she amazing!! At the age to say no and stand up for what was right. I’d b so proud if she was my daughter exposing him like that! It’s disgusting and so sad that he’s been taking advantage of them like that and in such an evil manipulative way xxx


  2. Good for that young girl. She got a perv off the internet before it got worse. I pray that she is getting some therapy to help let go of any trauma it may have caused her. She shined a light on this pond scum so he couldn’t hurt her and probably countless others anymore. There’s no telling how many victims she helped avoid him altogether. Teens are so vulnerable, wanting approval, and a guy like that can give them a false sense of it with that grooming and eventually dive in to take advantage of it. Huzzah!

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